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Welcoming in 2024 

Another Chance to EvolveMessage from The Masters

As we begin our next chapter here on Earth, the Ascended Masters have gifted you a message to make 2024 a more joyful and successful year.

The Four most highly evolved beings in the Universe—Jesus Christ (The Master), Kuan Yin, Blessed Mother Mary, and Buddha—wish to share Their enlightenment with you so that one day you will be able to reside full-time, permanently in the Paradise of Heaven, near Them.

“With each passing year, you can look back and evaluate the progress you have made by discerning—not what you have acquired—but, rather… how far you have evolved.

This is your true goal with life on Earth. You came here to challenge yourself with all of the difficulties and hardships you endure—as tests and lessons that were set up to help your soul gain enlightenment. During this demanding process, you were further tested by learning that Love would always be the winning answer that would get you through your struggles… successfully.

Given all the paths that you get to choose with your gift of Free Will, it is always when you seek out Love that your path becomes easier. The many feelings you experience in your journey as a sentient being does not always make this discovery an easy one. Embracing the gifts of Love wherever and whenever God has blessed you along the way—is always the wise choice. Love is what takes you to the places and opens the doors to where you get to feel happiness and joy in your life.

Shifting your thoughts into Loving ones and seeking them—is how you will find the treasures that life on Earth holds for you.

Living with Hope in your heart each and every day is how you will find the path of choosing Love in a dimension that is not always so Kind and Loving.

Remember to focus your choices on creating Love and having Hope for a better tomorrow… and your life will be filled with joyful vibrations. This is because you have Manifested your happiness through using your wisdom.

We send each of those who have shown Us devotion an extra blessing in Hope you achieve the bliss you desire in this next coming chapter of your incarnation on Earth. 

And So It Is…  Amen, and Blessings to you.”

- Channeled to Me from Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary Mother & Buddha to those who wish to gain enlightenment  🌟🌹

Happy New Year, Oracle Maureen

Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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