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We Create Our Circumstances - The Good & The Bad

War is Here Because of What They Created

I have been given a very difficult message to deliver about the war in the Ukraine/Russia area.

Those of you who also follow my YouTube channel may have seen the War On Ukraine video I recently did. Whew … that was hard to deliver 😳 and soo... I thought my mission was complete, especially since it was a long, in-depth explanation. Hmmm… no…😧… I was given another message from God two weeks later, who told me I still hadn’t completed my mission – because I hadn’t sent His message in “written from,” as well. He wanted it sent through both mediums because of the seriousness of the situation.

So, if you watched that video about the war, this is mainly about that; however, He has also given more insight into this painful tragedy.

By the way, I had an interesting discussion with my students in my Advanced Psychic Development Group. It offered more insight into this topic, so I am putting the discussion up on YouTube next week. The conversation explores this war, how and why wars are started, and more clarity about God’s role, and our role, in what gets manifested here on Earth. You might want to watch it to continue expanding your enlightenment.

Back to my original message that God gave me regarding the war in the Ukraine/Russia.

The pain of the war in Ukraine has tested our faith. For some, it has caused them to turn away from God and blame Him for this tragedy.

Because the war has caused misguided thinking about God and a shift away from Creator, I received a message from Him - giving you the truth.

God Did Not Create the War- Russia Did Because of Their Choice God gave me a message, asking me to tell you:

“God allowed the war to happen in the Ukraine because of the communism in Russia and atheism.”

The next day, when I was in meditation, God gave me more insight. He said:

“Their act of choosing atheism in Russia (that went on for many, many years - going back decades) was a betrayal that cost them an advanced karmic consequence of a punishment due to their disloyalty to Me.”

God said that this act of betrayal, sadly, “cost them” His “protection,” which is what really allowed the war to happen. It is an act born out of their disloyalty to Him, not because this was God’s choice.

God is in Great Pain Over the War God asked me to help you understand that this war is not His choice for His people. It is not what He wishes for anyone to have to endure. He wants you to know that the war is causing Him great agony to see so much bloodshed and violence and atrocities happening, especially the war crimes.”

It happened because evil (demons) entered and influenced many of the humans that were behind starting the war, including the war officials, and the soldiers committing the violence.

When God says, “He allowed the war to happen,” Creator means, He stopped giving the “Gift of His Protection.” His protection works on various levels. One is His energetic shield of protection that He surrounds us with to protect us from the malicious entities that come to Earth seeking to destroy us. This is the case with Russia. Their disloyalty cost them His protection from the dark forces that infiltrated the Ukraine/Russia area and possessed the people causing the war. It also means He has suspended His protection in life-saving ways that can rescue people and stop the war.

God said He wishes for you to understand that it was not His wish to have this war. Due to the Universal Law of Manifestation, he was forced to execute a karmic fate that they created. Russia and Ukraine (previously part of Russia) created this highly negative karmic fate for themselves because of their choice to turn their backs on their Creator, which was an act of disrespect and disloyalty – and this was the consequence their betrayal created. It cost them His protection.

God told me that He “had given Russia many warnings, dating back decades to when the three shepherd children received multiple visitations from Mother Mary, who came and gave them warnings that a crisis would befall Russia - if they continued their atheist behaviors and did not convert to Catholicism and belief in God.”

If Russia had not betrayed God, they would be receiving God’s ‘Gift of Protection’ and not suffering in a horrible war. It is an unfortunate outcome that Ukraine/Russia created for themselves due to their stubborn thinking, denying God, and choosing an atheist lifestyle.

He also said, sadly, like a Father, He must discipline His children to do better so they can develop. He must and will “allow” stronger lessons to be sent to help enlighten them “when all other ‘softer’ lessons given through loving and harmonious ways have failed to teach them.”

He said:

“I AM a patient and forgiving Father, and one who loves endlessly; but when it comes to a blatant act of betrayal in the form true atheism, where I AM denied… where My existence is denied – when it is I that gave them life and every single blessing and joy that they have ever experienced since their creation – I will execute, with pain in My heart, the stronger lessons to help them to remember to never make the mistake to forsake Me again. Doing so opens themselves up to the temptations of aligning themselves with the ‘evil one,’ whose goal it is to take them away from Me. I will intervene and wake them up, even if it means a painful and difficult process – to help them re-establish their connection and devotion to Me – so that they are protected from harm that the ‘evil one and His minions’ which dragging them down and away from My Kingdom in Heaven.”

God needs you to be faithful to Him in order to give you His gifts and blessings. He wants to protect you from harm. But, He is only willing to give His gifts and protection if you do not betray Him and instead show your Heavenly Father devotion and respect.

• It is reported that between 60,000 and 70,000 Russian soldiers have gone missing or been killed since the start of the war (Source: The Hill & The Center for Strategic and International Studies).

• In Ukraine, at least 8,000 non-combatants have been killed and nearly 13,300 injured (Source: The United Nations). The numbers are likely much higher than reported. In addition, at least 14 million people have been displaced from their homes, and 18 million Ukrainians have been without basic necessities such as electricity and water during the winter months (Source: UN). As is often the case with war, this conflict is disproportionately causing pain and suffering for innocent children. The Ukrainian child poverty rate has increased from 43% to 82% since the beginning of the war (Source: UN).

• And the atrocious war crimes of rape and child rape keep happening.

Please Pray For Them God is also asking me to enlighten you that the war needs your intervention – through prayers for the Ukrainian and Russian people. He said the atheists in Russia must repent and pray for forgiveness to end their karmic punishment.

He said:

“As soon as I hear more prayers of penance from Russia, then I will intervene and give them mercy and help bring them out of their suffering.”

He said we can help Ukraine by praying for forgiveness on their behalf for their former, and current, sin of atheism. Please keep praying for them – until the war is finally lifted from them and God gives them the ultimate act of mercy by ending their war.

This war was not God’s wish. He said He has been more than patient, for decades, sending them many messages inspiring them to change their thinking, as well as sending His Queen, Mother Mary to Earth, to Fatima, with three strong warnings, giving the world a miraculous experience to witness – before finally having to resort to sending them this advanced lesson to motivate them to change their thinking and help them accept that He is Present and is to be worshiped and respected – always.

Please say prayers for them asking God to give them more mercy and to forgive them for their mistake of atheism, as well as doing the Rosary on their behalf. He will hear your words. You can help shift God’s heart into forgiving them so they can be free of their misery.


Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher

This video is an excerpt from my Advanced Psychic Development Class. One of my students had some great questions regarding the Russian-Ukraine War and Heaven felt like others would greatly benefit from hearing part of this conversation. This class took place on April 4, 2023, about a week after my last video about Ukraine went up. This is a very advanced topic and I hope this video helps answer questions you may have had about Karma and war, and what we can do to end the vicious cycle of war. Please subscribe so you don't miss any of God's or the Ascended Masters' messages, which are always intended to help you and guide you in the right direction.


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