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My Experience at Lourdes 

A Miracle from Mary

Do you believe in miracles? I want to help open your eyes to the fact that they happen and teach you how to earn them because you must believe to receive them. I want you to receive as many blessings and miracles as possible, so I’m sharing an experience I recently had at Our Lady of Lourdes in France. I was very fortunate to receive a miracle from Our Blessed Mother Mary. 

Jesus and Mary have asked Me to share it with you for several reasons. One is to inspire you that we receive miracles when God grants them to us. Another reason is to enlighten you and prove that Mary's Holy Blessed sites, which She gifted Earth with, are real. 

Our Blessed Mother and Queen has given us several places on Earth that hold the chance to receive Her blessings, to the point of true miracles, because She loves us so much. These places throughout the world have been created by special helpers that She has called upon to help Her gift us the higher-level blessings and miracles that She can give.

Mother Mary told Me years ago that most of Her Shrines, such as the one at Lourdes, are “real and true” and asked Me to tell people. She also said that She made them available to allow people the chance to earn Her Heavenly grace and miracles and help them learn the importance of ‘sacrifice and devotion.’ By this, Mary means that when we sacrifice and show Her devotion, we can earn higher-level blessings and miracles. The sacrifice part of Her Shrines requires us to make long journeys to these destinations, which can be uncomfortable (especially if you are sick or injured), as well as a much bigger investment in our time, energy, and financial resources. By giving through the act of sacrifice, Mary told Me that we also show Her a much higher level of devotion. This is why you will hear the phrase 'pilgrimages' when you read about Mother Mary's blessed Holy sites such as Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje, and Guadalupe (to name a few). All of the work invested in making it to Her blessed Shrines serves the purpose of showing Mother Mary a much higher level of respect and adoration, which in turn helps you have a greater chance of receiving Her grace… Her Miracles.

Blessed Mother has told Me that She has gifted mankind Her special Holy sites, where She appears and blesses people, to prove the reality of Her existence and presence here on Earth, rescuing us from our pain and suffering. She has also said that She has given us Her special places, known as ‘Shrines,’ for us to show Her a more advanced form of adoration so that we can earn - and She can give - Her extraordinary miraculous gifts that God has blessed Her with.

My experience first began when Jesus appeared to Me in My kitchen and said He "wished for [Me] to go to Paris with Him." Initially, I was mesmerized by the experience of being visited by Jesus at an advanced and personal level... something that always takes Me back, no matter how many times it has happened. After the initial amazement of His invitation lifted, it then occurred to Me that traveling to Paris with My two daughters (which He requested I bring with Me) was going to be very difficult... and at times, probably even painful. Why? Because traveling anywhere has become very hard for the three of us after we developed what Jesus calls “extreme food allergies.” For several years, my daughters and I have had to endure the frustration and misery of losing food groups and suffering from multiple food allergies, which means extreme restrictions on most foods. If we did consume them, we would, unfortunately, get very and at times horrifically sick. It is very hard to go hungry for long periods of time and fast at the level that our restrictions forced us to do. We painfully learned that if we 'cheated' on any of our multiple food allergies, which included no gluten, no dairy, no eggs, no nuts, no alcohol, no sugar, no caffeine, no coffee or tea, and also no chocolate, we would get horribly sick for a long time... rendering us unable to function and be stuck sick in bed with bad flu symptoms for typically one to two weeks. 😒 

A couple of years after My ordeal started, Kuan Yin visited Me and enlightened Me that I was suffering because of an advanced initiation that I was to have to experience how people in third-world countries suffer from the extreme levels of starvation that they chronically live in. She said I had to “feel and experience what they suffer with so that [I] would always know to keep myself devoted to Our charity, Angels Among Us Foundation, and its mission in helping third-world countries with their plights."  Living without the ease of food being plentiful and easily available made us suffer from ongoing hunger and frustration. Being so restricted, we learned how difficult life could be. We also learned how limiting it is. Eating out in restaurants or even sharing holiday meals at family or friends' homes was hard – because food options would often not be available for us. It has been beyond miserable to have so many everyday foods that we had always eaten suddenly be restricted from us and lose that part of life’s pleasures. Sadly, we did come to understand how much suffering there is for those who lack food, especially for long periods.  

When the reality of how we would eat for a couple of weeks when most restaurants and hotels are not designed to cater to extreme food restrictions occurred to Me, I panicked. I knew traveling anywhere outside our kitchen would be very hard and would lead to us getting sick. As it came closer to leaving, I started dreading the thought of the hunger pains and trying to find food we could safely eat. I asked if we could go when this test was lifted from us, but the answer was no. I was not going to disobey Jesus and God, so I hesitantly scheduled the trip, hoping and praying they would release us from our extreme food restrictions before the airplane took off. 

Needless to say, as our trip approached, My anxiety grew exponentially, and panic set in. I asked again if They really needed us to go to Paris because I honestly didn’t want to go. This issue of trying to navigate a foreign country with the potential threat of becoming very sick from food was looming ahead. I was still told to go.

