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Welcoming in 2021

We have things to be hopeful for. Surviving a deadly plaque and all the stressors that come along with it, combined with a declined economy and financial squeeze, not to mention the painful Black Lives Matter movement have not been easy experiences to endure. But I’m happy to say that things will get better for us in 2021. The longest part of the COVID battle is over and most of the worse part. Come this spring, we will see a light at the end of the tunnel with COVID conditions beginning to improve. Come fall, that light will be brighter for more of us. 2021 will be more a promising year filled with more happiness.


But, in order to be one of the ones standing in that light, remember – your Faithful-ness to God it pivotal. This dark chapter that we are in, unfortunately, will be released from us in staggering shifts – that are dependent on how pleased God is with the level of loyalty that He has received. COVID was sent to us to wake us up to this.

I have bit my lip many times over the past year, when I have read something that, a spiritual teacher or a non-teacher, has said contrary to this belief. My heart sinks and goes into so much anxiety every time I have read someone say: that COVID is Not because of a consequence sent from God. I have used enormous courage to give you the channeled messages, word for word, from: Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary AND God – that COVID IS, unfortunately, a very strong discipline sent to us… intended to correct many habits that God is displeased with – namely, the most important one of all ….. a lack of Faithfulness to Him. I am speaking up on this so that you do not drop your guard – and think in a way that would pull you away from being loyal to God right now. Because that is the number #1 test and pressure that we are still under with COVID. If you want protection from this disease and to have it released from our planet, then remember to have a Belief in God and be Faithful to your Creator, under all circumstances, even the difficult, painful ones… especially under the trying ones.

Please think 2021 has a door that can be opened to let COVID be released from us, or at least be less prominent on earth; but the only way that door will open is if we do not drop our guard – and our loyalty to Him. COVID did not just ‘happen.’ Nothing does. This discipline, in the form a disease, was sent to us to put us on a time out, where we had to reflect on what habits and behaviors really do not serve our greater good, as well as test our loyalty and belief in God. God told me that He needed to show His children that He has the “ultimate power, as a way to remind them listen and obey Me.”

If we go weak and chose not to by Loyal to our Father Almighty, then, I was told, that we could face this tragedy being allowed to continue or spike up again to another dangerous phase. I don’t want that for us, that’s why I’m giving you this message – to protect you - so you know what to do to protect yourselves and our world: Be Loyal to the One who created you. Love the One who Loves you the most.

Here is what you can prepare yourself for:

• We will continue to live in a highly dangerous state with COVID through March: So wear your masks and quarantine as much as possible!

• Beginning in April, there will be gradual shifts of the plague lessening its threat on us. This will allow us to socialize in the public a little more, as businesses will be allowed to ‘gradually’ start to re-open.

• Throughout springtime, expect more privileges, such as more time socializing with friends and family and more restaurants will open.

• Vaccines will start showing proof that they are working in springtime. I see May.

** Important: I was told, very firmly, by my Guides, that for those who choose to go outside without wearing their masks or who participate in parties – that they are considered to be cheating and are committing acts that put other people in danger. I was told that those who cheat in this very serious consequence of a deadly plaque, whether to rebel or to make themselves comfortable, when COVID was intended to make us “very uncomfortable,” will be sent stronger lessons later – to have to learn from. So, please hear me: It’s Not Worth It. Please remember your karma and protect yourself from making choice you will regret later. I would also intervene and guide your friends and family, who you see making these mistakes, so they do not create a negative karmic fate for themselves.

Why do we still have to live in a world with a deadly plaque? I was told, it is because still not enough people have achieved a true Belief in God. God needs, wants and has asked us – to the point of stopping at nothing – to show us how important Loyalty and Faithfulness is to Him. If you haven’t unsubscribed from my messages by now, ☺ you most likely are a faithful one, and you will be rewarded for your loyalty. In fact, you probably have been receiving gifts from God for your loyalty all along during this crisis. I want to bring your attention to this. Loyalty and faithfulness reward us. You could receive a gift that could advance your career, cure your health, heal your relationships, improve your finances or living situations – or receive full protection from COVID, and the list goes on.

I know my loyalty has earned me many blessings, and when one was pointed out to me by my Guides, or I figured it out on my own, I gave God Thanks. I gave God many, many thanks. I cannot recommend doing this enough. Keep showing God your gratitude. It’s another way of expressing your faithfulness to your Creator.


The economy will continue to be declined for most of this year, sadly. So conserve your money. There will be some small peaks, however.. so that is good news. They gave me a vision of a very slow, small, moving train that just chugs along, very slowly, and then it suddenly went up very small hills, a few times.

Businesses: I was told “greed and opportunism has cost earth a stable, strong economic foundation.” I was told that businesses need to re-focus on serving people and the world first, instead of how they can profit off of them. Heaven is cleaning house in many businesses so they re-structure themselves to come back with better ethics, such more honesty and the desire to help people versus the intent to take advantage of them.

Consumers: I was told the financial squeeze was also intended to “help people who are caught up with vanity and materialism and the love of shopping – have to dial it down, so that they are not so vain.” They are being given the chance to become more pure again, by being restricted with their spending and vanity addictions.

Black Lives Matter

It is still a long road here – to equality, sadly. But all of the discussions and attention that Black Lives Matter movement brought up – did help. I was told it “sensitized some and bring to light that the battle is far from over and still needs to be fought.” Kuan Yin has offered, “Discrimination is not to be tolerated. It is to be forgiven; and it is to be forgiven – peacefully – not loudly and violently, if you want to achieve true forgiveness.”

Donation to Help Children Sick with Cancer

I was guided to make a donation to help children suffering from cancer. I was then asked to encourage you to do the same ☺. Jesus and Kuan Yin asked me to make a donation to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. I have include a link to St. Jude’s here, in case you want to join me and help make difference in the life of a sick child, living with the misery of cancer.

A Message and Mantra from Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin has a message for you. She said She wants and hopes for easier times for us here and that the devotion of saying prayers – Does make a difference.

God Hears your cries, your prayers, as do We… the Ascended Masters that work closely with Jesus with God. Please help heal your planet by asking for Forgiveness and Divine Intervention. We listen very carefully for your prayers and we intervene every chance that God allows Us too. Please prayer for what you wish for, need and want. And then… trust.”

~ Channeled to Maureen, from Ascended Master Kuan Yin

“Dear Divine Creator,

Let me show you the depths of my loyalty. Please know I have not forsaken you. I do Believe in your Greatness with my whole being. I promise, I will continue to work on expanding my level of faithfulness and embrace you at an even deeper degree, my dear God. Please know I will not let anyone or anything tempt me from being loyal and faithful to you. You are my Father and I am your devoted child, always. Amen.”

Happy New Year and wishing for the best for you in 2021.

With Many Blessings,

Maureen Allan

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Regular Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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