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What Will Heal Our Nation?

How does our country heal from a traumatic, violent incident that happened at a place that exists to serve to protect us - our Capitol? How do we heal when the violence did not just randomly happen, but instead was instigated and planned, not from an outsider, but an insider: our own President.

We can only heal by first being honest. We then have to hold those accountable for their actions that have caused harm to others. Lastly, we need to strive for and finally reach – forgiveness. I have been called upon by Lord Jesus and Buddha to help you heal. The only way to free yourselves from the pain and fear that violence threatens you with – is to forgive those who have harmed you and trust that a higher power is also working with you to create justice – for all.” ~ Buddha channeled to me. The day after the Capitol attack, last Thursday, I awoke to Jesus standing by my bed. The Lord said to me: “Peace I give you. Peace I leave you.” I asked Him to further explain to me exactly what He meant. Jesus answered my question yesterday morning. Again I woke up to Jesus standing by my bed, and He gave me this long message, which He asked I present to you: "Peace I give you. Peace I leave you. I showed you the value of living according to the Ten Commandments so that you would not live with violence and hate among each other; but instead, you would live peacefully with each other.” Trump broke the law. He sinned. He broke the law of ‘Love Thy Neighbor as Yourself’ (which means, we are to be kind, generous, honest, ethical and Peaceful to each other; so that we do not hurt each other.) ” ~ Lord Jesus channeled to me. Jesus and Buddha gave me a challenging message about the truth of the incident and asked me to share it so that you would know. Trump was behind the incident. He staged it. He had several people working for him inside the Capitol who helped him facilitate the attack. Trump wanted to ‘Punish’ those inside who went against him (They said the word ‘punish’ louder and wrote it out in large white letters in my third eye emphasizing it.) He was seeking retribution. His pride and desire of greed for power could not accept his loss, which he viewed as a failure." I sat there, stunned, hearing this, and also hearing the intensity in Jesus's voice when He said this to me. He was very upset and saddened when He gave me this message. He hopes that we do something to protect more people from getting hurt from what Trump could do - if he is not disabled.

* I was shown that several people ‘inside’ the Capitol will reveal this information and their involvement, under Trump’s requests, but only after they are found out by the law and only to to save themselves from the penalties of the law.

Heaven is not happy with those who still believe in Trump's lies and brainwashing about a flawed election count and his charade that he should be President. Those that support Trump's lies, for whatever reasons, are causing another set of problems. They are helping an unstable man, who has a vendetta out against his non-supporters, by cheering him on in his 'fictitious' fight - by feeding into his delusions. This could result in causing more harm to others or our government's property, again. I was told to ask you this question, so you could answer it and reflect on it: “If Trump did not instigate and plan this attack, then why didn’t he stop it, when he had all the power to do so?” They showed me Trump was not a hostage. He could have at any given moment, when his colleagues and our Capitol was in danger – stopped all of it. But did he? No. He did NOTHING to stop the danger and protect the people. I was told that Trump needs to be held accountable on many, many levels. He should not ever serve in an office again because he put his colleagues, police officers, and many others in danger, and he also brainwashed and manipulated America. Unfortunately, many people believed and still do, believe in his lies. Some also pretended to believe his lies to gain opportunities, which is the case with many of the politicians and business-persons who benefited from Trump being President. Others who had nothing specific to gain fell into believing Trump's con job because they are simply more easily influenced.

Trump’s Future Fate: I was told Trump will go to trial and will be convicted for “conspiracy in an attempt to harm others”, among facing other consequences.

What Can We Do to Help Our Nation? Jesus and Buddha asked that we pray for healing until we see no more pain or injustice in this tragedy. We are to pray for everyone who was hurt, threatened and killed in the attack. We are to pray for the people who still support Trump to reach a higher level of wisdom and ethics. We are to pray that Trump, and all the rioters and extremists who committed the attack, and who put fear and harm into our environment, refrain from violence and instead choose peace and unity.

Prayer to Help Heal our Nation from Trauma:

“Dear God, Please help us recover from the tragedy of the attack on the Capitol. Please send relief to all who were directly threatened and affected, hurt, and killed. Please help them heal their traumas. Dear God, please help our nation heal. Please give us the wisdom to make the wisest choices needed to restore our country so that we can live and function in peace and serenity. And so it is. Amen."

~ Given to me from Lord Jesus & Buddha to help us find Peace and re-create a better America.

Saying a prayer for our Nation and to each of you that we each make the right choice – so that we can create a better, a more Peaceful World.

Amen & Namaste

Oracle Maureen

Primary Oracle for Jesus Christ

Primary Oracle for Buddha


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