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Take the Blue Wall Down

I received this message from Jesus on Saturday, April 10, 2021, regarding former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin’s trial for murder in the death of George Floyd.

Jesus said: “Take the Blue Wall down. There are Never any reasons to cover for and lie to protect another man… especially from someone in uniform who has sworn to ‘Serve and Protect.’

There are no exceptions. Please hear Our message to never lie and manipulate circumstances to protect another man or woman from what they are responsible for - Because the Karmic Consequences you will face in your Afterlife, for deception to teach you about honesty and strength will make you wish you tore your Blue Wall down, not hold it up.

Think of your future fate … practice your ethics and Take Down your Blue Wall.”

The Blue Wall of Silence is a code of silence amongst police officers, or more like a secret pact. They may cover for each other’s crimes, errors, and mistakes if questioned about alleged misconduct. They may knowingly choose not to tell the truth about another officer’s unethical or criminal behavior, protecting the harmful officer from the consequences of the law. This allows some officers to not be held accountable by the same legal system that all civilians are held accountable to. Their silence is a form of lying and is done intentionally and knowingly by feigning ignorance to protect a fellow officer of a crime by withholding the truth that they have witnessed. This unethical behavior is not just accepted but is encouraged in their inner code of the ‘Blue Wall of Silence.’ Their cover-ups can include shutting off their body cameras, not cooperating with investigators, not intervening and stepping in when they see a fellow officer committing a crime, refusing to help rescue someone, and much more. Jesus said this was the case here in George Floyd’s murder. The three other officers, Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng, and Tou Thao, who were present at Floyd’s murder, are guilty of not intervening and stopping Chauvin from killing Floyd when they could have!

Jesus said: “They (the three other officers involved) did nothing! They stood by and watched a police officer harm and murder a man. They could have intervened and stopped Chauvin, or at least tried to, and save George Floyd’s life. But did they? No. They let it happen. They had the power, and they chose to support and be loyal to a fellow officer – instead of protecting and rescuing a man in desperate need of help… losing his life.”

The three other officers chose their ‘Blue Wall’ secret code of conduct when they chose to do nothing. They failed to help save a man from a tragic and unjust death.

If you missed the last message, where Jesus and the collective group of my Guides channeled insight about Chauvin’s actions wanting you to know that it was “Police Brutality and Murder,” you can read it here: George Floyd

I hope that those who support the harmful and self-serving brainwash of the Blue Wall hear Jesus’s message – Loud and Clear. Because, as He said, there are no exceptions for deception. Police officers have chosen the responsibility to protect and serve, and we should depend on them to do just that. We need to have no tolerance for their Blue Wall. They need to wake up and see their mistake in creating a wall that they will be sentenced to having to take down, brick by brick, in the form of painful Karmic lessons that they will have to endure to learn and grow from - for as long as it takes.

I’m hoping that the friends and family of George and anyone else who has suffered because of the injustices caused by the ‘Blue Wall’ find some peace and clarity in knowing that the ‘Blue Wall’ does not give protection from karma. Their lessons will be sent either here, in the Afterlife, or in their next lifetime – because we have a Just God.


Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Regular Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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