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Afghanistan Crisis

Poor Planning by Biden Contributed US Should Step In

The turmoil and danger that the people of Afghanistan have suffered since the Taliban have taken over control is a true crisis that needs our support. I was given a message from Jesus Christ, and the other Ascended Masters who stand by His side, that this tragedy could have been lessened.

Jesus said that the way the United States pulled out contributed to the crisis. The US could have planned another way to better protect and rescue people, primarily the vulnerable ones like women and children, and the US representatives who helped Afghanistan (opposing the Taliban). If President Biden had taken the time and money, and chosen a different approach, he could have safeguarded and rescued the people in Afghanistan while pulling out - and they would not be in the level of crisis they are currently in.

“Afghanistan troops were released too early… poor planning has led to bloodshed. We weep for the souls caught in the crossfire and are intervening as strongly as We are allowed to – to save and rescue those trapped in danger.

Please pray for them, so God hears your wishes and feels your sincere voices in wanting to help rescue your fellow man from suffering.

Please step up and donate – food, water, and supplies to help the displaced Afghans who are in need of support for emergency evacuation.

President Biden did not think through the caliber of violence and destruction that was foreshadowed to unfold. Safety measures to protect the vulnerable Afghans, especially the women and children, should have been in place with the help of the United States to ensure that they would have a safe escape – before the threat of the Taliban took charge of their country, dominating and controlling it without peaceful measures.

We wish for the US to step in now and take measures to assist in helping evacuate the Afghans who wish to flee until they are safe and free. The US has the means to intervene and do more to rescue all the vulnerable souls who are in danger. Please hear Our plea to you and intervene now and help bring them to safety. Give them support.”

~ Given to me from Lord Jesus Christ, along with Kuan Yin, Mary, and Buddha on 8/19/21

What You Can Do:

• Donate. Help them be giving food, water, and supplies.

• Pray to God for more intervention for their suffering to end.

• Let President Biden know that you want him to do something to help them. He does have the power and money to intervene and provide rescue plans for them and also supplies. He should help them - because he needs to make up his mistake to them.

A Prayer for Intervention:

“Dear God,

Please provide more relief to the people of Afghanistan in their time of misery. Please show them more mercy and grace and send them more help to survive their crisis. Please allow the Guides and Angels and all Earthlings to help them at a higher level. It is my wish to see them free of their suffering. Please give them peace now. And so it is. Amen.”

~ Channeled to me by Ascended Master Kuan Yin on 8/20/21

Master Channeler Maureen

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