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We are Blessed with Two Queens & Their Supreme Gifts

One was Created for the West; One was Created

I recently received two visitations from Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, our two Mothers, who showed me that They are much more powerful than most people think. They have asked me to share my experiences to enlighten you so that you can work on earning Their gifts - by giving Them devotion. They have so much They can and want to do to help you attain whatever it is you wish for. I hope my experiences with Them bring you closer to the two devout, loving, and blessed Queens, who are standing by waiting to serve you.

Blessed Mother Mary, Our Queen to the West

Mary is a Very Large Presence in the Catholic Church & Universe – More Than You May Realize

I was at church (Catholic Church) and I received a visitation from Blessed Mother Mary, who wishes me to share it with you, on 12/04/22.

About halfway through the church service, as I looked up at the altar, I was surprised and amazed to see Mother Mary floating in front of the congregation. She was standing in front of the altar area, where the priest stands. This came right after we all said one of the prayers that express devotion. I was stunned. I saw Her in full-color, 3-D apparition form. She was breathtaking. I saw Her standing (floating) wearing an all-white, long gown with a white cape and white veil. Her dark brown hair was pulled back in a low bun with bangs that fell to one side. I also saw that she was cradling dozens of bouquets of pink long-stemmed roses in Her arms, bunches of them. I was mesmerized. When I looked at Her, She pulled my eyes up to Hers, held my gaze on Her for a while, and told me that She had a message that She wanted to teach.

She then drew my eyes back to Her roses and said, "when they come to church and show devotion, I can give them a blessing." As She said this, I saw individual pink rose petals float out of Her bouquets of roses. One petal went directly into me. It went into my core. Then, I saw dozens of pink rose petals floating out of Her bouquets and float over to everyone sitting in the church pews. It was so beautiful to see this pink cascade of rose petals float throughout the church as everyone received a pink rose petal, a blessing, from Mother Mary. As I watched this, a migraine headache that I had been suffering with started melting away. It was gone in about a minute. Mary told me that would be one of Her blessings to me.

It was cool to see this - to see Her bless people. I was in awe. I was also watching all this with my physical eyes, not my Third Eye, which is much more advanced and powerful way to experience a visitation.

Then quickly, as the rose petals were being delivered to people, I noticed that Blessed Mother Mary had increased Her size. Suddenly, She was much larger – taller and bigger. I was taken aback by Her extra-large size and confused.

When it was over, and I was home, I couldn’t get over how extraordinarily large Mary had made Herself appear during the visitation. Of all the times I have seen Her, I have never seen Her so massively large. Later that day, my question was answered. Mary said that She holds an extensive presence in the Catholic church and has been given high-level privileges and powers from God that allow Her to help those whom She chooses to – in extraordinary ways. God has gifted her exceptional powers and privileges to send us Her blessings and gifts, as well as miracles to heal, guide, protect, and save us at the highest level possible.

She has asked me to teach this to humanity and tell people that Her position in the Catholic church is a very powerful one. She said it would be wise for people to understand this so they earn Her blessings.

To earn Mother Mary’s blessings, She told me you must show Her respect, devotion, and gratitude - to receive the magnitude of the gifts She can bring you. Her blessings are the highest level allowed by God, second to Jesus Christ.

Boddhisatva Goddess Kuan Yin, Our Queen to the East

Kuan Yin is Equally as Powerful in Our Universe – More Than You May Understand

I was guided to share my experience with Mother Mary with my students, who had class the next night. The Ascended Masters knew they would appreciate the lessons in it. After class, when I was sleeping, I received a powerful message and visitation from Kuan Yin, who told me that She too has been blessed to be equally as powerful as Mother Mary.

I was awoken in the middle of the night to see a vision of Kuan Yin. She was standing above me. As I lay curled on my side, Kuan Yin showed me Her towering above me – high up into the Universe. She appeared in an equally massive image, just like Mother Mary. She said that She too exists "high-up in the Universe,” at the highest level possible, second to Jesus Christ.

Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, also made Herself appear extraordinarily tall and large. She floated directly above me wearing a long, pink flowing dress with a high, white collar. I saw how Her head traveled far up into the Universe into the Heavenly realms, and Her body filled the space between Heaven and Earth until the bottom of Her dress finally came down onto me, surrounding my entire body. The bottom of her dress had a white cloth around the hem, which I saw as She covered me in the bottom of Her dress. While surrounded by Her dress, I was also covered in a globe of white light that was radiating from inside Her dress. I then began to fill with blissful energy, Her energy, as She merged into me, and Her love.

I laid there cocooned and protected in the bottom of Kuan Yin’s dress. She had me gaze up to see how big She was – in Heaven and on Earth. Her black hair was partially up in the front and down in the back with soft curls. She is slender and stunning. I could not see Her eyes because She was looking outwards to the Universe. It was amazing to see this.

As I lay there in awe of this experience, Kuan Yin said that She is just as powerful as Blessed Mother Mary is and has been awarded the same special privileges and gifts from God, which are at an exceptional and supreme level. She said that She wants me to enlighten mankind about this and the extraordinary level of gifts, blessings, and miracles that She also has the ability to gift people with.

Kuan Yin is Showing You that She is Gifting You Her Wisdom Through me – As She Covers Me Fully “In” Her Dress, Her Light, Her Embrace – for You to Receive Her Teachings

Kuan Yin put me under and inside Her dress, giving me Her complete coverage and protection – because I work under Her as one of Her Full-Time Principal Oracles. When She gave me this experience of merging with me by completely tucking me inside the bottom of Her gown, She wanted to show people the close, intimate connection we have as I serve Her as Her Oracle on Earth. When Kuan Yin surrounded me in Her White Light, and I was inside the bottom of Her dress – it was to show that I am filled with and made from Her Light – the Light of Her Soul. She wants to help people understand our unique level of connection: I am Her daughter, who carries Her Light and voice here on Earth, so that you can receive the gifts of Her wisdom through me, Her Oracle and daughter.

Her Hope, as well as Mother Mary’s, is for everyone to receive the special powers They have been gifted with so you can be healed, protected, and guided at an exceptional level. The two Queens of our Universe, who hold a Mother’s unconditional love, desire nothing more than to use their extortionary gifts and strength to intervene and perform miracles for you. Your devotion and respect to Them is how you can earn Their intervention and powerful blessings.

Namaste & Blessings to each of you... Oracle Maureen


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