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Putin Faces Worst Possible Afterlife

Created by Himself

Every act we commit creates a counter-act - this is known as the Universal Law of Karma. God school’s us under this teaching principle in order to educate us in our soul’s evolutionary process.

There is an Afterlife. Even for those who do not want to believe in one – there is still an Afterlife. Your Afterlife can go in many different directions. It can either go ‘up’ where your soul can live a positive and enjoyable existence in the higher realms, or it can go ‘down’ where you feel the discomfort and pain that exists in the lower realms.

Your Karmic fate will determine which path you will be sent to when your body no longer exists - and your soul has to move on from planet Earth.

I was given the difficult task of being asked to tell you where Vladimir Putin will be going in his Afterlife. God has asked me to enlighten you about his fate because your Heavenly, Holy Father wishes you to know how seriously He holds the acts of violence and murder – especially when they are being done at a mass level, like war.

God’s Message

I was awoken in the middle of the night with a message from God. In a serious and angry tone, full of power and authority, God told me to tell you:

“Unforgiveable. Vladimir Putin will be going to hell for war crimes…”

God wishes for you to know the future fate that Putin has created for himself because of his behavior in orchestrating a senseless war that has created so much violence and murder – including the worst possible acts - war crimes. War crimes are higher-level acts of violence deemed heinous, which include child rape, gang rapes, torture, and massacres.

The visions I was given were very painful and difficult to watch. God showed me how horrific the war actually is, more than what we see through the news here in the U.S.

Putin escalated his vicious behavior when he chose to use “mobilized deployment” efforts in his war, which is basically abducting people, primarily men, but also some women, off the streets, and forcing them to fight hiswar. When Putin chose his will and harmful, violent acts and intentions over honoring the free will of those he is forcing to commit his violence, murder, and war crimes, he reached a new low of evil behavior. When he did this and put this kind of harm into motion upon God’s children, he created a much stronger negative Karmic fate for himself. At this time, I received the following message from the Ascended Masters.

Message from the Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters visited me with a message for you. On behalf of Them, Kuan Yin said:

“It is with a sad and sickened heart that We watch the atrocities being committed against the people of Russia who are being tortured and forced into becoming (performing as) soldiers (Putin’s mobilized deployment tactic).

Putin has escalated his vengeance to a diabolic level through his actions of kidnapping (forced deployment) and inflicting pain and torture on innocent civilians in order to make them ‘perform’ for him (as soldiers) – and commit war crimes.

We wish to let you know that his actions will face severe and swift painful karmic consequences (punishments) that he will have to feel for many years in a highly undesirable, but deserving, prison cell in his Afterlife – as well as his lifetime to come (We don’t die. He will have to live on in hell now).

The level of persecution that he is putting upon his people through ‘forced deployment,’ which entails torture, the fear of torture, and also murder, has driven your Holy Father God into a state of wrath. Putin’s Afterlife will be one where he will be fighting the pain and suffering that exists in the dimension where the flames are.

Seek measures on how to end the war as a way to save those in danger of Putin’s vicious ways.

We beg of you to pray more to God for mercy to be sent to the suffering for relief for the war on the Ukraine, as well as for the war to end.

Please do more to help them. Please intervene stronger and help those suffering at Putin’s hands and help them escape their misery and anguish. Please help save their lives.”

~ Ascended Masters Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary & Buddha pleading to you to do more to help those suffering from the war through your prayers, donations, and volunteerism.

The Choices You Make Now Will Lead You Somewhere When You Leave Here; Peacefulness is the Path that Opens Heaven’s Doorway

God wants you to know that Putin’s choices to harm and kill so many people in such evil ways, particularly by using war crimes – have cost him any chance of an Afterlife in Heaven. Instead, he is being banished to hell because of his choices to commit the kind of pain and violence that he has.

God wants you to understand that there is Karma; and that He is aware of everything that we are creating for ourselves, positive and negative, and that he judges your acts accordingly. He wants you to be enlightened that there really is an Afterlife – and it does consist of a Heaven, purgatory, and a hell. We all really will go to one of these dimensions when our time here is up. Putin’s path is one that will lead to hell because of the level of heinous crimes he committed against God’s children. He will have to live out the karmic experience and feel the pain and suffering that he inflicted on others. This is the Karmic fate that he created for himself when he brought God into a wrathful state.

The path that leads to Heaven is the path of peace and harmony. God rewards those that choose loving, peaceful behaviors. He opens Heaven’s Door for the souls that choose not to inflict pain and suffering on His children and His animals. God blesses the kind, loving, generous, and peaceful people with the gift of bringing them up to the path towards Heaven.

Choose Wisely; So You Can Achieve a Desirable Afterlife

Pease do not support war. There will always be a better way to deal with conflict when it presents itself. There are too many deranged, possessed, evil, and mentally sick or disturbed people who lack remorse and ethics in this world, sadly. Protect yourself, protect each other, and turn away from supporting any efforts that support war – because war ultimately only results in violence, killing, and heinous acts being perpetrated against innocent people, including children and women. War also always invokes the wrath of God… which we will have to feel in our environment and suffer from, usually for a very long time.

Think Peace… Now and Forever… Think of your Afterlife…


Oracle Maureen


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