When I was asked to go to Paris, Jesus and Mary also asked Me to travel to Lourdes during this trip. They said that Their wish was for Me to go because they wanted Me to see it for Myself. 

Mary’s Grotto

When we got to Lourdes, I was first amazed at how beautiful it was and how high the vibration felt there. It was a completely different level than anywhere I've ever been including any church. My body could feel the heightened frequency of the energy in the area, which both surprised and amazed Me. Soon, I would see why it held such a high vibration. After we saw Mary’s Grotto upfront, which was just beautiful, we were guided to an area in front of it where people were praying the Rosary. A Priest was standing directly in front of the Grotto praying the Rosary using a microphone, and all of us attendees filled the many benches in front of it and prayed the Rosary along with Him. As soon as I started praying, I felt waves of Heavenly vibrations fill Me up from the inside and surround Me. It was pure bliss. Then, I decided to open My eyes. To My amazement, I saw the most beautiful apparition of Our Blessed Mother Mary floating in front of Her Grotto. She was not just breathtaking but also massive in stature. I was just stunned. Not only was I blown away, but I was even more enamored to see how large Mary was - as She floated in front of Her Grotto. She was wearing a white cloak that came up partially on top of her head. I saw Her hand extended out of Her white cloak, which had an exceptionally large sleeve. She held it over those who were praying Her prayer, the Rosary. Soon after witnessing Mother Mary, I saw Jesus appear behind Her. He appeared even larger than Mary and floated directly above and behind His Blessed Mother, very close. When I saw the two of Them together, I was stunned to receive Their blessings - and a miracle. 

First, it started with powerful electrical energy that was sent into My foot (which I had unfortunately sprained when I arrived in France). Then, I felt Their healing energy going to a sore that I had on My ring finger (which My Guides had shown Me was from receiving a manicure). It was a wound that was not healing on its own for many, many months. I then felt electricity and heat pulse throughout the top of my head. It was incredible. It also hurt because it was so strong. I have suffered from chronic migraines since I was eleven years old (which is common for 'sensitives' because the energy here on Earth is so low and negative). Then, I felt My stomach fill with electrical surges, and it burned, too. As I felt all this energy and electricity in My troubled areas, I saw orbs of pure white light, like sparklers, filling these painful parts. Then I saw Mary standing directly behind and above Me and holding one of Her arms around Me. I was speechless. I kept praying the Rosary while this miraculous healing was happening. Mother Mary stood (floated) there for what felt like a very long time, and in the world of receiving visitations from Heaven, it actually was. She stood behind Me, healing Me for a couple of minutes. When She was done, She came around to the front of Me and placed a long-stemmed pink rose in My lap. As She did, She said that God had allowed Her to gift Me some Blessings... and a miracle. 

It was an incredible and blissful experience to receive Her blessings at Her Holy Grotto and to also be allowed to see Her and Jesus not just bless me but everybody else who was allowed a blessing or miracle that day. 🙏🌹🙏 

Received Blessings & A Miracle 

Later, when we were back in our hotel room, Jesus visited Me. He told Me that I received a blessing on My sprained ankle and would heal quicker than it would have normally. He told me I received another blessing for My migraine headaches where the episodes and intensity would be less frequent. He then had Me look at the sore on My finger and said I had received a miracle. I looked at it; it had closed up completely, and there was no sore. Then Jesus saved the best for last. Later that night, God gave Me a message. He woke Me up and told Me that we could eat gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, sugar, coffee, and drink some alcohol. My daughters and I ate chocolate croissants, fancy French cheeses, scrambled eggs, baguettes, pasta, pizza, tons of chocolate and ice cream, and wine for the remainder of the trip. God and Jesus told Me that I received a true miracle from Mary, and Them, of finally having My miserable food allergies healed and lifted from Me. 🙏🌈❤️ 

That night, God gave Me clarity on why. He showed Me a vision of Me 'putting a candle in the area of the Grotto' where we can offer Mary a candle along with our prayer requests. God said He granted Me this wish because of all of the work of ‘praying the Rosary’ that I had done. He said then I “earned the miracle” (and because I learned what He needed Me to learn from this difficult initiation). He then told Me that He wanted Me to enlighten His children about the reality that He does send miracles – and how praying Mary’s rosary helped earn mine.

Your Devotion is the Way to Her Miracles

I have been very anxious to share this with you. Mary, Jesus, and God showed Me the power of Mary's miracles and blessings – and the true blessings that Her Holy Shrines are. If you want to receive Mother Mary’s gifts, show Her devotion and pray Her Rosary. And if you can make it to one of Her Holy devotional sites that She has lovingly blessed us with, go to Lourdes in France and give Our Lady of Lourdes your eternal Love and Devotion and pray to Her for a miracle. 

My hope is that She will bless you, too. 🌹🙏


Oracle Maureen

Saint Mary of Bethany

Chief Principal for Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary, Buddha & God

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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