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Horrific Hamas-Israel War

A Sign that He is Coming 

As hard as this message is for Me to have to deliver, and for you to have to read, it truly is a gift—one that offers you help in the most significant way ever—your salvation.

Shortly before Christmas, I received a message from Jesus who asked Me not to delay in giving it to you (knowing I was uncomfortable having to deliver another message about Armageddon).

Jesus appeared to Me after work and stunned Me when He said:

“The Hamas-Israel war is a sign of Armageddon to come. Tell them to prepare for Me.” 

He then said immediately after: 

“Do not let my message take too long for you to deliver…” 

Gulp. This is now our second warning of Armageddon.

He let Me know that I could deliver this message after Christmas and New Year’s Eve—so here I am, fulfilling My mission for Him… and for you. 

What exactly does Jesus mean when He says, “Tell them to prepare for Me”? The unusually heinous war happening in the Middle East is a sign of the impending End Times and what the world will be like when Armageddon is here. This truth about our world that was spoken in the Bible is an experience that is coming in the future. Jesus wants you to understand that it will be only through His Mercy and Grace, as well as God’s, that you will ever be protected from this horrifically painful time when Armageddon implodes on earth. 

Jesus wants you to know that when this final war breaks out on the planet, causing the most extreme levels of suffering, only those who have a true, genuine belief and devotion in Him and God will have any chance of being spared from its misery. 

Jesus wants to give you that blessing—that’s why He is giving you this enlightenment. He wants to gift you His protection and keep you safe from the imminent harm that Armageddon is going to perpetrate on humans. He is letting you know that if you want to receive His help—His life-saving miracles, His healings, and His protection—then you must be in His Good Graces. You must believe in Jesus and show Him devotion.

This message is a warning of Divine Intervention. For those who are skeptical, you are being given a reason why you should move past those fears and doubts. For those who already are devoted, let this message inspire you to work on developing an even stronger belief in Jesus and a deeper relationship with Him. Being faithful to the Lord is how you can survive Armageddon and make it safely out of here—and into Heaven.

I was anxious about having to give you another difficult message about what our world will face one day. Jesus told Me to tell you to look at this warning as a gift. He said He is giving you the Gift of Protection so that you have more time to work on becoming devoted to Him—so you can earn His help and life-saving miracles… when you may need them the most.

Blessings, Oracle Maureen

Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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