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Our Lady of the Grotto

I have received a couple of messages from Our Blessed Mother Mary that She has asked me to deliver for Her.

This first one came a few days after I delivered Her previous message; where She said that the messages She gave to the children in Medjugorjewere Real.”

Message & Visitation from Mother Mary in late September 2020:

Here is the message that Mother Mary gave to me following that message. Mary woke me up with a vision and message about Fatima. She showed me a large white statue of Her, which was standing by my side. I saw a large spring of water flowing out from the bottom of Her feet – and going towards me.

She said that Her Grotto in Lourdes, Frances, which has a spring of water that has reportedly given many miraculous healings to the sick … is True.” She asked me to deliver this message. The water from Her statue was flowing right to me. She let me know that She was giving me a blessing – for rewarding me for having the courage to deliver Her previous message… which was intended to help people realize how they can receive Her gifts, and that there are and have been real miracles happening here on earth.

The Grotto-Fatima experience is where a young peasant girl, Saint Bernadette, received visits from Our Blessed Mother Mary. Bernadette listened and obeyed Mary and brought the grotto and spring to life, allowing Mary the chance to perform miraculous healings for the sick and suffering and help enlighten people about the importance of their relationship with God - so their salvation could be saved from pain and misery in their afterlife. You learn more on-line and through movies and books about this miraculous experience.

Message & Visitation from Mother Mary on October 09, 2020:

I received a visit from Mother Mary first thing, as I was getting out of bed. She appeared to me and showed me a large white statue of Herself and said: “Lady of the Grotto.”

She asked me to sit back down with my notepad and deliver Her message. Here it is:

“ Tell them Peace. Tell them my Grotto Has Been filled with miraculous powerful healing energies; and that I desire to use my special Well to bless and heal those who show me and God, our Creator – Devotion. Being in His Favor, as well as mine, is what will earn being the recipient of my healings and gifts that I can bring to you.

So, dear children, I ask of you to seek a Peaceful existence and the approval of God – so I may bestow upon you the miracles I have to offer in My Heavenly spring of healing waters in My Grotto of gifts and blessings.”

~ Our Blessed Mother Mary, channeled through Her Primary Oracle Maureen

Once COVID has lifted and traveling is more accessible again, you may want to remember this and visit Her Grotto in France. I know I do … now that I have received un-deniable proof of its authenticity and that – It Is A True Miracle on Earth available to help us… Thanks to the Blessed Mother Mary and our Creator. Until you can make the trip, you may want work on exactly what She said: keeping yourself in Her “favor” and God’s – so you are more likely to be a recipient of receiving Their miracles… showing Them devotion through prayer and acts is the best way.

Blessings to You… And So It is… Amen…

Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Primary Oracle for Jesus Christ

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Regular Oracle for Buddha


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