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Remembering the Lord on Christmas Day

Show Jesus Gratitude on His Birthday

He died for our sins. He then ascended into Heaven into His glory, where He has continued to guide, teach, warn, and protect us so that one day, we would evolve to the level of enlightenment that would allow us into His Kingdom of Paradise—permanently, for all of eternity.

Jesus truly is our Lord and Savior and a gift that God gave to us when He sent Him to earth to teach us a better way to live—which is the virtuous way where no harm is committed to another.

His wish, as well as our Creator’s, was that His teachings would be embraced by us so that we would not know the pain and suffering that comes along with making sins and mistakes.

It has been up to every person whether or not to believe and accept the special, unique role that Jesus filled, being our Master Teacher, as well as our Lord and Savior—along with His teachings.

For those who have chosen to believe in Jesus, His miraculous powers, and life-saving enlightenment, blessings and rewards have been awarded to them. For those who have denied His Holy Greatness and His warnings and lessons, blessings have not been sent. Instead, they have secured negative, painful, karmic consequences that their choices have created.

Jesus wants you to understand that it is never too late to turn toward Him and His ways. His commitment to help mankind is undying and eternal. His passion for helping you see the Light so that you can make it home to His Heaven someday is unwavering.

This Christmas Day, as you celebrate the holidays with food, gifts, family, friends, and festivities, remember Jesus on His birthday and all He gave to us to help us attain a happier existence here… and in our Afterlife. December 25 was the day that God sent Jesus to save us from our mistakes and help us with our salvation… so we could have life eternal in the Bliss of Heaven’s Nirvana.

Please honor Jesus on His Birthday and show Him your gratitude for all that He did to help us… and all that He continues to do to help us achieve a happier state of existence through His teachings, His Mercy, and His Grace.

Here is a prayer that you can do to show Jesus your appreciation 💝 ...

Prayer of Gratitude to Jesus on His Birthday from His Blessed Mother Mary

“Dear Jesus,

Thank You for sacrificing all that You did in order to save and protect me from my mistakes. Thank You for showing me the way so that happiness and joy can be mine here—and in my Afterlife.

I vow to stay faithful to You and follow Your ways—as an act of showing You gratitude for all that You did to save me.

Thank You, Dear Jesus, from the bottom of my heart… And so it is…”

~ Prayer channeled to Me from Blessed Mother Mary to help you honor Jesus and give Him respect and glory.

Merry Christmas, and hope you have a wonderful holiday season! 🎄🙏🏻

Oracle Maureen

Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher

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