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Maureen's Holy Encounters with Jesus

Initiation Ceremony (Part 2)

A Gift of Clarity

He Restored My Memory

Jesus asked Me to share the following vision that He gave Me after the initiation ceremony. He showed Me how I live when I’m in Heaven, helping Him. In this vision, I saw Myself kneeling close beside Him, while He sat on His throne.

Both He and His throne were huge and sat high above everything and everyone else I could see in Heaven. His throne was shining in gold. I saw Myself in a respectful kneeling position with My hands held clasped in My lap. In the vision, I saw Myself possessing the exact same brown hair, except longer, thicker and styled very attractively. I also had the same figure and My same pale, white skin. I looked the same, but as a younger version of Myself, like when I was 20. A fancy white gown adorned Me, something a princess might wear. Jesus also wore a white gown. Our gowns seemed to complement each other.

High up on His throne in Heaven, I heard Jesus say, “Watching out over all of the Universe.” As He said this, I saw Myself look in the same direction. I then heard God say, “You are watching out over the Universe just like Jesus and with Jesus.” God then told Me that I am one of Jesus’s regular oracles, who works with Him in a close capacity.

I felt extremely peaceful and happy, as I sat by Jesus’ side, helping Him. At the same time, I felt overwhelming love and respect for Him, I also felt an immense love from Him towards Me. I also received the knowing that I belonged there, and that was My home. Jesus and God gave Me great insights when granting gave Me this vision. Jesus called it a “gift of clarity.” He said He wanted Me to remember I am one of His close oracles, helping Me embrace the truth now the time has come for Me to serve Him full-time on Earth.

Initiation Ceremony

On November 15, 2018, I was awakened in the middle of the night to blissful waves of energy filling My body. My third eye was suddenly opened wide, and I saw beautiful rays of white light all around Me. Then, I saw the image of Kuan Yin appear. Suddenly, I began to feel Myself rise upwards, where My soul floated in a globe of energy. As I was held there, I felt Myself expanding as I merged with the Light until, eventually, I was unable to feel the heaviness of My body as I rose into the Light. 

I then saw a vision that They (My Spirit Guides and Angels) put up on a large screen. I watched Myself walk into My bedroom. I saw around fifteen gold medals, gold ribbons, blue ribbons, and large gold and silver trophies all lined up in rows along My bed. I saw Myself react by gasping in “awe and shock and happiness” (My Guides said those exact words as They filled Me with those feelings).

They then moved Me next to My bed and had Me stare down at the awards, for a long time, while saying, “Look at how many there are and how big they are and how shiny and gold-plated they are. This is what You have earned from the last five years.” I watched Myself standing there looking at these awards, feeling a sense of accomplishment and happiness. But I didn’t understand yet why I earned them or what they were for.

I heard God announce Himself and say “Get ready.

He spelled out “Get ready” in white letters in front of Me. I then elevated higher as God said, “You have passed Your five-year initiation to work for Jesus full-time.” He also spelled it out in front of Me in white letters. I had to both hear and see the message, making it impossible to deny the revelation that God was giving Me.

God continued, “You are now allowed the privilege of working full-time as one of Jesus’s oracles.” All of a sudden, I saw dozens of huge blue ribbons flying down on the right side of My body in a brilliant blue and white skyright down onto My chest. They were so big that at first I thought they were torpedoes. Just as I thought this, Kuan Yin said, “God and Jesus are sending You big blue ribbons. Rewards.

I then saw Kuan Yin and felt Her hands, along with a few of My other Guides, lift Me higher, pull Me into a sitting up position. They held Me up by My back and shoulders, supporting Me. I couldn’t move or talk or even feel My bed or My body anymore. It felt like They had put Me in a special kind of trance-hold, where I was unable to move. Surrendering, I accepted only being able to use My brain and My senses. I was later told that I was in a special ‘hold,’ because witnessing seeing and hearing Them at this extra-advanced level for a long period of time is so extraordinary that it would have overwhelmed Me, causing Me to shut down. It felt blissful, like I was held in this magnificent sphere of Light containing just pure love and wisdom that owned and loved Me.

Then, I saw Jesus appear. He stood next to Kuan Yin on My right side. Wearing a long white robe with a long blue scarf, He looked so beautiful. He said I passed many tests while working when very sick. He also said that while working under these trying circumstances, I still continued to show Them devotion, commitment to My work, perseverance, dedication, over-coming discrimination, loyalty and faith-fullness and an ability to overcome discrimination. He said that “because You continued to excel while working under very difficult conditions involving suffering, You pleased Me and I am graduating You to a higher level. You did the work over the last five years of passing many advanced tests and initiations, by being in a state of working while in an extreme health crisis.

