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Hurricane Fiona

Faithfulness Earns Protection

The only way to receive loyalty – is to give loyalty: Loyalty earns protection. Hurricane Fiona has been wreaking havoc ripping through Puerto Rico, sadly causing 'catastrophic' flooding and power outages – and so much painful destruction. We are experiencing a true heart-breaking crisis as this vicious hurricane continues churning her wrath throughout the Caribbean into the Dominican Republic. The heavy, life-threatening rainfalls from Fiona have destroyed areas with dangerous floods, mudslides, and landslides in some of these areas - causing many painful hardships for its residents. The meteorologists and scientists are weighing in and explaining away the damaging natural disaster resulting from 'climate change. 'The truth is that climate change is just the 'vehicle' that contributed to how Fiona was 'physically sent' to Earth.' Fiona herself is another 'vehicle;' delivering the intended circumstances of a painful fate created because of the Universal Law of Karma. I have been asked to give you a message from your Heavenly Father, who wishes to enlighten you as to why Fiona, a natural disaster, is, unfortunately, happening. God desires to give your insight so that you can learn from this experience and offer help to someone who may be directly suffering from this tragedy so they would have knowledge that could help them survive this hardship. Please know that it is always difficult and uncomfortable for me when I am called upon and asked (required) to deliver messages of this nature. Your Heavenly Father gave me a message on 9/19/22 about the "Fiona crisis," asking me to deliver it to you. God initially showed me a vision of a very angry-looking 'Father's face' that appeared in the form of being in – and all around – planet Earth. God filled me with His feelings of anger and disappointment as He showed me this. Then said that He is: "Expressing His feelings of betrayal, disappointment and hurt" that His people are causing Him to feel due to their "lack of faithfulness, obedience, and respect" to Him and His ways (His Laws and Commandments). God said that His "act of creating a painful natural disaster in the areas currently being affected" was His "last resort effort as a means to humble them so that My children could see more clearly My power and My presence in their existence in life on Earth." God continued: "It has been with both a sad and angry heart that I discipline My children with such a severe punishment. But one that I know will offer the lessons of learning the humility and grace I seek to instill in My children. When My people choose to no longer walk in the path My Laws were meant to create for them – the path of grace, the desired path – then I must intervene and correct their misguided ways before they make any more mistakes that will cost them any more hardships. My protection can be yours, but it must be earned." God said that "choices have been made that have cost them" His protection. "I am opening their eyes and reminding them to never forsake their Heavenly Father again, so that they never risk possibly losing the safety and protection that only I can provide. Be humble. Be grateful to Me. Be obedient. Be loyal to Me, and I will show you My feelings of being pleased and happy with you by surrounding you in My Love and protection where no harm can come your way." The 'righteous' path is not always an easy path, but it is the path that rewards the most. The 'righteous' path is the path that follows the Laws and wishes of your Creator, God Almighty. Please Help Them. Your Prayers Can Help Them. Please Pray with me & the Ascended Masters to Help End their Crisis and Ease their Suffering. Also, making a donation to help them with basic supplies will also help them greatly since they will have lost so much and will need to re-build their lives. The Red Cross or Salvation Army are always good choices. You can help those living in fear and anxiety of a life-threatening natural disaster. Ascended Master Kuan Yin has offered a prayer for you to do that can help possibly move God's heart into forgiveness sooner (rather than later) and release them from their severe hardship.

Prayer to Help Bring Mercy to those in Danger of Fiona's Wrath Offered by Kuan Yin

"Dear Creator, I pray for mercy for the souls in the path of Hurricane Fiona and her wrath. Please show more mercy to those whose lives, homes and businesses are in danger of her destruction and give them more relief. Please release all who are in the destructive path of Fiona and forgive the mistakes that have created their hardship. Please release Hurricane Fiona from Earth and save those who face her wrath. Please give them more mercy and free them from Fiona's painful path. And so it is. Amen… " Repeat Prayer at least 3-5 times.


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