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Maureen's Holy Encounters with Jesus  

 Her Ranking as A Close Oracle to Jesus (Part 3)

"The Contract"

November 16, 2018: Truth Revealed to Maureen of A Long Standing Relationship of Serving Jesus

Here is the vision Jesus gave Me the day after My initiation ceremony, showing Me that I already am one of His close oracles that works for Him in Heaven. This is the contract that I signed with Him, intended to earn Me the chance of advancing My ranking of working at a closer level to Him.

Vision of Clarity: The Contract I Made in Heaven with Jesus

I saw Myself walking up very large white steps to a grand platform. I looked like a junior goddess. My hair was the same color brown, but styled very fancy, super long, and thick. It went all the way down to My waist with some curls at the top and bottom.

I wore a flowing white full-length gown with cap sleeves. My face and body were exactly like Mine, except I looked like I did at age 20. All the features on My face were the same. I was in awe that My blue eyes, jawline, and pug-nose looked just like Me, and My body had the same shape and height. I looked very glamorous.


When I reached the top of the steps, Jesus was waiting to greet Me. He also wore a long flowing white gown. I felt and looked nervous. When I reached Him, He smiled at Me. When He did, I immediately felt comforted. I stood with My hands clasped together in front. Conveying My full respect, I had a serious look on My face. I didn’t speak until after He spoke. We had what appeared to be a formal conversation.


I then held My right hand up. I heard this part of the conversation in which I said, “I vow to honor and obey.”


However, I wasn’t allowed to hear the rest of what I said (probably the tests and lessons I agreed to take on). When I finished, Jesus smiled and looked at Me happily. I was then allowed to hear this part of what He told Me: “You are an advanced oracle, a goddess in training. I will take You as one of My oracles again.” He continued to say more, most likely covering the conditions I would have to agree to experience, and the lessons I would have to achieve.


When Jesus finished, He brought forth a formal-looking piece of paper. This was the Contract. As He placed it on a small round table beside Us I saw Us both bend down to sign it, Him first. When finished We both looked very happy. He embraced Me and I felt His love for Me and My love for Him. I experienced a huge sense of accomplishment and happiness that I was being allowed this opportunity (again). I also felt thrilled to know the contract was signed.

I saw the vow I made to Jesus in Heaven to work for Him as one of His close oracles while here in this lifetime. He later explained He gave Me this vison to show Me the truth: I am one of His regular oracles working for Him in Heaven at an advanced level as a ‘wife.’ He said giving Me this clarity would help Me stay committed to My responsibilities and My contract. Additionally, He said it would help Me remain strong when faced with discrimination from non-believers. He wanted Me to be aware the persecution I would face would arise from their fears, mostly from influences of negative spirits affecting them, from those fearing Jesus.

The next day, Jesus appeared a couple more times to offer messages aiding in My transformation. My psychic abilities were undeniably heightened. I saw Him larger and in more vivid colors and details and for longer periods. In one visit, I had just sat in My chair to meditate when suddenly He appeared. I first saw His feet clad in brown sandals. As I looked up, I saw Him walk toward Me in a white flowing robe with a long pink scarf. He stood directly in front of Me before taking His pink scarf off to put it around My neck. Afterwards, He turned to My right side, opening His robe to put His arm around Me as He held Me close. Wrapping Me in His robe, He said, “You exist in Me and are covered in My protection.”

Another Gift of Clarity: Jesus Revealed to Maureen She Is a Guide Working on Earth

Later that day, I was sitting on My bed when Jesus appeared again. He said, “You are different. You are a spirit guide having an earthly experience intended to raise Your consciousness level to another vibration so You can help guide the human race from Heaven full-time.


As soon as He said this, My mind opened up. An important memory washed over Me, almost like a fast movie. It revealed Me as a child remembering this until My teen years. I also recalled developing a capacity to work more from Heaven, than on earth.

