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Gun Violence....How Many More Are We Going to Let Die?

Message from Our Creator

Again. And it happens again… and we sit here and watch and feel the heart-breaking aftereffects of the pain and horror of another violent gun massacre that took down our children.

Tuesday, Ethan Crumbley, 15, opened fire in his Michigan school with a semiautomatic pistol, killing 4 and injuring another 7. He has been charged as an adult with terrorism and murder, among other accounts. Evidence found in a journal and multiple cellphone videos shows that Crumbley’s attack was completely premeditated.

What will it take for the senseless, shocking and brutal killing at the hands of gunmen to stop? Heaven knows what it will take. The vicious murders being committed so easily and so often will only end… when we stop allowing people (civilians) the ability to own and carry guns.

There will be no way to stop the insanity of the delusional, mad or sadistic person, mentally ill and/or also possessed with evil, from un-leashing their savagery on innocent, un-suspecting people – other than safe-guarding our environment from guns and weapons.

What Guns is Doing to Our Nation… Making Us Weep

Gun violence is a leading cause of premature death in the U.S. Guns kill more than 38,000 people and cause nearly 85,000 injuries each year. (according to

In the last almost decade, guns took the lives tragically for these groups of people in horrible massacre situations. (There were many, many more killed also, not in gut-wrenching massacres, but in just as painful and unjust murders from guns.)

• 12 movie goers in Aura, Co. in 2012

• 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newton, Ct. in 2012

• 14 County workers & guests at a holiday party in San Bernardino, Ca. in 2015

• 49 revelers at eh Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Fl. in 2016

• 60 music-goers at a Music Festival in Las Vegas Nv. in 2017

• 17 students and staff at Marjoray Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fl. 2018

• 11 Worshippers at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pa. in 2018

• 10 persons in a parking lot in Boulder, Co. in 2021

I received a message for our Creator about the sorrow He carries in His heart for His children lost to pain and violence from a source that many here still refuse to put down and BAN GUNS.

In a very strong and firm voice that was also filled with much sorrow, God said:

“How many times do you need to see blood and feel the pain and grief that someone suffers with as they bury a loved one due to gun violence?

How many lives are you willing to lose because you allow guns to be ‘acceptable’ as part of your world?

How do you not hear My wishes when I send warning after warning that gun violence ways and acceptance and tolerance of letting guns into your society will only continue to be met back with the with response …..of sadness, displeasure, and rage from you.

It saddens Me to no end to see and Have to feel my beloved children, whom I cherish, commit such assaults on one another using guns – weapons that I have asked only to be allowed by service (military, police) — and not for civilians to use.

When you commit this act—killing and harming by gun violence—you also create a highly dangerous Karmic consequence for your dimension to have to live and learn from …. so, you finally recognize that murder will only result in pain for you to have to feel someday.

When you choose to inflict pain and kill with a gun—I will take a soul from your soul-group someday in your lineage, either in this lifetime or in your next.

If you care to protect your loved ones, then never pick up a gun and use it.

My wish for you is to ban all guns and rifles from all civilians. Let only the persons in service (police, military) have this power—and only for them to responsibly defend and protect.

Please hear My Plea to you and heed My Warning. I have a heavy heart because of your gun violence. Please work to shift My heart and unburden Me from the worry and pain I carry—so that I may feel only peaceful and happy with My children and know that I can trust them to cause no harm to one another.”

If you or someone you know support guns, please ‘hear’ what God is saying and do not let guns into our world, so that people can stop getting murdered. Please do what you can and help protect our children, neighbors, friends and families from gun violence. Do it for your sake, for His sake and for the sake of the ones who are ready to pull the trigger. Please help stop them by not letting guns in their reach.

Blessings to each of you.

Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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