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Allies for Biden & Trump

Carry On in the Wake of a Flop Performance

“They are using ‘diffusers’ to help them and their parties’ goal – of winning.”

This is what I was woken up to having to hear after I sent My last message, enlightening you about how God has deemed both Biden and Trump as “deficient” to be President. Your Creator’s intent was to give you clarity on them because so many people are still denying their obvious, dangerous flaws. God gave you the gift of His wisdom, again, as well as what His wishes are… to protect and warn you from the harm that choosing either Biden or Trump will cause, should you choose to put them in office.

Following the debate where both Biden and Trump flopped miserably and revealed alarming weaknesses including Biden’s obvious mental decline and Trump’s inability to be honest by lying repeatedly– God now has a second message for you.

In the wake of both candidates’ disastrous performances, exposing their inadequacies, many went on to do PR tours, campaigning for them, trying to defend and deflect the evident deficiencies. As the mud slung back and forth, and continues, between both parties’ camps, God wants to reveal the truth. He wants you to understand that the people involved in the ‘clean-up campaigns' making ongoing efforts to explain away Biden and Trump’s failings are nothing more than “diffusers” being sent in to mop up their political parties’ messes. They are doing this because it is either their job and they are getting paid – or they are allies who have something to gain by keeping them in power. They are just trying to ‘fix’ the problems that Biden and Trump made and help redeem them – but they are ultimately doing it for themselves whether it be to keep their political party in power or for professional or personal favors.

God is asking that you look at the onslaught of diffusing the candidates' inadequacies as an attempt for these people who want to leverage their political careers and ambitions – through Biden or Trump. They are not acting in honest and ethical ways, which is misleading you down the wrong path – where negative Karma exists.

God wants Me to help you understand that their bandwagons are designed to benefit – Them.

If you care about your Karma, then you will not want to join them. You will want to stay far away from their 'clean-up campaigns' of lies. While God has revealed to Me who will be the next president (since President Obama) for several years now, this is the first time He has made an actual command and stated His Wish. His Wish is that neither one of these men become President, again - because of their weaknesses, which they have shown you.

Please open your eyes and see, honestly, the parade happening around each candidate in their unethical pursuits of lying by ‘diffusing’ as a way to try to win a game, by cheating. Don’t let the ‘diffusers” trick you… because it will come with a cost. God is trying, again, to protect you from having to charge you (a karmic debt).

Think of protecting your Karma and Honor your Creator’s Will. 💫 🌈 💫


Oracle Maureen

Saint Mary of Bethany

Chief Principal for Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary, Buddha & God

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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