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Nightmare at the Racetrack Horses Suffer & Die

So Humans Can Have Fame & Fortune– through Gambling

Outraged! This is just the beginning of God’s message regarding the recent horrific tragedies, where eight horses perished in just over 2 weeks at famed horse racetrack Churchill Downs. An average lifespan of a horse is 25 to 30 years. The carnage at the track includes the terrible loss of all these very young and very healthy horses:

(1) Chloe’s Dream / 3 year old gelding

(2) Chasing Artie / 5 year old gelding

(3) Code of Kings / 3 year old gelding

(4) Freezing Point / 3 year old colt

(5) Parents Pride / 4 year old filly

(6) Take Charge Briana / 3 year old filly

(7) Wild on Ice / 3 year old gelding

(8) Rio Moon / 3 year old colt

"A Small Mass Murder of Innocence" This is an especially painful message for me to share because I just completed a campaign for my charity to raise awareness and expose the truth behind how abusive performance and sports industries really are to animals. I was given multiple painful messages from God and Jesus, who showed me the truth about what is really happening behind closed doors when people are ‘using’ animals on a performance platform as a way to entertain you so that they can make money and gain fame off of them.

I was left crying when I read about what happened to these horses, who suffered and were killed. Everything that they endured matched the abuses that I was shown, and I must tell you more.…

Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby, took the lives of more of God’s beautiful horses, when the trainers, and others involved (such as owners), forced the horses into a life of training, racing and performing– where they were mistreated, drugged, abused and killed in the process. Among other things, God called what happened at Churchill, “a small mass murder of innocence.”

Since April 27, there have been EIGHT horse deaths at Churchill Downs. Five of these deaths were in advance of the Kentucky Derby and the others were euthanized after injuries sustained during the races (CBS Sports). It seems quite clear that this high number and high frequency of horse fatalities is very concerning. While each death has been deemed “unique” and without a “discernable pattern,” Kentucky officials are launching a full investigation into this situation (NPR).

Over the last few years, there has been increasing awareness around this issue and involvement from Congress. There is now a Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act (HISA), which established a self-regulating organization specifically focused on racing safety and anti-doping control. The hope is that this organization will help to set national standards around horse safety, as opposed to different and varying rules by state (NPR). However, BIG changes continue to be needed in order to maintain and promote the safety of these animals.

Even if these changes ever do get made, God wants you to know that the horses will still not ever be free from abuse – when forced to perform. It simply is impossible because it is NOT their natural, nor desired state to exist in. Please see the detailed visions and messages that I have been given over the years at the following links:

God Does Not Condone Horse Racing & Has a Message for His People:

God is angry that people are abusing horses and that other people are allowing it and choosing to participate by either being a spectator or gamble off of their misery and make money off their pain and suffering. He also told me that hurting horses in this way is causing Him “deep pain and sorrow.” Because of this, He told me that “lightning will strike.” What God means is that He has to continue to send painful negative karmic consequences to our environment – specifically to those who have committed the crime of harming the horses. Their act of hurting the horses has created negative karma for them to face, due to their act of harming God’s animals, which has caused them pain and suffering – and God great agony.

“Hear My displeasure with your choices to seek profit and fame by using the precious gifts that My adored horses behold– their speed and beauty. My horses were not intended for you to gamble with! They were not created so you could fabricate a world of fame and fortune for yourselves– off their backs.

Your honor and ethics have failed to serve you. They have failed to even exist in you – if you truly think this is what the horses want and what is honestly in their best interest.

I will intervene on their behalf to teach every single soul that has ever caused any one of my beloved horses to feel pain, on any level. I will teach you myself how wrong you were to use and abuse them for your own gain.

For those who caused death to My beloved horses, I will be teaching you with a much louder, stronger lesson plan and voice– so you finally hear Me.

Your karmic lessons will unfold here (on Earth) and will carry into your Afterlife, where you will have to feel everything that you put upon My horses– multiplied. The Gates to Heaven will be locked for you– for a very lengthy period; and you will not see sunlight for many, many seasons.

Where you were once in charge of My beautiful horses, something will be in charge of you, making you a slave where you will have the burden of carrying it around on your back– all while being exhausted, hungry, dehydrated, injured, hurting– all beyond a functioning level.

Hear My message now so you can prevent any more days trapped into having to carry this burden on your back and stop the horrific abuse of Horse Racing.”

