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Prepare for a Shutdown

Fighting Lawmakers, Egos & McCarthy’s Choice Will Cause the Government to Close

The egos of our lawmakers in the White House will cause millions of Americans to lose their paychecks. Compromise would save them. The ball is being dropped at the White House and it will cause damage to many, who will be affected by losing their income, as well as impacting our economy and creating more debt. Heaven wants you to know.

As you may be aware, the federal government is headed for a shutdown in the coming days. If they do not stop their power struggles and make decisions quickly, the government will shut down on October 1st, 2023.

If they fail to reach a compromise, this will create a huge problem and extreme anxiety for the millions of federal workers who receive, and depend on, their income from the government, as their paychecks will be suspended. Their panic will be intensified by not knowing how long the shutdown will go on for and therefore, how long they will be without their income. There are some employees who will be deemed “essential”, such as Biden’s senior-most aides who will not be furloughed (CNN).

Biden is expected to be in Washington this weekend, which is fairly rare. He usually spends the weekends at Camp David or in Delaware. Some are speculating that this level of preparation means that the government is expecting that they will not be able to reach an agreement and that a shutdown will occur (CNN).

It’s possible that the Senate will vote on a 45 day stop gap bill that will allow temporary funding of government agencies and avoid a shutdown through November 17. This will likely be voted on this Friday, September 29. Some of this funding would include allocations to Ukraine, FEMA for Disaster Relief Fund and FAA operations (USA Today).

Heaven has given Me a message about this serious problem looming ahead. God and Jesus have informed Me that the Republican politicians who are responsible for keeping the in-fighting going and who are operating from their egos, rather than wisdom

God said the Republican lawmakers have been:

“neglectful in their responsibilities to cooperate and compromise with each other in order to complete the tasks necessary to ensure that this dreadful outcome would never happen.” “Instead of using decision-making skills that require ‘cooperation’—the act of bending, giving, and receiving—your current politicians have let their egos and self-agendas get in the way. Many are holding their foot on the ground and not bending until they get their way. While others are also not budging to make certain that the Government does stay open—so that no harm comes to those who serve the government by creating a situation where they would lose their pay.”

Why is this a Problem for Us? How Will a Government Shutdown Affect Us? I was told that the shutdown is actually a huge deal. As many as 4 million workers could lose pay as a result of the shutdown. While essential workers will remain on the job without pay, others will be furloughed (ABC).

According to USA Today, a shutdown would impact the country's largest food assistance programs, federally funded preschool, federal college grants and loans, food safety inspections, national parks, and more.

Food benefit programs for low-income families, like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Women Infants and Children (WIC) will be in jeopardy, as well as Social Security benefits. College graduates could see disruptions with student loans. Even aspects of travel will be affected. All of this will compound and cause our Nation to sink even deeper into debt.

What are they fighting over?

There are many power struggles happening amongst the Republican lawmakers. I will make it simple here. (Here is an article that you can read to better understand exactly what bills they are fighting over that need to get passed).

What McCarthy Does – Will Determine Whether There is a Shut Down

In their battle, White House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is forced to make a decision. Here is the dilemma he is facing:

McCarthy could resort to turning to his party’s enemy, the Democrats, with his tail between his legs, and humbly ask them for a handful of votes that he needs to prevent the government shut down. But if McCarthy turns to his opponent, the Democrats, then his Republican counterparts will claim that he has ‘betrayed his Republican party.’ There is a showdown happening between the Reps and the Dems—and if McCarthy chooses to save us from a Government shutdown, he knows he will be ousted from his Speaker title and lose his job.

Lawmakers’ Selfish Motives Responsible Government Shutdown The government shutdown is an example of how our government officials are performing poorly. I was told that they are to always “protect and safeguard the people of the Nation,” which means they should not be favoring their own agendas that would benefit them over the well-being of those that they serve, the American people. God told Me that we need to be much more discerning with who we put in office and to look to the ones who operate from a more virtuous perspective.

“Look closely at who you see shows aspects of these unfavorable virtues. Wanting power and opportunity for oneself is an act of greed—something I find highly undesirable, and an act that I discipline with a strong hand.” The wise choice in this test is to choose to compromise, and to think of the well-being of others over one’s own personal agenda.” “Your lawmakers' creed will be the downfall, so prepare.”

Why are the Politicians Fighting? I was told that the fighting is because of their “inability to look at protecting the people of our Nation—and instead, they are focused on their own wishes, wants, and agendas of the bills that they are trying to get pushed through.”

Heaven’s Wishes Heaven’s hopes that McCarthy does choose to protect the interest of the people over his self-interest. God said that:

“This is an opportunity where McCarthy could shine as a hero if he chooses to safeguard those who he promised to serve and protect as an official servant in our government—when he took his title as the Nation’s White House speaker.”

Good fortune will be his for creating karmic blessings for himself if he makes the choice to secure the votes and therefore prevent a government shutdown, protecting the livelihood and well-being of millions of people that he was in charge of protecting. If he chooses to abandon protecting the people of our Nation, and our economy, he will be very uncomfortable with the painful experiences he will face for having to pay off negative karmic debt, for choosing greed and his own self-interest over those he was in charge of serving.

Shutdown is Coming I was told to tell you to “prepare for a shut down.” I was also told that McCarthy’s “own self-interest will unfortunately prevail. Sadly, he will choose himself over protecting others. He will choose to safeguard himself and his job, over the people he is supposed to serve.” God’s Final Message to You God wants you to pay attention to your lawmakers and evaluate who is performing from a place of selflessness, honesty, and generosity. He wants you to choose lawmakers who are not trying to better their positions over caring for our well-being and our Nation's.

God said:

“There are many lawmakers that do not fit this description and I wish for you to be highly discerning and choose people as your lawmakers who will take care of you and our Nation… over and above themselves.”

Blessings and Namaste to you,

Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher

Principal Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principal Oracle for Jesus

Principal Oracle for Mother Mary

Principal Oracle for Buddha

Principal Oracle for God


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