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More Horrors at the Racetracks

Horses Having Strokes – Because They Keep Making Them Run

Horses were meant to graze pastures, take ‘leisurely’ walks or runs with those who truly care for them, and live in green pastures surrounded by nature– and only in peaceful conditions. God told me that this was what He created them for, when He gave us the gift of horses. After eight horses died last month at Kentucky Derby’s famed Churchill Downs Racetrack, Jesus and God wish to enlighten you about the horrors happening behind the gates in the world of horse racing.

As I mentioned in my last message, God is in a state of wrath over the abuses against horses in this sadly accepted industry. I exposed many of the abuses that have been happening in my last message. However, I was just given more insight that I was asked to share about how painful and catastrophic this type of sport, horse racing, really is for the horses. Heaven showed me that when horses are trapped in the life of being a racehorse, they are essentially stranded racing on a track without the option to get off easily– much like being stuck on a fast, busy highway. They compared it to having to keep up with heavy, stressful traffic on a busy freeway, where you are forced to have to keep up with fast, moving traffic and attempting to get off would be detrimental.

If you are driving a car on the freeway and just stop, you're going to get run over by the other cars. They showed me how all the horses have complete fear, panic, and anxiety in them, and if they stop at any given moment out of fear or exhaustion– they are going to get trampled by the other horses. I had to see it and feel it in a large group of horses that rode past me on a freeway that God made them run on. Instead of cars going past me, it was all racehorses and when one horse couldn't take running any longer and wanted to stop, he knew he couldn’t, or he would be run over. But, eventually, he did collapse because – He had a stroke! The jockey was able to pull him off to the side of the freeway. While the horse, who was beyond miserable from exhaustion and looking completely dazed, laid on the ground on the side of the road after collapsing, Jesus said that he fell because he “went into a stroke.” Jesus said that the reality is when horses are finally collapsing it is because it is more than from just exhaustion. He said the horses are actually often having “strokes,” or dealing with more serious medical conditions. Last time, it was a very difficult mailer for me to have to write. You need to know that I have to feel, and re-live the feelings, visions, and insights that the horses are feeling– what they are suffering from. In addition, when I write these mailers I’m not doing it alone, any one of my Guides, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Buddha, or God, whoever gave me the message, is with me, merged in me and has Their hand in mine heavily involved in helping write it… which means I am also in a state of being highly connected to Them and feeling ‘Their’ feelings. God’s pain was very painful to have to feel last time and is again today… as is Jesus’s. So, I was glad that I had completed my mission when I sent my last mailer; and I was done 😊 😇. Sadly, however, They have revealed more painful hardships that the horses are enduring and have asked me to enlighten you more.

More Abuses Exposed in Horse Racing Horses Having Strokes – Because They Make Them Keep Running Last week, as I was just beginning to fall asleep, I was surprised to be suddenly awoke to having to see a disturbing movie-level vision that left me in tears and high anxiety. I was horrified to see a movie that showed me how horses are actually trapped in the act of running in their races and cannot– easily stop and escape, no matter how much they need to which means they are about to collapse because of exhaustion or another medical reason. I was put on a busy, fast-moving freeway with all these cars racing past me. All of a sudden, the cars turned into these big racehorses– and I was racing along next to one. I was feeling shocked and miserable to see that I too was stuck along with the chain of horse racing ‘traffic’ on the freeway, as if we were cars on a busy highway. Then, I saw the eyes of most of the horses. They got really big from ‘looking scared and feeling high anxiety.’ Jesus appeared then and said to me: “They are in anxiety. They want to stop, but they can’t because they know they will get trampled by the other racing horses. They are not safe to just stop.” I was feeling more and more anxiety as I was now getting tired and stuck, and like all the other racehorses, being forced to keep racing down the busy freeway, forcing myself to keep up with ‘traffic,’ for fear I would be hurt badly. Jesus said, “They have to just keep running no matter how miserable they are out of self-preservation. They are too afraid a ‘crowd of horses’ will trample and kill them.” I instantly felt horrified when He made me feel and understand that the horses had full mental and emotional awareness about their safety. I had to see their eyes looking panicked and read their minds telepathically and hear the horses trying to figure out how to stop during a race, when they were in too much pain to continue to run. I saw their eyes constantly looking off to the side of the street, looking for a place to pull off out of the crowd. But they couldn’t, because the traffic of the horses just kept coming and prevented them from being able to get out of the race on their own. Then, as I was pushing myself (as a racehorse, alongside all of the other horses), who were also pushing themselves; I saw one smaller horse who was not be able to keep pushing himself anymore. Finally, no matter how hard the jockey whipped him and kicked him, the poor horse finally just dropped to ground. As he did, Jesus put my gaze into his eyes, which were staring off into space.

Jesus said: “They are suffering from strokes.. all the time. When they drop from exhaustion, they are also having strokes, most times.” Jesus said that when the racehorses can’t keep running, they are literally running themselves into the ground from over-exhaustion (usually from being doped first). They are also having stroke all the time– and the industry is keeping this from you! I started weeping inside because of the on-going torture and abuse that racehorses are being forced to suffer with– and die from. I also wept because Jesus had me feel the horses’ pain. They do Not want to do this! Horses have no desire to run as fast as what humans are forcing them to do and can do around a track, and to also train, repeatedly, just to have to go run a fast race in a crowd until they want to drop from exhaustion, or do drop from any one of the abuses that had already endured. Jesus showed me again that No horses want this type of lifestyle; or were ever born and created to be ‘racehorses,’ to do this… all so people could get rich and famous– all off their beautiful backs. Last week’s message exposed ‘doping’ and the practice of using painkillers on horses to purposefully numb them when they have injuries, so that they can still run when injured and in pain, in addition to steroids which make them run faster. Jesus told me that doping is happening “much more excessively”, and it’s being kept from you. He also said that doping and strokes have caused the horse deaths at Churchill Downs, as well as why so many other horses have died in the past. The Horses Need Your Help Horses are not meant to be used and abused so that humans can make money off of them, as well as fame and for entertainment! Please get involved and use your power – your voice, your energy and your money to help them. They need us to intervene and save them. Please make a vow to never support horse racing– to never watch it, gamble on it, or praise it ever. Please take the position of being their advocates– and speak out against Race Horsing. It is your Creator’s and Jesus’s wishes, as well as all the Spirit Guides, Angels and Saints in Heaven. 🐴💝


Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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