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State of Our Nation

We Can Change Our Circumstances… But it Takes Faith

We are in a crisis, and we are being tested… there is no doubt. God gave me warnings, over the past few months, that COVID would “spike” and would get much worse if people continued to be un-faithful to Him. He gave me these messages to warn people of this painful consequence – to protect them from this deadly disease. I sent His messages, as I was told, on 6/07/20, 9/12/20, 9/28/20, 10/20/20, 10/28/20. They were all very strong and difficult messages to read (and write ☺). The most recent message, stating that CVOID would be “spike” and become more dangerous has, unfortunately, come true, as He said. The number of deaths have been rapidly increasing recently. We are at 232,639 deaths, and 11,465,722 confirmed cases (according to on 11/19/20). Many schools, restaurants and other businesses are now closing again; and hospitals are, sadly, filling up. If we want any chance of being released from COVID, God Must see a higher level of faithful-ness from those that that still don’t believe in Him and His Greatness. Please keep showing your faithful-ness, so you earn your protection from the dangers of COVID. And do your best to inspire those that doubt or show God disrespect - to Believe. I was told we have the chance to earn a “working vaccine” by this spring, and to pray for that. Think of this time as a test. One meant to help you keep advancing your level of devotion and connection to your Heavenly Father, and when it’s over – you will have established a closer connection to Creator. This connection will serve you in ways that no person or thing or experience here on earth could ever compare too… but you need to get to that level of connectivity…. to see and feel it for yourself. Go back to my previous messages that I mentioned above. Look for them on my blog and FB and do the work that I mentioned in them, to help you achieve that higher level connection to – Source of Life. The I Am…. God. How Heaven Sees Our Leader’s Choices, Right Now: I received a message from the Ascended Masters, the collective group, that I work for, expressing Their concern that the crisis we face is not being managed as closely and seriously as it needs to be. Here it is: Please share that Trump’s choice to delay allowing America’s new president, Biden, is costing America the chance to heal by stalling securing vaccine options. He is wasting precious time that could save lives, as well as Americans their money - by forcing re-counting valid votes. His lawsuits are de-bunk, frivolous and have no merit. Please let the people know they should dis-suede this kind of attention and put the focus on curing a deadly plague.” ~ Given to me from the Ascended Masters: Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary & Buddha Here Is What They Said You Can Do to Help Re-Direct More Attention on Saving Lives: “Speak up and demand that Trump take more action to help the COVID crisis, while he is still president for the next two months.” “Write letters to politicians and to the White House, expressing your concerns and desires for stronger leadership to be brought to this cause.” “Pray for Our Intervention to Help you. Often.” "Wear the Masks." Here’s What You Can Prepare For: 1. I was told last week that; “Trump will concede in January.” I also received a vision nearly a year ago that showed him “falling down from his office.” 2. Biden will lead us “with a more peaceful and fair hand.” 3. The “economy will experience another decline and shut many doors; leaving more businesses to close.” But people are to maintain their Hope that they can“build it again and have another chance, when they have learned their lessons.” So do not give up on your dreams; if this has or does happen to you. 4. COVID will continue to take lives until March, putting us in a more quarantined state of living. IF, God sees a bigger shift in Faithful-ness in Him, then we have a chance of receiving a “working vaccine” being sent to us – that will save lives. SO PRAY! And tell your non-believer, friends and family, that they would be wise to evolve into becoming Believers now.

Prayer to Help Create Change. Pray for It. “Dear God, please show more mercy to us and forgive the injustices that have caused this deadly plague. I ask for forgiveness for all who still doubt your existence, your greatness, your power and your love. Please show us your forgiveness and release us from COVID. I promise to show you my full loyalty and devotion, now and forever." ~ Given to me by Ascended Master Kuan Yin

Namaste & Holding You in my Prayers of Protection Maureen Allan Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin Primary Oracle for Jesus Primary Oracle for Mary Regular Oracle for Buddha Direct Oracle for God


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