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More Tragedy Because of Gun Violence

A Plea from The Masters & Insight on Gunman’s Motive

I received messages from Kuan Yin and Jesus regarding the recent mass shooting at a ballroom dance studio in Monterey Park, California. The shooter left eleven people dead and injured nine others during a Chinese Lunar New Year celebration at the dance hall. The gunman, who (like most of his victims) is Asian, fired 42 rounds of ammunition from a high-capacity handgun. Here is Kuan Yin and Jesus’ passionate message to you about the gun violence happening in our world:

In a firm tone and with much sorrow, Kuan Yin said:

“This is yet another tragedy that your planet mourns because of gun violence. Our hearts are breaking for everyone (I had to feel Their deep sadness and worry about our mistake of allowing guns into society, because it is leading to murder).

Gun violence is an epidemic. How many more lives are you willing to take a chance on losing because you are still not safeguarding the well-being of the people that you share your world with?

The inability and unwillingness to still see clearly that you have a choice on this matter – will be your regret, as will your inability to clearly see that using your power of your Free Will and voice is truly the only way to save and protect lives from gun violence.

We have enlightened you before through Our Oracle, Maureen, as well as others, that your dimension is a very challenged one - whereby allowing guns into the general public will end up being a costly and painful mistake for you. There are many troubled souls who battle negative and dangerous urges because of their mental illness or drug-addicted, altered state. Add to these harmful states the addition of the negative influences that they can fall under due to possession, which happens at a much greater degree than you realize.

Unbeknownst to many of you, there is spiritual warfare happening on your planet. It has been going on since the beginning of Creation. The ‘evil one’ and his legions of demons, unfortunately, do prowl your world looking to wreak havoc amongst you in an attempt to destroy mankind. When We are granted, We work hard to intervene as much as possible to protect and rescue you from the influences of the dark forces.

The people who resort to committing mass shootings and gun violence are all in some type of a ‘compromised state,’ where possession is a primary influence driving them to act on what they are thinking and feeling. Their challenged mental and emotional states of a mental illness or drug use make them much easier prey for the demons to cord into and use as their vehicles. This is because their minds and souls have become very fragmented and are operating at a much lower frequency, which has lowered and weakened their psychic shield. Please hear Our plea to you.

It is because mankind is too vulnerable with their development, and has the added threat of dark forces, that your planet should never allow guns into society.

There are too many deranged and possessed people on your planet for you to ever even consider allowing guns into your society.

Please protect each other. Please protect your children. It is your responsibility, and privilege, while you are here.

Great Karmic Consequences await those who do not stand up and protect others. Great Karmic Blessings are gifted to those who do. We wish to see you Blessed. Always.”

Insight on Gunman’s Motive:

This nightmare mass shooting has had us all puzzled as to what his ‘motive’ was. I was very interested in understanding his motive because when I sat down to watch it on the news on Sunday, I received a visitation from Jesus and Kuan Yin. Jesus appeared to me right next to the TV, and Kuan Yin stood on my left.

Jesus said: “Hate Crime.”

They were both very upset about this tragedy- and that more gun violence has happened.

A couple of hours later, the news announced that the gunman was an Asian man. I was confused as to why an Asian man would want to kill other Asian people, his people… that was why I was interested in his motive and wanted clarity on why I was told it was a “hate crime.”

After Jesus and Kuan Yin gave me Their message, I asked Kuan Yin for clarity. I was allowed an answer. She said She was giving it to me to show what a deranged person is capable of and what they will do when not in a rational, peaceful state – When they can get their hands on guns.

Kuan Yin said his motive was:

“Hate crime. Jealous rampage against his ex-wife. He was in a state of blind rage and filled with animosity over her ability (in his perception) to move on. He sadly sought out to knowingly seek revenge on the innocent bystanders that represented in his eyes her choice to move on - and their shared passion of dancing. He reached this diabolical level of being able to knowingly and intentionally commit harm on the group of people that he did because he was also in a highly-possessed state (under the influence of a demon) and suffered a mental imbalance.”

Kuan Yin, Jesus, Mother Mary, and Buddha are pleading to you to please gain a greater understanding of the fact that we live in a world filled with many challenges, primarily – peoples’ mental illnesses, drug addictions, and the reality that possession does happen – a lot more than you think. Because of these factors (and more), we will never be safe from gun violence. The only right answer is to do whatever it takes to protect us – and that is … to not allow guns into a society where someone deranged can find them – and use them! Leave guns only in the hands of law enforcement and the military (and only for defense purposes), or we will face karmic consequences. They are trying to warn and protect us from that. They are helping you.

Please hear Their message so that you can earn a blessing from God – and we can do what we can to get closer to creating Peace on Earth.

CALIFORNIA MASS SHOOTINGS IN 2023 The misuse of guns has now tragically become a daily occurrence because guns keep getting into the hands of deranged and unstable people who can hurt and kill anyone at any time. The violence and murder must end! The only way it will stop is if we make it stop. Use your voice and free will — and say no to allowing guns in our society. It is our duty to protect our Nation and children.

Shockingly, California is reeling from its' third mass shooting in just the past eight days:

  1. GOSHEN MASS SHOOTING — January 16, 2023 Just over a week ago, six people including a teenage mother and baby were killed at a property in Goshen in central California.

  2. MONTEREY PARK MASS SHOOTING — January 21, 2023 As stated above, the death of eleven at Monterey Park happened days later at a dance ballroom during Lunar New Year celebrations.

  3. HALF MOON BAY MASS SHOOTING — January 23, 2023 The most recent mass shooter attacks took place in the California coastal city of Half Moon Bay. Seven persons so far have perished after being shot in cold blood.

NATIONWIDE MASS SHOOTINGS There have been 39 mass shootings in 2023 across the US, and so far, the tragic loss of 70 lives to mass shooter violence... and this is only in three weeks of our new year!

Namaste and Peace to you,

Oracle Maureen


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