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How We Influence Others Matters ~ A Ripple Effect is Created

The tragic experience that White House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband, Paul, suffered when an intruder broke into their house looking (hunting) specifically for Nancy to attack her, and tragically assaulting Paul with a hammer is sadly…. no random accident.

I was asked to give you a message about the reality of this disturbing event. God wants to open your eyes to the truth behind how we manifest experiences with one another here on Earth. What we say and do always puts into motion counter-actions that ripple out and mirror back to us the energy that was initially sent out into the Universe. God teaches us how to evolve through this learning process, known as the Universal Karmic Law of Manifestation.

Manifesting is the act of what we create through our thoughts and behaviors. Living as a collective group on Earth, sharing the planet, we are constantly experiencing conditions together. God wants us to always act in ways that help each other, not harm one another. Manifestation is how He teaches us to be responsible in how we use the power of our speech and actions. Making wise choices is how we manifest the desirable experiences for ourselves– and others. The only choices that are going to manifest joy and happiness are virtues that encompass kindness, compassion, honesty, and integrity.

Under the Law of Manifestation, our actions not only affect us, but they also affect the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters with whom we share this home. How we influence others, whether positively or negatively, gets mirrored back to us – both personally and collectively. It is by having to live through, and see other people live through, the karmic lessons that we create, that we see and feel if we made wise choices. A wise choice is one that does not harm others.

When we make choices that create harm to others and ourselves, God is very displeased with those choices. Those lessons will manifest more harmful experiences to be sent to us, like ripples into the Universe that will have to be experienced – to teach us why we shouldn’t make them. When we positively influence others with honest, loving acts that do not aim to harm, we manifest joyful experiences and karmic blessings that bring us, and others, happiness. Think the Law of Manifestation puts pressure on us to be responsible, not just for ourselves, but also for the well-being of others – our fellow brothers and sisters, who are God’s children. It is His desire that we help each other evolve, but it is up to us whether we choose to or not.

God asked me to tell you that Trump’s actions in leading an insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th as a means to take the role of President is the precipitating factor that put the ripple in the Universe that caused harm to come to Nancy Pelosi and her husband.

Lucky for her, Nancy was not in her bedroom when the attacker came in demanding her. But sadly, her husband, Paul Pelosi, was. The attacker asked several times, “Where is Nancy Pelosi?” (which is exactly what the rioters chanted at the insurrection when they stormed the Capital). Tragically, the intruder hit Paul with a hammer and he suffered a concussion among other injuries.

God showed me that in the intruder’s delusional mind, as well as in his highly possessed state, he actually thought he was doing a noble act. Given Nancy was a target in the attack on the Capitol and how Trump and the hate groups perceived her, he thought he was finishing a necessary mission. In his possessed and mentally deranged state, he heard the voices of demons and the influence of Trump and the rioters, who were encouraged by Trump, to get her removed.

God wants you to understand how the sequence of manifesting works and how Trump’s actions led to a tragic experience for Pelosi and her husband.

God said:

“If it hadn’t been for Trump putting into motion the energy of violence through his words and actions of inciting a riot and by using the help of radical hate groups - this very scary tragedy would not have transpired.

Your words have power and influence over others. There will always be people who will align with any given mission you create on your dimension. When you use lies and violence as your means to get what you want… you create a landslide effect of ‘additional’ harmful tragedies that follow. It is a given.

What you say and do will create an experience that will mirror it – for you to have to learn and grow from. This is the Law of Manifestation.”

The Ascended Masters have a message for you as well:

“Our hearts are deeply saddened by the trauma that Paul Pelosi suffered, and Nancy Pelosi also suffered from having to live in fear and anxiety knowing that she has been an intended target since rioters singled her out asking ‘Where is Nancy Pelosi?’ - way back on January 6.

Trump’s action of influencing others to act negatively and aggressively has influenced others.

We wish to enlighten you to the dangers of how you speak and how your behavior affects and influences your fellow man. We plead to you to be more responsible, kind, and loving with how you use the power of your speech and influence over one another.

Like a ripple in the ocean, your voice will have an effect that reaches others. The karma for negatively influencing others is much greater than you might think. It comes with a hefty price tag.

Please be aware of this and choose to inform your fellow brothers and sisters in the direction of choosing kind and harmonious actions. Blessings are achieved when you are a positive effect on your fellow man.”

How you influence people will bring something positive or negative into your life, as well as for others. Being honest and kind is the path to influencing others and not misleading them down the wrong road, where they could (and some will) make harmful, unwise choices – that will result in causing pain and trouble for others. Upholding the truth and peace is the path that leads people up a higher road, where God blesses those who embrace this walk because they have helped create harmony and goodwill among one another.

We hope you seek the path that leads to the higher road, so you can better discern the actions and intentions of those who could drag you down to a dead end. God only blesses those that choose the righteous path where honesty and harmony are created.

I hope I have enlightened you to follow those that follow the high road….

Namaste and Blessings to you,

Oracle Maureen


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