~ Given to me by God God is in a state of wrath because of what has happened to His horses. He has given the world several messages, through me, that goes back a few years, telling people the truth of what is happening to the horses – that the Horse Racing Industry is hiding from you. Here is some of the information that I was given in very long detailed movie-level visions showing me how deceptive the Racehorse industry is, particularly the trainers and owners; and, how they are abusing horses at a horrific level, which is leading to a number of horse fatalities.

Why Was There Such A Slaughter at Kentucky Derby?

There were many reasons why the horses died. But, it did all come from abuse. I was told that the trainers “over-exhausted” and “forced” the horses to run past what they were capable of handling. I was also told in addition to this, there was another factor behind over-working the horses– and it was “Doping.” I wanted to cry more. God and Jesus said that “The horses didn’t run up to the ‘Winner’s Circle. They ran up to the ‘Doping Circle.” Doping horses means giving the pain killers so that they can and do run beyond their natural physical limitations when they have injuries on their legs and ankles. They also dope them with steroids, to make them just run faster in general.

Drugging the horses is one of the primary reasons why so many horses just died at Churchill Downs. ☹ ☹ ☹ In addition to ‘Doping’ them, the horses also suffered other abuses.

I Was Shown that the Horses are Being:

  • Forced to run to complete exhaustion; and then forced to keep running, when the trainers knew they were beyond their limits and over-exhausted.

  • Forced to run on injured legs, where I saw visible sores.

  • Mercilessly abused by being repeatedly whipped and kicked– which results in sores and bruises.

  • Very under-fed for how much they are being forced to ‘perform’ (run and train)– to the point of starving them, which means they are training them when they are often malnourished.

  • Drugged and forced to run on injured legs and ankles– and beyond their physical limitations.. The steroid enhancing drugs make them run faster; while the pain killers drugs numb them so that they CAN run when they have injuries when they SHOULDN’T be running– but instead resting in order to heal their injuries.

  • KILLED – for no valid, good reason, other than the owner and/or trainer does not want to pay for the horse’s upkeep, especially if they are deemed unable to race fast enough for the track, due to injury.

The Death Toll Looks Disturbing– and Suspicious It Certainly Does– They were Drugged & Already Injured and Exhausted:

  • Five out of the Eight Horses were Euthanized after Sustaining Injuries after racing incidents from being over-worked and over-trained; and shouldn’t have been allowed to race.

  • Two horses were Euthanized because they weren’t deemed worthy to be fast enough to race anymore.

  • One horse was a ‘Mysterious Death?’ (I saw that ‘doping’ was involved)

  • Racehorse Wild on Ice, was euthanized on April 27, 2023 following an injury during training.

  • The second death occurred on April 29, 2023. Code of Kings, a 3-year-old gelding, repeatedly kept flipping and broke his neck before a race. His trainer, Tim Glyshaw, said his horse appeared to be fixated on the lights at a nearby DJ booth prior to turning over (probably because he was stoned).

  • On Tuesday, May 2, 2023, a horse named Take Charge Briana was euthanized after getting hurt during a race.

  • Two horses, Parents Pride who passed away on April 29, 2023, and Chasing Artie who passed on May 2, 2023, also died under ‘mysterious circumstances,’ Churchill Downs said. Their trainer, Saffie Joseph Jr., has been suspended indefinitely for the "unexplained sudden deaths."

  • On Saturday May 6, 2023, two more horses, Chloe's Dream and Freezing Point were euthanized after sustaining racing injuries which appeared irrecoverable. Chloe's Dream suffered from a right front knee injury. Freezing Point's left ankle was badly hurt during the eighth race. Both were racing on the notoriously dangerous dirt track of Churchill Downs. (NPR)

  • This past Sunday May 14, 2023, Rio Moon was euthanized after he "suffered a catastrophic injury to his left foreleg a few strides after the wire". The 3 year old colt, ridden by jockey Martin Garcia and trained by Dale Romans, was running in the sixth race of the day at Churchill Downs. (Yahoo Sports)

Please enlighten yourself and do something to help save the horses trapped in their horrible nightmare. Please do not support Horse Racing. Please help to get Bills passed to ban horse racing. Please support ‘qualified’ charities working on this cause financially and/or through volunteer work. Please help save our beautiful horses from harm– and from being murdered. Please do something and help save God’s precious animals. Please help save our precious horses.


Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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