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Help Free All the Hostages

Pray for Their Release

They need help. They need Divine Intervention to Open the Door and free them.

God gave Me a message about the 200-plus hostages that have been terrifyingly kidnapped from Israel and imprisoned in Gaza. God told Me that He wishes to give you clarity about this tragic situation—so you can learn from it and help them.

God gave Me a movie-vision about the hostages’ situations and asked Me to tell you that although they are in a true crisis and tragedy—they are where they are for reasons, which saddens Him… as much as it has saddened them.

In the vision, God showed Me the hostages being taken away and said:

The people taken as hostages are ones who have committed previous sins and mistakes against Me.”

He then explained that “previous” means acts committed in either their current lifetime or a previous incarnation. God knows that many people will have a strong, negative reaction to hearing this, but He wants you to understand the Universal Law of Karma. You live by it as one of His beings that He created in His Universe. He is enlightening you about how these souls came to be in a hostage situation—to help you by giving you the wisdom that can protect you from ever ending up in a similar situation.

God said that the sins and mistakes that these souls have made either in this incarnation or in one of their past incarnations, unfortunately, displeased Him to the point of “anger, at a high level” and created an extremely severe karmic consequence for them. One that God said He needed to finally send to them to “humble” them—in order to help them learn and evolve, because they were not responding to His wishes with less threatening lessons that He had sent them.

God said one of the biggest mistakes that someone could make that could result in a hostage situation—is to “deny His existence.” Creator said the act of disloyalty and denying God’s presence is a “great error… that He disciplines with a much greater response back.”

God said that He takes un-faithfulness to Him as a complete “betrayal.” For the souls who betray God with a lack of devotion and who turn away from their Creator with an atheist view, He said He humbles them in stronger ways—to help them “realize their mistake until they finally give [Him] the praise and recognition that [He] seeks… being the Alpha and the Omega and the One who Created their soul… and who is the One who gives them every gift they have.”

In addition to unfaithfulness, God said other “damaging sins and mistakes” have also been made, which lead to this type of consequence.

What About the Children and Babies Who Are So Young?

I know what you’re thinking by now: What about the children and babies? Keep breathing through this difficult message. Condemning God, or anyone else… uhm… Me… will just result in negative Karma. Just read to learn, without making any judgments or holding ill intentions, to protect yourself.

As for the children and babies who were taken, whose earth years are too short to be able to commit any damaging sins and mistakes. He said, again, that those souls’ previous acts of displeasing God with their choices in a previous lifetime are the primary reason.

There is, however, another reason behind the children and babies taken. The Law of Karma involves using everybody and everything that someone holds dear in their life—to be a possible lesson that can be used to help someone finally evolve from holding onto a misguided belief or lifestyle that has angered God.

Children and parents are created to have a direct karmic line that is intimately attached to them, running from generation to generation. If a parent has provoked God to a certain level of wrath, God has shown Me that He will, and does, humble them. He will get them to finally listen to Him when they have to feel pain and worry for their child. This act of bringing a parent to their knees and having to rescue the most precious thing in their life—is one of the most humbling circumstances to endure. It can make someone finally accept God’s presence in their life when they are forced to feel their child’s pain as they try to rescue them from misery. God said He will resort to this to help someone finally stop turning away from Him—and instead learn to reach up to seek His mercy. In this process of becoming humble, the parent learns and accepts not to betray or provoke God any longer.

God told Me that when these extreme circumstances happen, such as being taken as a hostage, it most often comes after He has already sent that parent multiple karmic lessons, giving them the chance to change and evolve and stop committing the mistakes they were making against God. The parent, however, was stubborn and refused to shift their thinking and behavior into following God’s Will by living with respect for God. So, unfortunately, God then has to keep sending in stronger lessons to inspire the parent to be obedient and faithful to Him until that soul learns how to obey God’s Will.

This same Karmic Law also applies from child to parent.

The Hostages are Where They Are for Reasons that Only God Knows

God asked Me to help you understand that He decides everyone’s consequences and punishments based on the Karma that they have created for themselves, based on the choices that they have made. He wants to remind you that being faithful to Him and following His 10 Commandments and His other Laws and Wishes is the only path that will save you from creating the painful, negative Karmic consequences that you will otherwise create for yourself.

God said the hostages taken were a way to “humble these souls (or their parents or children) into finally helping them gain the wisdom to accept without ever doubting ever again—God’s Almighty Power—over them, and their life circumstances.” They have been brought into a place where they are at His mercy and have the opportunity to turn towards Him in prayer and beg to be rescued.

God said He is “listening and waiting for their cries of mercy from each of the hostages—with Grace being given to babies and children, who are unable to pray for themselves given their young developmental stages.”

Six Months

I was then told six months,” and I was not given any additional information other than that God has left it as a warning that, as of now, the war may be going on for six months, and it may take “six months” before all the hostages are recovered—depending on how they move His heart. He also alluded to that in this time, there couldbe more taken. He did not elaborate on it because He actually wants people to fear this crisis that they have created for themselves. He wants us to understand His Power and Mercy over everything and everyone and how we need to earn His Mercy and Grace in order to receive protection and be rescued from harm.

God asked Me to deliver His “six months” part of His message to you like this—to help you understand how vulnerable people still are to becoming hostages. This message is also meant to reach those in the Middle East—to enlighten them and wake them up so that they work on their devotion to God and their atonement process so that they are protected from becoming a hostage.

Although previous sins and mistakes (either an individual’s or a parent’s) are the reasons that the souls have tragically ended in a hostage situation on their path in this incarnation, this is not a reason to ever judge or criticize them on any level. God has asked Me to remind you that when your fellow brothers and sisters are in hardship, the only ‘right’ position for you to take—is one where you hold compassion for them. Our roles are only to hold empathy and to help them in their tragedies, whatever they may be. We are never to judge; God said that is His job. God is the Judge and the Jury. We are not.

What Can You Do to Help Them?

Keep them in your prayers. Pray to God on their behalf—for them to be forgiven and released. Praying to God will help them.

Pray to God for His Mercy and Forgiveness to be given to all of the hostages—so that He Opens a Door for them to be released from their pain and misery. Pray to God to forgive them for their past sins and mistakes. Do extra prayers for the children and babies since they are unable to pray for themselves. Pray for the hostages; He told Me it will help their plight.

Jesus told Me that in addition to doing your own prayers, to also pray the Rosary while holding the intention of asking God and Jesus to forgive the hostages and rescue them. He also said you can help them further by attending Church mass, and while you’re at mass, hold the hostages in your mind and heart and pray for them throughout the service. He also said holding a prayer vigil with your friends and family will advance your prayers to be heard louder by God and Jesus.

There is something you can do to help the hostages... pray on their behalf. So, maybe at Thanksgiving this week, in addition to your usual Thanksgiving prayer, you can also say a prayer collectively at your dinner table with your friends and family—on behalf of the hostages and plead to God for His Divine Mercy and Intervention to forgive the hostages and free them at last.

Blessings & Namaste to You 🌹

Oracle Maureen

Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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