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A Message from Our Lord

Jesus’s Birthday Wish

Jesus sacrificed a lot, when He was on Earth, to help us achieve a happy existence in our Afterlife. He taught about Heaven and the non-Heavenly realms. We will all go somewhere when our time on Earth is over. Jesus worked hard, to the point of literally sacrificing Himself, to teach us that there really is an Afterlife: a paradise called, Heaven. He brought knowledge to Earth so we would understand that we could go to this blissful place, If we followed what He taught. Over the years, Jesus has brought me to the different levels of the Universe and shown me the lower and higher realms, so that I would teach about them. I have seen them. It is True. Jesus really was, and still is our Savior. If you want to live on in a happy existence in your Afterlife, then you must make it to Heaven. In order to make it to Heaven, you really do have to listen to His teachings – and God’s. As you celebrate Our Savior’s birth and enjoy your Holidays gatherings this weekend, you may want to reflect about your Afterlife; and think do you need to do more to assure your place will be in Heaven. I received a beautiful message from the Lord that contains a lot that of insight that you can further embrace, so you can make sure you are in His good graces and headed in the right direction – up to Heaven. Christ came to me with a message of what He wishes for the most on His Birthday, this Christmas Day. Jesus said: It is His “deepest desire to see the world come together as a place where no hatred, violence, crime, discrimination, war, greed, cruelty or intolerance of any kind exists.” He continued: “My wish is for mankind to finally see the value of living in God’s Light, where peace and harmony are created… so you can experience love. My wish is that you be good to each other, to the animals and the planet and set your differences aside. My wish is that you hear my message and obey it and live it; so that your time on the Earth plane can be lessened and you can join me full time in the paradise of Heaven and make that your forever home with Me – where you will be saved from all of the sufferings that come with Earth. Please stay true to Me, so I can intervene and help you. Please show your faithfulness to Me and I will be by your side. My peace I give you. My peace I leave you. Amen.” ~ Channeled to me by Jesus Christ on 12/21/21 Give Jesus a Birthday Gift this Christmas – to Show Him your Faithfulness If you want to make Jesus happy and show Him your devotion, I know some things that you can do that would please Him. He has told me over the years that these things mean a lot to Him and will earn His blessings: • Believe, Truly, in Him… without ever wavering. • Show your Faithfulness in Him by putting up a Cross and a statue of Him in your house. • Attend His church – the Catholic Church, regularly. • Receive the Eucharist at His Church; Because it is symbolic of receiving and letting Him in. • Respect the Lord’s Day, Sunday, as a day of reflection for Jesus and God and not for working for monetary gain for yourself. • Do not cause harm to a person, animal or the planet. • Feed the starving; Our most basic necessary need to survive. • Do charitable kind acts - on a regular basis. I Can Help You with One of These (wink, wink): Help Feed the Starving in Africa I am still holding a fundraiser for helping to feed the starving in Africa. There is time to donate still! Please help us make a difference and help those going hungry in an impoverished country, where food and all resources are so limited.

A Christmas Prayer to Jesus

Here is a prayer that Kuan Yin is gifting you that you can do to show your devotion to the Lord … and help yourself earn more of His blessings.

“Thank You Dear Jesus for all the sacrifices you made when you came to teach us and save us from an undesirable Afterlife. Thank You Dear Lord for enduring the pain and misery that you did… to save us from our sins and mistakes. Thank You for enlightening us to the path that we must take in order to achieve a blissful Eternity. Thank You for sacrificing Yourself to save our Souls. I am eternally grateful for all of Your wisdom and gifts. And so, it is. Amen.” ~ Channeled to me from Ascended Master Kuan Yin to help you attain the Lord’s mercy and blessings, especially in your times of need. Please say this prayer with a sincere intention and repeat 3-5 times.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays filled with Peace and Love… and hopefully receiving something on your wish list too!

Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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