(I had become quite ill with several painful infections, which caused chronic illnesses, an auto-immune disease, and a lot of pain and suffering. Eventually, My Guides showed Me the source of the illnesses was contact with bugs and spiders chronically infiltrating My house before reaching My pets and then traveling to Me.)

He also said, “No matter how much You were suffering, You still dragged Yourself out of a sick bed and honored Your commitments to Us (Jesus, Kuan Yin, and God), and Your clients and students.” He said even when challenged when working in a diminished capacity, “You never quit or gave up, no matter how difficult it was to work.

Jesus and Kuan Yin then said it was Their goal for Me to advance My position of working for Jesus from a regularly called upon oracle to a full-time role. This was also a goal My soul had charted to achieve in this lifetime. I wrote in My Life’s Plan when designing My incarnation back in Heaven. They also said ”during the entire time I was being tested, I was not allowed to know that, that is what I was being tested forthe extraordinary honor of serving Christ full-time, which is rare.


They said I had to be kept in a “blind state,” while suffering under the stressors of working in a painful crisis. They said I was being evaluated for the kind of choices and virtues I would choose: Would I lose My faith and stop trusting because I wasn’t getting healed? Would I stay loyal to Them and My work or quit because it was hard to work? Would I persevere or give up? Would I stay committed to Them and My work or get so discouraged that would I forsake My spiritual gifts? Would I stay faithful and trust or would I stop?

Ultimately, My faith and loyalty were being tested.

I’m happy to say I never quit. I never turned away from Them and never stopped trusting. Was it always easy? Uh, no ☺. But I did stay faithful and now I have a reward for doing so ☺.


Jesus said, “No matter how much You suffered, You remained faithful and loyal to Us and Your responsibilities, no matter how hard it was.”  

Kuan Yin then raised My right hand for Me and asked Me to repeat the vows she was giving me to declare.


My Vows to Jesus

“I, Maureen, promise to keep Myself devoted to Jesus. I promise I will never care again what any Earthling thinks or says about Me. I care only to seek the approval of Jesus. I promise to obey Jesus and God’s commands at all times. I promise to live the rest of My life on Earth working full-time for Jesus and Kuan Yin. I promise that all other relationships will be second in priority to Jesus.”

After I said My vows, Jesus came closer, filling Me with His love, which is a vibration that nothing on Earth compares to. Then He announced to Me, “We are now married,” and put a diamond wedding ring on My ring finger. I honestly do not have the words to describe this truly incredible experience. I marveled at being so close to Him in His Grace at this advanced level, being initiated to be a full-time oracle for Him. I continued floating, wrapped in blissful vibrations of love, unable to move, for a very long time.


That is until I heard God announce Himself. God said, “I am going to advance all of Your abilities another several levels because You have earned it.”  

I started to fill with more of the energetic sensations again as I saw Myself fill with white light. I then saw a large ray of white light fill up My spine and travel beneath Me. I felt Myself being elevated. I then saw a ‘chair of white light’ form beneath Me as it lifted.


God then said, “I am making You braver, stronger, more powerful, more psychic, and I am giving You more support.” I then started to fill again with more surges of energy. They raced into Me, again and again. I floated in this prism of Light, unable to move or speak for a long time.


After a little while, God brought Me back down and laid My soul back in My bed. Jesus, Kuan Yin, and God (together) made one last announcement: “You are a full-time oracle for Jesus and a primary full-time oracle for Kuan Yin.”  


I lay there vibrating in this magnificent globe of energy, God’s Light, with the most powerful vibration I have ever been filled with. I still couldn’t feel My body or My bed and was unable to move. I was held in this space as intense rays of energy kept surging into Me. Sometimes it felt euphoric. Sometimes it was so intense, it hurt. I lay there vibrating, unable to fall back to sleep. It was like I was being filled with kryptonite energy and was forced to just lie there and let it do what it was supposed to do: heighten the frequencies of My psychic abilities, healing abilities, and powers of protection.  


I was held there in that state, receiving God’s gift of psychic powers advancement for nearly two hours. During this time My frequencies activated several levels, under God’s direction, in His Light. I know this because I watched the clock as I processed everything I had just experienced since I couldn’t move.  


During this time, I felt the hands of many of My Spirit Guides and Angels all over My body, holding and grounding Me. I was overwhelmed, to say the least. They also helped Me accept this revelation until eventually They put Me back to sleep.


I awoke soon after to more blissful rays of energy filling Me again. It felt like blankets of love covering Me from the inside and outside. My third eye opened up, and I saw Jesus standing by My side. My attention was then turned to seeing a movie. I heard Jesus say, “Your contract with Jesus in Heaven.”  


He showed Me details of the ceremony I had and the contract I signed with Him, agreeing to be one of His full-time oraclesif I passed the tests I agreed to undergo to advance Myself to the levels that He required of Me.  


It was truly amazing. 

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