A Message from Creator

God woke me with this message about the importance of being “kind” and asked me to deliver it to you.

Creator said, in a mighty voice with strong energy to me:

Kindness is a virtue that I reward at a higher level. I look to see where kind acts are being bestowed upon my people from one another, and I reimburse them generously by gifting more joy into their lives by giving them the kind act of karmic blessings multiplied more… back (to them).

I cherish every moment I see one of My children behave in a kind, loving, and generous way. It opens up My heart to them. I then express My joy by rewarding them with gifts I know they will treasure.

Please think always to be kind to others so that My heart opens up more to you, and I feel inspired to reward your kindness by giving you Mine, multiplied.”

~ Given to Oracle Maureen from Heavenly Father by His asking in hopes of teaching His people what they can do to earn more of His blessings.


Oracle Maureen