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Presidential Candidates Debate

& Show Their True Colors

And are you listening? Because Heaven has called upon Me again to guide and warn you that we are not in Good Standing if we choose either one of the leading presidential candidates. As I have reported to you multiple times in the past, neither Trump nor Biden meet God’s criteria as a “qualified” President. 😳😟

I have been asked to deliver this message to remind you that God has given you inside information on them, warning you about the truth regarding both Trump and Biden, which I shared over the last several months.

God is calling upon Me again to reinforce these messages so that you make the wise choice – because there is still time. He wants to bring your attention to how your quality of life, as well as the country as a whole, will be highly affected based on the decision you make when you vote for our next president of the United States. Again, Creator wants to reinforce to you that neither one of these candidates is qualified to hold this position, and for different reasons. This means your life will be negatively affected if you put into power either one of these candidates. God wants me to bring your attention to this reality. Unfortunately, both Biden and Trump come with “tremendous amounts of baggage that will result in creating a collection of negative Karmic consequences that our country will suffer from. We (God and Jesus) wish for you to not look back in the past, but to focus on today and who they are now with their ethics and limited amount of gifts – because both of them are deemed deficient in many ways and offer you very little rewards.”

Biden - The Decline is Evident in Mind & Body

No person watching the debate can honestly argue that Joe Biden‘s lack of mental clarity, strength, and physical stamina was not painfully obvious in the debate. Biden performed confused, tripping on his words and having a hard time organizing his responses. In addition, 81-year-old Biden could also not hide his lack of physical stamina and energy. Biden’s deteriorating mental state and physical health were exposed during his debate performance. It was sad for Me to watch him struggle. I thought the people looking after him should have led him off the stage and preserved his dignity.


The onslaught of damage control that ensued afterward because of his poor performance by VP Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, and other democrats only brought this reality to light and reinforced how diminished Biden has become as they ‘passionately’ defended him. 


Like the previous messages I delivered regarding Joe Biden, I have to say again that Biden will not have the mental strength nor physical health to perform successfully as our next President, one that we can trust to make wise decisions that will protect us and help our country flourish.


Biden DID Participate in Hunter Scam & Profited both Financially & Professionally

In addition to these evident reasons as to why Biden is not a good fit for the presidency, he has also shown highly unethical behavior that has been covered up. Whether you want to believe it or not, Biden‘s hands are not clean. He was opportunistic by taking financial and political favors, leveraging his political position and bank account. Believe it or not, President Biden was complicit and participated in his son Hunter’s fraud and profited alongside Hunter. 

Please read my previous messages on Biden here:


Trump - A Convicted Felon Facing Even More Criminal Charges

If you saw Trump’s side of the debate, then you would have seen Trump repeatedly lie and deflect answering direct questions throughout his debate. Equally troubling to Trump’s chronic lying is his aggressive rants and smears that he cannot help, which reveal how unethical his heart is.In addition to proving himself to be a pathological liar, Trump also expressed his desire to emulate a ‘dictatorship-style’ of holding his power as president, if elected. 

Add to these highly undesirable characteristics from the debate, Trump has repeatedly shown his propensity to inflict pain and suffering on people. Heaven exposed to Me that Trump did create the violent insurrection at the Capitol, harming many and killing several. His fate is still being determined, as a long legal battle against him searches for truth and justice. 

If you choose someone who shows himself to be a pathological liar, highly unethical, mentally unstable, and plain mean (who says out loud that he wants to govern like a dictator over you?) – what do you think will happen to the safety of our country, your safety? Trump’s list of dirty laundry and unethical behaviors have him in multiple legal court cases. Trump has already shown you that he is unethical, deceptive, narcissistic, and how uncaring for the well-being of others. He has shown you that he is primarily interested in being president because he desires power and control over people and wants to advance himself financially, and professionally, and live well above you with no real regard to your safety or well-being. God has enlightened Me that choosing someone with this agenda and someone who has already proven that they are “harmful” will cost you negative Karma… for “putting a ‘harmful’ person back in a position of power of authority over the masses” where they will most likely continue to commit more harm – to His children and His country. 

Trump has shown you who he is - which is an unstable, deceptive conman. God wants you to know Your choice will ultimately be Your Karma.


Trump’s List of Dirty Laundry & Legal Woes

(It is so long and ongoing, here are just a couple of messages about some of them)

Additionally, Donald Trump made history on Thursday as the first former American president to receive felony convictions. A New York jury unanimously found him guilty on all 34 charges related to a scheme aimed at unlawfully influencing the 2016 election (Associated Press News).There is no nice way to say this, so I’m just going to say it. Neither one of these men is deemed qualified in God’s eyes to be President of the US. Choosing either one of them is going to negatively affect our nation greatly, which means your quality of life. Choosing either Biden or Trump is also going to create your own pile of negative Karma for not using your wisdom and choosing a person who is ethical, stable, and fit to be our leader - so that we, and our democracy, will be protected and our economy, our opportunities, our rights and liberties, and our well-being will be safeguarded.

Who You Choose - Matters

I assure you I will not be voting for Biden or Trump. When God revealed to Me, many months ago, that neither Biden nor Trump are qualified to hold the position of President of the United States - My decision was made. God told Me that they are both “unqualified to be President” for many different reasons, which I shared with you. I choose to listen to God and His messages - so neither Biden nor Trump will get My vote…. because it is God’s Will. I am choosing to protect our democracy… and My Karma. I hope you do, too.


Oracle Maureen

Saint Mary of Bethany

Chief Principal for Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary, Buddha & God

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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