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You Have the Chance to Create Change… Everyday

I was asked to help you see that you have the chance to make changes in your life every day… And Better Your Circumstances. If you live an honorable life of using desirable ethics than please God …. You receive blessings, which are the positive opportunities in life – that make your life joyful. When you choose not to use virtues, then you dis-please God and put yourself in jeopardy of falling from God’s Good Graces…. And Jesus.’ This will suspend blessings that you could have had, which will create uncomfortable, painful, circumstances that you will have to live in. So, basically… the choice is ours… and we are making them for ourselves each and every day.  Knowing this and living mindful of this – is what will give you power – so that you can help yourself create happy, pleasurable experiences… free from suffering. Karma - is just that simple. About a week before God asked me to deliver His message saying that He has does have a ‘wrath’ (the last mailer I sent); He gave me another message on Covid. I was awoken to powerful, electrical, vibrations surrounding my body and filling me up. As I felt myself rise up, my third eye was opened wide and flooded with rays flashing White Light and soon, I heard God announce Himself in a powerful voice. I then saw a large screen form in my mind’s eye and heard God say: “Tell them Covid is jail.” I then saw this sentence written out on the white screen. Next to the works, I also saw old fashioned striped jailhouse clothes. I then ‘felt’ my heart sink with disappointment and sadness… which were God’s feelings, not mine.  I laid there connected to Creator, held in the suspended trance state, and feeling His sadness and disappointment. He ended the message saying: “Tell them.” He then released me.  When He did. I said: “As you wish… but, uh oh…they are not going to want to accept this.” I was told to just follow through on my mission. So here I am, following through…. In meditation the next day, I was asked to show you the reality of our ‘circumstances.’ Covid is ‘Jail’ Meant to Make Us Reflect & Change: • We are confined to being stuck at home most of the time: we are basically on ‘home arrest.’ • We have lost many privileges and liberties: such as the joy of socializing with friends and family; and going out to restaurants, movies, parties, etc. (unless your cheating). • We have been forced to live humbly and modest: there have been less hair/nail salon, beauty and gym options. Our beauty and vanity has been suspended a degree. • We had one of our most basic necessities, toilet paper, taken from us; which was abundant and made scarce to us, causing us stress and a powerless feeling. • We lost our Freedom to come and go as we wish: causing more of a powerless feeling. • We are forced to wait for when Covid will improve and/or be over – so we can get our Freedom back.  • We have been forced to live in fear of fighting not getting a dangerous disease, or someone that we love not getting it; causing more of a powerless feeling.  • We have been forced to have to live mindful and responsible, down to wearing a mask, to remind us – so that we fight to survive this and do not get sick. • And, obviously there is much more….  •• We have been put in a ‘circumstance’ where a lot of our power has been taken from us. We have been put on a Time Out, where are we are forced to think about our choices and how we are living our lives: So Pay Attention to What Thoughts you are getting and any changes you think you should be making.  ••• We have been put in a ‘powerless’ circumstance to show us that we are Not the ones in control, like we tend to think we are. We have been put in a very humble position to teach us – that there truly is a God… who can and will show us that He has the ultimate power.  It has been communicated to me since the very beginning that Covid has been sent to earth to humble us, because there is currently such a lack of Faith and Devotion to God; and God is displeased with this lack of Faith and trying to wake up the non-believers. I was asked to deliver this message to teach you how to protect yourself... so you can make the choices that will keep you safe from this hardship. Because it’s not over yet. We are still in a danger zone until March, 2021. After March, there will be improvement, but it still won’t be over. It will improve in stages. So please live wisely. For those who have not un-subscribed after the difficult messages that I have been called upon to deliver, I am gifting you some extra help - because I am pleased that you have chosen to stay strong and enlighten yourself. Here are some things that you can do to help secure your place in God’s Good Graces… so that, however, Covid is happening here – you may receive protection. What You Can Do To Create Positive Change: These are acts that Jesus and Kuan Yin gave to me that God looks highly upon and will earn His attention and grace: • Help the starving, especially in third world countries: even if it’s a small donation. • Pray for the non-believers to find faith. Pray for the sins of the world to be forgiven, and the sinners.   • Pray holding a cross and/or rosary; or both together. Do this on your knees and you will be heard even louder. If you cannot kneel, then use ‘Prayer Hands;’ put your hands in formal prayer position with your elbows up. • Obey the “Jail Sentence” that we are in, rather than rebelling and keep others safe and yourself. The dis-obedient ones are only hurting themselves and creating negative Karma for themselves. Prayer From Kuan Yin: “Dear God,  Please Send Us Relief from Covid, and Please Better Our Living Circumstances. I Promise You my Full Devotion and Adoration. And So It Is. Amen.”  (Repeat 3-5 times) Keep staying strong and faithful … and I will keep giving you more that you can do to earn the blessings and mercy from Heaven – so that you can create Joy and Protection – for yourself.

Blessings to Each of You, Master Channeler Maureen Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin Primary Oracle for Jesus Christ  Primary Oracle for Mother Mary Regular Oracle for Buddha  Direct Messenger for God


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