A Difficult Initiation… I Passed

There were many tests that I had to pass during My five-year initiation period to work for Jesus full-time. I had to master these while working in a very sick state, suffering painful conditions, like long-lasting viruses landing Me in a bed-ridden state for weeks on end. I had an infection in My head causing severe cluster headaches and migraines, several stomach infections, debilitating fatigue, infections in several organs, lupus, severe food allergies generating more sickness, several bacterial and parasitic infections, and more. I also had to care for both of My daughters, alone, who also became sick with the exact same ailments.

Unbeknownst to Me, My Guides were evaluating Me on how I would perform while working under the added pressures of being in a very sick state. Not only was I not told that I was being evaluated, I was also kept in the dark about the reality that the struggles and hardships were actually advanced tests and initiations in the form of suffering—that were intended to test Me for an advancement.

There are not enough words to describe the level of relief and happiness I felt upon learning the truth of this painful experience. It was an “advanced initiation” intended to reward Me with one of the highest honors an oracle can attain, the position of serving Christ full-time.


Jesus said I succeeded in My tests when, in His words, “You continued to work and obey Us and Our commands in spite of discrimination, neglect from doctors, and many friends and family who doubted the tremendous suffering You were in. When faced with the discrimination and neglect, You never gave in to the despair it caused. You kept fighting.

Jesus went on to acknowledge that while I was being tested by having to work in a weakened, sick state, “You still had to take care of both of Your sick daughters.” Despite the extra work and energy drain that caused, “You still remained determined to work, and You still didn’t quit.

He said, I showed an advanced level of “faithfulness” to Them (Jesus, Kuan Yin, My other Guides and Angels, and God), when I obeyed Their guidance when They gave Me remedies to treat the illnesses and followed Their advice, over the doctors’ advice.

There was much more work (tests) I encountered during this time. None of My burdens were easy. When I felt weak and in pain, I would receive visitations from any one of My Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Jesus, Kuan Kin, or God asking Me to do certain things for specific periods of time or permanently.

Here are Some of the Things They Asked or Commanded of Me:

  • Fasting (for periods of days)

  • Periods of silence (which meant no sound; no radio, no TV or talking to anyone)

  • Limit or eliminate “dumb”  (Their word) TV shows/movies

  • No violent shows

  • No cell phone or computers

  • No reading fictional books; only spiritual or religious literature

  • No drinking alcohol or coffee

  • Severe food restrictions (no gluten, sugar, dairy, alcohol, nuts, eggs, chocolate or coffee...or I got very sick.)

  • No shopping/no materialism

  • No swearing

  • Celibacy

  • No makeup/no vanity

  • Meditate for one hour a day, every day

  • Pray for the suffering in the world for a minimum of five minutes every day

  • Obey Kuan Yin’s wishes over any earthlings (this was asked of Me many years ago)

  • Obey Jesus’ wishes over any earthlings (this was asked of Me after I passed my initiation)

I was also required to do specific advanced prayers They gave Me. God commanded Me to meditate one hour a day, at a minimum. Sometimes longer. When it came to praying for the suffering in the world, Kuan Yin taught Me special prayers. She did them with Me often and still does.

And there was more.

Was all of this always easy to do? Absolutely not. I was weak and sick. Everything was difficult for Me in those days. I was being pushed to focus more, meditate more, pray more, detach from earthly pleasures and comforts, and be much more disciplined with everything all of the time. It took Me a while to get to the level of discipline necessary to follow these advanced sacrifices and difficult requests, but (eventually) I did.


My life has changed dramatically since becoming a full-time oracle for Jesus. I now live in what He calls a “glorified state.” I hear and see Him regularly and am on call to serve any of Jesus’ wishes at any time, day or night. I also have the privilege of having access to communicating to Him at My own will, which He encourages, and seek His wisdom, day or night.


He shows Me where He is pleased with peoples’ choices and where He is not. He also allows Me to ask Him My own questions; And when I am allowed the answers, He gives them to Me. He speaks through Me in classes and readings and asks Me to deliver His messages to enlighten the world so He can still lead His flock home. To Heaven.

April 13, 2023: God awarded Oracle Maureen the position of Chief Principal Oracle for Buddha

To read more about My ceremony of being appointed Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary, and Buddha, please visit Chief Principal Oracle for God.  

Oracle Maureen

Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary & Buddha

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