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October 7—Hamas Attack

The First Sign… Armageddon

I’ve been asked to deliver an incredibly difficult message to you. God said it’s time that you know. He gave Me this message shortly after Hamas savagely attacked, tortured, and murdered many babies, children, families, and elderly women and men — as well as barbarically abducting Israelites, including children, and making them their war prisoners.

A few weeks after terrorist group Hamas committed their cruelty upon these innocent people and children... brutally torturing them, mutilating them, raping women and children, sexually torturing them in violent ways, burning people, including babies, killing them, and abducting them... I received a message from God.

*The sexual mutilation and torture have been so horrific that I am not including details here. You can look it up online since it is finally starting to be revealed. God gave Me the message that the mutilation and torture were much more atrocious than what we were aware of in one of My previous messages about this awful war (you can read that message here)— this was one example that He was, sadly, referring to. I bring this up because the dangers of terrorists and their cruelty are still a huge threat to us.

In early November 2023, I was shocked when God came to Me and said:

The Hamas attack is the First Sign of Armageddon.” He then said, “Tell them to prepare their souls.”

I shuddered and sat there stunned beyond belief because I never thought I would hear those words during My lifetime.

God gave Me another message about the terrorists attacking Americans a month later. He woke Me up and shocked Me again with a vision showing Me terrorists breaking into people’s houses and stealing their children. I saw one terrorist carrying away an 8-year-old girl with blonde hair, porcelain skin, and bright blue eyes, wearing a nightgown. I immediately panicked at the sight of the abduction of a child, and then I realized that the child was not Israeli with brown eyes, brown hair, and darker skin. I saw that she was absolutely American. God let Me know that terrorists would be plotting to take Americans in the near future. I was, again, stunned and scared of what this could mean for our world.

A couple of nights ago, God gave Me a third message about terrorists. He showed Me again how they are going to be prowling around looking for prey to abduct, torture, rape, brutalize, kill, and use as leverage as hostages.

He has now asked Me to reveal this important message to you—that our world is entering into its' End Times.

He said He wants you to know that the “First Sign of Armageddon” has been sent to Earth. It has been given to us because He is so displeased with the lack of faithfulness and devotion to Him and His Holy Son, Jesus, as well as the high level of sins and mistakes that have been, and continue to be committed.

God wants you to understand that these are also the reasons behind the catastrophic October 7 event. These mistakes of a lack of devotion to God, atheism, and sinning allowed Satan and the legions of demons that follow Satan to come into these human beings, Hamas, and control them. God said that the level of atheism is reaching an all-time high and that it is literally opening a door and allowing Satan and Satan‘s minions to access the unfaithful and corrupt ones. They then possess them to commit these evil acts of mayhem and violence.

God is giving you this message as a warning to protect you. If you want to be saved and protected from ever becoming prey to the vicious acts of the terrorists—and any of the events that will happen during the End Times—then you must work on being faithful and devoted to both God and Jesus, sincerely in your heart and mind.

God said He is giving you this message—so you have the chance to prepare yourself and protect your soul. He wants you to understand that the only way He will give you protection from evil is if you earn it through your loyalty to Him.

If you are someone who is still a non-believer, you will feel His unhappiness and anger at some level in your lifetime. Feeling it when the End Times has begun—will no doubt be much more painful.

What You Can Do to Show God Your Devotion

If you do not want to become a victim of the crimes and atrocities of the terrorists, then you must show God your faithfulness. Here are some things that you can do to show God and Jesus your faithfulness and convince them that you truly do believe in them and their glory. This is what He told Me that He is looking for from His children:

  • Follow His Laws, Wishes, and His 10 Commandments and live by them

  • Attend church regularly

  • Pray regularly. Ideally, set aside time every day, 10 to 15 minutes, to pray to God and Jesus and show them your devotion.

  • Embrace Objects of devotion, like putting up a cross in your house, wearing a cross, wearing Mother Mary’s Miraculous Medal. Put up statues of Jesus, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Buddha, and Saint Michael in your house to show your respect to His highest-level Helpers.

  • Pray Mother Mary’s prayer, the Rosary

God is giving you this message to warn you about what lies ahead for mankind. He is giving you this message to protect you—so that you have time to show Him devotion and earn His protection. He does not want to see any of His children caught in the crossfires of any tragedies and get hurt. He wants to help save you from harm by giving you this warning and the chance to prepare.

Mankind as we know it will come to an end someday because of the sins and mistakes that humans are committing. The October 7 attack by Hamas is, sadly, the First Sign of Armageddon. How long do we have until Armageddon actually happens? I do not know yet and I doubt He will give Me the actual year. Right now, He wants you to look around and see what is happening in your world and take it seriously—because He has sent the First Sign of the devastation that will be our End Times, and it will mimic what happened to those who suffered so much on October 7 and are still suffering in Gaza.

Please show God and Jesus a much higher level of respect and loyalty so you can receive their mercy, grace, and protection when our world sees its most devastating times.

Blessings & Namaste to You 🌹

Oracle Maureen

Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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