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Biden Classified Documents:

A Closer Look

The discovery of classified White House documents in President Biden’s personal possession has caught much of our attention recently. And it should. Heaven has given me insight into this questionable act and wishes to enlighten you.

On November 2, 2022, President Biden’s personal attorneys discovered “a small number” of documents from the Obama-Biden administration in a locked closet in the Penn Biden Center. The FBI began an investigation into the classified documents and on December 20, 2022, Biden’s personal counsel reported to U.S. attorney John Lausch that additional classified documents were found in the garage at Biden’s Wilmington home.

In January 2023, Biden made mention of the documents found at the Penn Biden Center during a press conference in Mexico City and claimed that he was “surprised to learn that there were any documents.” Throughout the month of January, his Wilmington home was searched for almost 13 hours and additional documents were located. On February 1, 2023, Biden’s vacation home in Rehoboth Beach was searched, but no documents were found. (Sources: PBS, CBS News)

Unlike Trump, when classified documents were found in his Mar-A-Lago Estate, however, Biden did not resist working with the FBI. Instead, he cooperated. However, we are still lacking answers as to why he had them and what they are. While Biden has cooperated, he has not given the people of this nation answers about the nature of these documents and why they were in his possession. Most importantly, he has not given us transparency.

This is concerning. Which is why - God has given me clarity, so you can have some answers.

Creator gave me a message and asked me to tell you that the classified documents found are ones “primarily of the nature of protecting his own self-interest in dealings made during his term when he was Vice President” to President Obama. Biden was “being cautious about the potential exposure that the documents could reveal regarding Biden’s own agenda on several matters such as political power and how much to use it in securing deals with other countries.” As well as, “possible errors in judgment made by allowing others to intervene and have their say in matters that were deemed privileged and only for special counsel.” I was told there are also a “myriad of other less noteworthy items that fall into harmless categories.”

I was told that “Biden’s oversight of turning in those documents was a way to protect any misinterpretation of his involvement in government matters, where he could be looked at as having a self-agenda instead of being impartial.”

Former Presidents and Vice Presidents are required to hand over all documents to The National Archive upon leaving office. The responsibility really lies with the President or Vice President and their staff to put together the critical and classified documents. These documents do not belong to the President or Vice President, they actually belong to the citizens of the United States. So, while during their tenure, Presidents and Vice Presidents do have the jurisdiction to move and travel with these materials, they are not allowed to keep these documents for any personal use.

In the case of former President Trump, the National Archives was actually aware of the documents that he had, mostly because these were fairly famous documents that Trump admitted that he had. The National Archives was not aware of the documents that President Biden had in his possession, which could mean that these documents were not as well-known and possibly kept by President Biden on accident or on purpose. (Source: NPR)

God has let me know that it was not an accident. Creator said the “Biden Administration had them and was choosing to not reveal what they are (to us), because they did not want Biden to look bad and dis-honest because some of the documents show that he had a self-serving agenda.” The same goes with Trump. In the previous message I delivered about Trump, it was revealed to me that Trump was also hiding documents to hide his own self deals, but his were how he could make money in real estate opportunities in other countries using his power as President.

God wants you to know that the keeping of government documents, especially the “classified” ones, is not an “honorable or ethical act” by any person who makes this choice.

Creator said in Biden’s case “It is not an alarming matter of deception to try to cover up and bury his misdeeds; But it still is an act of dishonesty when he chose to hide these documents as opposed to hand them over when he was supposed to – where they could be viewed by anyone in the Nation. God continued, “When Biden made this choice, he failed to be fully honest and transparent.”

God continued:

“Self-motivation will always be part of the human struggle. Learn from this that accountability is the path that will ultimately help you earn My forgiveness. Biden has not resisted cooperation and has taken some accountability, thus far. When Trump’s hidden documents were found, he took no accountability and refused to willingly cooperate with law officials in the recovery and removal process.”

“These men have had the polar opposite reactions. Biden’s willingness to resolve the matter has shown he is humble enough to correct his errors. Trump’s denial of any wrongdoing shows a complete lack of remorse and honesty, as well as a disregard to following rules and laws.”

“Hold your Presidents to a very high standard of ethics and character. How they make choices is how they will guide and protect you. You will either be in good hands that are safeguarding you; or you will be neglected and mishandled. Choose wisely. Your fate is in the hands of the ones you empower.”

I hope you have gained clarity on what is important to God: accountability and honesty. I know as a Principal Oracle for God and living in a state of receiving Heavenly Father’s messages on a regular basis on an intimate and advanced level, that this is sooo true. These are two of the virtues He desires and rewards the most. I also hope you caught that He lets us choose who to empower as our Presidents, to rule our world. Well… at least at a significant level, that is beneath Him, of course. He also showed you how He lets us use our free will to choose our leaders; and that choosing the one that will give you the best circumstances and safeguard you the most- means choosing the most ethical one.

Until next time… Namaste to you now and for always…

Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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