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We Have Helped Those Who Have Suffered Horrific Abuses in Ethiopia

Please Keep Helping Them

I would like to thank everyone who has donated to my Ethiopia campaign :) Between funds raised from donations on my website, GoFundMe campaign donations, and my profits donated from my sessions and events, Angels Among Us donated $5,100 to Unicef help Ethiopians in crisis. This is more than double our initial goal and will help so many refugees, who have suffered greatly, rebuild their lives! Your generous gifts will provide food, water, medical supplies, and other essentials to help them start over.

As mentioned previously, the gift of a $100 Amazon Gift Card that someone had so generously donated was put into a silent auction, and we have contacted that winner. In case you were wondering how we did it, I did not use my crystal ball…lol. :) We entered all of the names of everyone who donated into an online raffle generator, and it randomly selected the name for us.

I, along with Kuan Yin and the rest of the Ascended Masters, would like to thank you for all of your generous donations.

May the Universe bless you back two times over for your care and compassion.

The donation of $5,100 was made to

In Love & Light Always,

Oracle Maureen


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