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Is Homosexuality Considered a Sin, or Not?

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While same-sex relationships have become more accepted in recent years, many still want to know— does God consider homosexuality a sin? There are messages in the Bible that say it is a sin, yet there are so many people who have a very true, deep, and unstoppable yearning for same-sex relationships.

So what is the truth? Is homosexuality a sin? Well, I was given a message from God in early July, who asked me to give you clarity on this highly controversial issue that has caused much conflict among people here – so you would know the answer and what His wishes are.

This message only pertain to homosexuality in our now very complex society of sexual diversity. More aspects on this complicated subject will follow.

I was awoken to hearing and seeing the words: “Homosexuality.. gay men.. promiscuity,” from God.

When God woke me up and said these words to me, He did so in a strong fatherly voice that was filled with anxiety and unhappiness.

Here is His message that He asked that I deliver to you:

“Love in its purest form is expressed as an act that involves all the senses – emotionally, mentally, and physically – to be shared with the partners of your choosing.

Your gift of free will has allowed you to explore this aspect of experiencing love in the most intimate and exhilarating ways you choose to engage.

But My wish for My children has been since the day I created your souls was for you to engage intimately with each other following certain ‘moral codes of ethics.’ My intentions for you when I made you was for you to align yourself with your chosen counterparts, your soulmates, and form a monogamous mind-set (being committed to someone). This act of loyalty and link to your loved one would prevent you from wandering from partner to partner (being promiscuous) and instead keep you devoted to fulfilling your loved ones needs and wants; who in return, would give you the same gift of commitment and sacred love.

My dream for you was also that you would embrace ethics where abstinence would be accepted and achieved by you in your development. Living through the periods in between your soulmates (alone and celibate) is how your soul will evolve and mature by learning lessons that help you become more independent, stronger, braver and more resilient.

I desired for My children to primarily follow the heterosexual-type relationship modeled by Adam and Eve. This archetype brought with it your ability to bear fruit and create a family unit, blessed with children.

Throughout your evolution process, however, many of you strayed from this original archetype and thus began the development of homosexuality when you longed for same-sex relationships. Your desires and attractions to the same sex do not offend Me when they are conducted morally, which means practicing monogamy and staying true to who you are.”

God continued:

“Where my heart breaksis where I have seen many moral codes of ethics broken with homosexuality - the ones who prefer to live a promiscuous life. This type of lifestyle fails to meet My dream for you of achieving and living in a family way (because of the lack of commitment to a soulmate).

It is the ‘promiscuity’ that comes with many homosexual lifestyles that is problematic for Me. Homosexuality is considered a sin when it fails to honor the ‘moral code of ethics of maintaining a monogamous relationship’ and instead falls into the temptations of indulging in promiscuity.

My dream for you is living life in the supported structure of a family unit where giving, sharing, caring, compromising, forgiveness, compassion and love can be practiced and strengthened in one another – which allows and forces your soul to grow and evolve.”

Promiscuity is the Sin that Can Happen in Homosexual Lifestyle

As you can see, God has given clarity that at this point in our evolution, living a homosexual lifestyle is not considered a sin – unless the person is living promiscuously and choosing to indulge in living a lustful life, lacking commitment and responsibilities, and not one based on love and family, where faithfulness and devotion are practiced.

Further Insight Into Homosexuality

God also gave further insight explaining that souls who are ‘truly’ homosexual are ones who are experiencing an incarnation in an opposing body. For example: a feminine soul is living their lifetime as a male and that is why that man is attracted to a man or vice versa (for a lesbian). So a soul living in a body that is opposite of their soul’s real gender is being true to who their soul is. These souls know their sexual preference since childhood and do not waiver, going back and forth engaging in both homosexual and heterosexual desires. They know they are truly aligned with the gender they have been attracted to since childhood and have stayed true and honest to their intuition and their soul’s desires, since the beginning of their incarnation.

I have also been shown the opposite, where there are other factors behind the desire for same sex attraction which are not ‘true.’ It was revealed to me that for some people their desire for same sex, it came about because of possession; not because it is truly who they are. I have been shown many cases of people suddenly later in life who decided they are gay and were sexually attracted to the same sex. Yet, the truth is that they are not genuine and truly gay, but corded to a demonic entity who is trying to cause them harm by ruining their loving relationships on Earth and with God. It has been heartbreaking to see people get deceived and manipulated in this manner by the negative spirits, who to wish cause them harm. I have also been given insight into how much social influence is now playing into the minds of people and they are changing their sexual identify, because they want attention or think it is the socially-accepted lifestyle to live now. Again, they are not being ‘true’ to they are.

Sooo… you will want to tread very carefully here, and only claim your sexual preference based on what you ‘truly’ desired going back to what you desired as far as your childhood and adolescence – and not waiver.

The Sin of Promiscuity

I was told that where “the promiscuity is embraced by the homosexuals” is where Creator is very unhappy and does consider this aspect of homosexuality to be a sin – because it leads to living a “lustful” life; and not a life cultivating family, which is how “love is created.”

Creator also showed me that He takes purity (not being promiscuous) very seriously and has and will send painful karmic consequences to Earth to correct our behavior when our society (homosexual or heterosexual) commits promiscuous behavior that displeases Him. Which is another reason He wanted this message sent – to protect us from creating any more negative karmic consequences for this behavior.

In channeling this message for God, I was given a much deeper understanding of His desire for us to live upholding ‘commitment andlove’ and ‘family’ as primary goals for us in our development here, more than I realized before. It helped me see how many lessons we actually are constantly learning from one another, when in a family, and how much we really do help each other grow and expand our capacity to love in family relationships- given the ongoing difficult challenges of them and also the safety and protection they provide. I see the aspect of family and its importance to our learning, as well as purity, with much more significance to our learning after receiving this level of clarity from God. I hope that you do, too.


Oracle Maureen


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