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Use and Abuse of Performance Horses...

It's Become a Night-MARE

As a society, we have become desensitized to many things with technology and routine exposure to some of the worst atrocities on this planet... and this includes blatant abuse of performance animals. Perhaps it is because some of us grew up during a time when going to "family-friendly" places and events like carnivals, circuses, pony rides, petting zoos, hay rides, rodeos, and state fairs -- and visiting animal entertainment hot spots and theme parks like Six Flags, the Dells, Knott's Berry Farms, Sea World Parks, and Disney Parks and Animal Kingdom was exciting and the norm without much focus on animal welfare. So, we earnestly don't see or expect there is always a risk of significant emotional or physical harm for animals -- even in places families adore and trust take care of their performing animals. And, maybe some of us were raised in an area of working ranches or on a farm, and up close and personal with horses and other working animals on a regular basis, and not recognizing they can be overworked and hurt on the job just like people. They were viewed as simply hard-working helper animals.

Animals are sensitive and feel emotions and pain similarly to what we do. But, unlike us, horses have no voice to express in words when they are afraid, or hurt, or when enough work is enough. So what on the outside seemed exciting and awe-inspiring talent and magical performances and all in a day's work, in reality, was (and still is) hurting the very horses we loved watching entertain us. So, it is easy to see how sometimes people do not see "show" animals with their hearts first and foremost -- and can look past harm and suffering that is right in front of their eyes. No matter how fun it looks for any performance animals, trust me, it's NOT what they would choose for themselves to be used for entertainment and hurt and ultimately driven to an early demise. When horses are forced against their will to perform, are not appropriately treated, and are seen only as property or a means for profit or self-serving merit, the line for humanity has been crossed. There is no turning back from the hurt and rage that God feels when his beautiful animals are neglected, overworked, or abused.

What I See and FEEL

It's beyond heartbreaking 💔 for me to know precious horses face unfortunate and distressing conditions when being forced to perform for human entertainment. God has helped me understand by seeing and feeling the same horrors and hurts horses in entertainment suffer. Being overworked and harmed in racing, rodeos, fairs, circuses, canyon tours, pulling carriages or beer wagons, and more -- these peaceful animals are pushed beyond their limits and additionally abused outside the public eye. They are inhumanely subjected to painful, intense, scary conditions, overbearing training regimes without adequate rest, being doped, being beaten, and being exposed to dangerous environments that compromise their well-being.

The pressure to achieve success, fame, and financial rewards in the competitive world of their human trainers and riders also often results in neglecting their basic needs, including proper nutrition, veterinary care, and safe and clean living conditions. I feel everything the horses feel and have gotten to the point of uncontrollable tears. These precious and sentient animals, a gift from God 💝, are too often bred for their strength and grace to entertain people with no qualms about the harm that is bestowed on them being forced to perform. They experience various forms of mental torture and excruciating pain from humans, all in the pursuit of competitive success and financial gains. Tragically, some endure overtraining, improper care, harsh and inhumane training methods, and being over-medicated and neglected, which can lead to physical and emotional distress and even early death by euthanasia or slaughter.

Responsible Horsemanship

It's crucial for us to acknowledge and recognize these continuing issues surrounding animals who entertain and perform for the public -- and work together to promote responsible horsemanship, humane training methods, and support organizations dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abused performance horses. By fostering a culture of empathy and understanding of these gentle creatures, we can strive to create a world where these incredible animals are treated with the respect, compassion, care, and unconditional love they deserve.

Heaven is Asking Us to Make a Difference

🐴✨ Together, we can make a difference for abused performance horses. Too many of these docile creatures endure unimaginable suffering, but we have the power to change their lives and stories! Spread the word to raise awareness and inspire positive change. 🌈❤️🐎

If you are in the Orange Co. CA area, please join us for our Lanes and Manes bowling tournament fundraiser March 9. Details are below.

Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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