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A Message about Coronavirus

Some positive news….

I was given a message this past weekend that there will be some relief coming about the Coronavirus and was asked to announce it. Jesus told me that we:

will be in a 'Quarantined State' until April.” And that after April "It will gradually start being lifted off of stages.”

So, a quarantined threat won’t loom very long over most of us…. That’s good. 

He also went on to tell me that one of reasons that we are to be made “Vulnerable” right now:

"is because there are so many people that do not Believe in God, Jesus and Heaven. And that bringing the non-believers into a weakened state was necessary to shift them out of their egos - in order to bring them back into Believing again - in the Source that created them, as well as in Miracles.

Show Jesus and God that you are a Believer and are not someone who needs to be “corrected” and to Believe again. Letting them know that, may help you earn you Their Protection and release from this “hard lesson.” - sooner rather than later. And focus on the “Quarantined State" not lasting a Long time… so we have that to be grateful for. 

Maureen Allan

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher

Full Time Oracle for Jesus Christ

Primary Full Time Oracle for Kuan Yin


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