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What's With the Indecisive Politicians?

Trump. Politics. Favors

With a huge divide in our country because of political views, Heaven has given you a message showing you a closer insight into things hidden from you so you can make more knowledgeable choices.

God has given me a message about Trump and the politicians. He asked me to enlighten you. Your Father is giving you the answer as to why the politicians who constantly change their minds on whether they support Trump or not are continually going back and forth with their loyalty. God told me that He wants you to know the truth so that you can "make better decisions knowing the truth of circumstances" and that He "Hopes you do." Vision:

On March 2, I awoke to a message from God. I saw Trump sitting next to and talking to a 'politician' at a table. They were sitting 'very close together' and wearing 'black business suits.' I saw a lineup of more politicians standing by the doorway, waiting for their turn to talk to Trump in private. While I was watching Trump and the politician talking, I heard the politician say to me: "He (Trump) promised to give me what I wanted, if I gave him my loyalty."

In the vision, both Trump and the politicians were surrounded in 'complete darkness.' They were covered in and sitting total black-ness. I was given the negative feelings of selfishness and dishonesty as I watched them talking, plotting their deals, in secret, which they made to serve each person's self-motives. I was told that they were 'covered in darkness' to represent that Trump and the politicians were not operating from a place full of white light with virtues and good intentions. Instead, they were acting with the opposite intents of using self-motives and deception. They made deals with each other, which they kept secret from you, where Trump agreed to give the politicians what they were asking for – in exchange for the politicians' support in making sure Trump stayed in power. The 'covered in darkness' was also used to show that they exist at a lower level in their evolution, making them easy prey for dark entities in the spirit world to influence and manipulate and use. Negative spirits can and will use their prey, like tools, to help them commit their evil acts, which are all about causing harm.

God wanted to reveal to you information that He deems crucial for you to know, so you can have the opportunity to make wiser, better choices as you continue to decide what and who you choose to align with, and what and who you chose to stay clear of. In an environment where there is so much political divide and dissension, the choices you make will either help widen the divide and animosity here or heal it and bring peace back into our nation. What you choose to support will either help or hurt our country. But it doesn't just stop there. Your choices will also have a lasting effect on you personally - in the form of the karmic fate, you will create for yourself. You will create either a positive karmic blessing or a negative karmic consequence for yourself with the choices you make. If you want to please God, your creator, and show Him faithful-ness, then the answer is to choose what will help bring our nation into a peaceful climate and to protect it from all that could ever hurt it. What is a peaceful environment? One where no violence is permitted or encouraged or allowed; so that not one of God's children is threatened, harmed, or killed. Think only non-violence, truth and honesty, and goodwill - will create that peaceful country. Your Father asked me to reveal all of His vision and its discernment to you because He said He hopes to see changes in His earthly world with His children. He said He hopes that you hear Him and please Him by doing what you can to change His world, and your world, into one operating from compassion, honesty, integrity, and peacefulness.


Oracle Maureen


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