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Israel Will Suffer—If Strikes Continue to Massacre Gaza

God Sent Me a Warning

I was given a message from God this weekend who asked Me to both enlighten you as well as warn you regarding Israel’s attack on Gaza—and all the innocent civilians that they will, and are, killing in their mission to destroy Hamas.

As you know from My previous message, it is not God’s wish for Israel to take this approach to destroy Hamas. God asked that Israel refrain from this method of dealing with Hamas because it would only result in more bloodshed. Charging in recklessly, shooting and destroying the Gaza area where anyone there—the babies, children, elderly, and innocent civilians and hostages—could become causalities of their war is a mistake.

God issued a warning that if Israel chose this act of violence—to go in and destroy Gaza—they would create a horrific genocide… and another cycle of negative Karma that would manifest as a violent war that a future generation would have to suffer from.

Israel has chosen to annihilate Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) began their mission to destroy Gaza—and everyone in it—in hopes of destroying terrorist group Hamas a few days ago.

Here is the message that God gave Me this past weekend. He wishes for you to know that, unfortunately, the IDF soldiers who are destroying Gaza will suffer greatly because of what they are doing. Here is God’s Message and Warning: God said the IDF soldiers who are destroying Gaza will suffer greatly because of what they are doing. He said for Israel to “leave [Gaza]. Retract and leave, or I will strike them down.” I saw a vision of tons of IDF soldiers looking solemn and remorseful, standing before Me. They were stripped of their guns and their ability to ever fight again—because of a ‘hardship.’ One soldier was sitting in a wheelchair and completely incapacitated to the level of no longer being able to walk anymore. While I watched them show Me their regret, and life-altering hardships, God said:

“I will disable them and put upon them not just the same level of pain and misery that they are inflicting on My innocent children, but it will be pain to a minimum of 10 fold over for them to have to endure… because of how they endangered the innocent and vulnerable, My youngest and My eldest, and all My other beings in between whose lives they shattered and destroyed and inflicted pain upon—all because of their inability to use reasoning to negotiate and compromise to end this hostile conflict.”

God told Me that the IDF is committing many war crimes when they chose this approach of destroying the Gaza Strip. With their strategy, they will have no choice but to harm, and likely kill, all the innocent children, civilians, and hostages in Gaza. Because of committing these war crimes, the IDF soldiers will face very severe karmic consequences from God that will negatively affect their quality of life on Earth. He now has to send them hardships to have to endure physically, mentally, and emotionally—because of the Karma they created for themselves—by making these people suffer in similar ways.

On Sunday, the IDF struck 320 targets, killing more than 400 people in just 24 hours (Washington Post). Since the violence broke out a little over two weeks ago, IDF has killed more than 5,000 people and injured more than 15,000 others (CNN). The blasts have wiped out entire neighborhoods, including schools and mosques, and crippled the already struggling healthcare system (CNN).

Pray the Rosary to Help Stop All Fighting

What Else Can You Do to Help Them—Pray The Rosary For Them I recently prayed the Rosary and dedicated it to helping bring relief to the Hamas-Israel war. I prayed it, asking God to please give all the innocent people, especially the children, more relief and protection and for God to give them more mercy and end this war. Please help them more and pray the Rosary for them. God does not want to send these negative, painful karmic fates that they will now have to endure—but He will have to… because it is what they are creating with their behaviors—their Karma. This is why He is sending this warning. God is asking that Israel stop all attacks on Gaza now so that they do not create any more punishments for themselves to have to experience—in this lifetime, their next lifetime, or their Afterlife. As long as the IDF soldiers continue to commit mass destruction—and war crimes—that is what God will send into their lives—destruction. Please pray for both Israel and Hamas to stop all fighting. They are only going to suffer more ongoing war and conflict in the future, as well as the soldiers involved. Please pray for them to evolve and lose all desire for violence as a way to resolve conflict.

Blessings 🙏🏻 and Namaste to you, Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha


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