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Wear The Masks!

Too Soon to Take Them Off

I am putting to rest the debate over mask restrictions. I have been given an important message intended to protect us, because of the mistakes being made by people suggesting that we drop the masks. Stopping wearing the masks right now is a big mistake.

Jesus visited me on Saturday, May 15. The first thing He said was: "Wear the Masks." He then explained that people are being guided in the wrong direction— to stop wearing masks once vaccinated. We are receiving inaccurate information about dropping the masks too early, which too many people are now doing. Abandoning the masks will result in danger. People will continue to get infected with COVID because they are no longer protecting themselves. COVID may also be "extended," as another consequence for disobedience.

Here is The Lord's message. He has intervened to help protect you from making a mistake that could put you in jeopardy of having to experience a COVID consequence. He is watching out for you.

"Wear the masks. You are not released from Pandemic Consequence. You are not safe to enter into society (stores, malls, restaurants, schools, businesses, etc.) without protection. It is too soon. You are putting yourself and others in danger of possibly contracting COVID.

Your vaccination rates are not high enough to allow you the privilege yet. Please be responsible and wear your masks at All times. You are being warned… to protect yourself.

When your Heavenly Father sees and feels more of his children choose to be faithful and loving to Him – then and only then – will you be allowed to safely engage in life on Earth as you once knew it. When He is pleased - is when your vaccination rates and success will reach the optimal level of coverage, giving you a level of freedom. Until then, you are to wear your masks, unless at home under quarantine conditions with family." ~ Jesus channeled to me.

Why You Still Need to Wear Your Mask:

Even if you are fully vaccinated, you should not be going out in public without wearing your mask because there are still so many people walking around who are not vaccinated yet. This puts all of us in danger of contracting this highly contagious and deadly virus. Dropping the masks when it is truly not safe will also open the door for dishonest people to stop wearing their masks when they are not fully vaccinated— another way that the virus will now be able to spread.

The Debate Over Whether to Get Vaccinated or Not:

The answer is: Yes. You should get vaccinated, unless there is a health issue that would genuinely put you in a bigger threat than the chance of getting COVID, you should get a vaccine. I received the answer that the vaccinations are our saving grace from God, and we are to save ourselves and protect ourselves with His Gift.

Jesus said the 'working vaccines' are a true miracle from God. Your Heavenly Father intervened, giving Divine knowledge and inspiration of all the necessary formulas and information to the scientists and doctors that He trusted could successfully complete the mission of following His directions and create His vaccines. He chose them. They had the inherent ability to listen and obey the ideas and information flowing into their minds and the drive and motivation into their emotional and physical bodies. They were also opened up to a useable degree psychically and received clear visions, thoughts, and words from God through their psychic channels. Receiving God's information, they unbeknownst to them created the life-saving vaccines that we have, from God’s directions and gift of Mercy to us. And, it has only been through the grace of God when He deemed us worthy of receiving His Mercy – After He finally became pleased with what He was asking for and received a shift of devotion towards Him from His children.

How You Should Protect Yourself & What You Can Expect:

• Be responsible & strong: Wear Your Mask, even if others are falling for this 'belief of convenience.'

• Don't get back to socializing yet. We are still, unfortunately, not released from our 'Time-Out and Reflection Period for Inner Growth.'

• Get vaccinated, unless you get medical advice that says you really cannot.

• Moderna & Pfizer are both deemed as “qualified vaccines.”

• Johnson & Johnson, “not deemed as a qualified vaccine yet, due to too many flaws still.” So, hold off on J & J a little longer.

• Teens should get vaccinated now. Children from age 8 on up are next.

• Keep working on your Faithfulness to God: Show Him your Love and Devotion.

• Thank God and Jesus for Their gift of Mercy with Their 'working vaccines' that they have blessed us with – To Save Us.

We are not out of the woods. Expect another six months of life to be like this. I was told if there is another shift of devotion back to God, then our circumstances have the chance to improve another level. Please pray for that.

As mentioned above, Jesus and God want – and are requiring – us to wear our masks at all times, unless at home. So, don't follow the false information that is being now being told. It will trip you up. Instead, protect yourself from karma and obey Their wishes; and remember to show Them Faithfulness, so They show you blessings. We need more of Their blessings to save us from this deadly pandemic.

Sending many blessings to you at this time.... and praying to Them for another miracle….Please Wear your mask - for Everyone’s sake :)

Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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