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Guns Are Creating ‘Killing Sprees’

& Killing Your Chance of Making it Into Heaven

Gun violence continues to run rampant in our country. This last week, the Fourth of July was tragically met with 15 gun massacres! Ascended Master Kuan Yin warned us previously, “gun violence is becoming an epidemic” in our world. Because people are choosing to ignore Heaven’s wisdom and warnings, as well as their own intuition, God has asked me to deliver a message about the dangers of keeping guns accessible in our society… because the killing keeps happening– because of guns.

The only way to stop this tragedy is to do something about it. It is Heaven’s wish that we become a gun-less society– one where we finally evolve to the state of choosing to be harmonious, compassionate, forgiving, tolerant, peaceful, kind, and loving. One where we do not desire to use guns to resolve conflicts or act out our feelings. Sadly, we are far from this ultimate goal for much of the population.

However, if we do not work on trying to attain this higher level of purity and wisdom, we will continue to live in a society where we are constantly burying our loved ones.

God and the Ascended Masters wish for me to enlighten you that choosing to keep guns around for anyone to be able to use will only continue the cycle of destruction and murder. There simply are too many imbalanced people who suffer from mental illnesses and possession by demons. The reality is that the combination of mental illness and possession, where the demons are using and manipulating the person – is why gun violence in our country has become a major epidemic. Those insisting that guns be allowed and legal are furthering the disaster.

Let the pain and misery of the now – 15 new massacres – that were just committed over the Fourth of July weekend be a message to you that we must do more to protect this killing from happening, do more to protect each other– and, also to protect you future karmic fate. If we do not, we will feel the pain of the mistake of letting violence be so readily available – in another way. God has let us know that there are more serious karmic consequences in store for the choice to hold and permit guns in our community, and you need to know.

While the Fourth of July is intended to be a celebratory occasion commemorating the Declaration of Independence, there were numerous shootings Nationwide. There were 32 shot (and two fatally shot) at a block party in Baltimore. In Louisiana, at least three people were fatally shot and ten others wounded at a Fourth of July party. Tragically, a 7-year-old was shot dead in Tampa after two groups gathered on a road and started to fight (AP). Violence typically spikes in the warmer months as people move to more outdoor events. It appears this year has already shown to be no different.

For those who believe that guns should be accessible for themselves and the public, you need to know this– and then decide.

God has told me that those who support, hold, or use guns will not make it directly into Heaven when their incarnation here is complete. The ‘Door to Heaven’ will be kept closed to them, and they will be sent to a dimension on which they will have to reflect on the values and virtues they chose when they were here. Did they do what they could to keep their fellow brothers and sisters safe? Or did their desire for violence, by wanting and making excuses to have guns accessible to the public, win? These are a couple of the questions I was told that gun supporters will have to answer and be forced to reflect on. The ‘other dimension’ will either be a level of purgatory or perhaps– if they are lucky, the ‘Entryway Before the Doorway to Heaven,’ which is less painful.

Creator’s Message for You:

More than once, God and Jesus have told me that They “do not allow anyone into Heaven that has the tendency or desire for violence or who supports it in any way.” They said that “people who seek this thrill and adrenaline rush, all while making excuses for it, will have to be sent to the lower realms to be rehabilitated until they become peaceful once again with their thoughts and feelings so that no one in Heaven is in any kind of danger. Ever.”

God and Jesus said: “Guns are only meant for law enforcement officials and people in the military” because there are too many ill-intended humans and too many dark forces lurking around our planet, who are a threat that can and will hurt people.

They said because of this reality, guns should not be accessible to civilians. If you continue to believe that guns should be held or owned for personal use, please consider your Afterlife– and where you want to spend it. If you own and support guns, it is guaranteed not to be in Heaven. Please heed our warning to you. Your Creator and the Ascended Masters are intervening in an effort to protect you from missing out on Heaven. Today’s Realty Because People Have Access to Guns

Gun violence continues to be on the rise in our country. In 2021, our nation experienced the highest number of gun deaths (excluding suicides) on record. While there was a very slight decrease in 2022, there were still 20,138 estimated firearm deaths. Americans also continue to purchase guns at a staggering rate. Nearly 16.5 million guns were purchased in 2022. Most tragically, the number of mass shootings in 2022 is the second highest on record, right after 2021, with 648 mass shootings and at least 672 people dead and nearly 2,700 injured (The Trace). We cannot continue to let this happen year after year as innocent people and children continue to suffer.

Sneaking Them Past Law Enforcement– ‘Ghost Guns’

An increased number of ‘ghost guns’ are now also being used. Ghost guns are privately made firearms, often assembled at home with kits or 3D printers. They typically do not require background checks to purchase and do not have serial numbers, which prevents them from being tracked and traced properly. There has been an exponential rise in ghost guns over the last few years, with nearly 19,000 collected by the police in 2021 (up from an estimated 8,000 in 2020) (USA Today).

With the proliferation of gun violence continuing to happen, it is evident that we need to live in a gun-free society, except for police officers and the military. It is also your Creator’s and Jesus’s wish for the sake of preserving mankind and assuring that you will have a desirable Afterlife in Heaven, as opposed to a painful one in one of the lower realms getting rehabilitated.

If you want to create that joyful Afterlife for yourself, then work on creating a peaceful society here on Earth where no violence and no means to create violence exist. To do this, you need to vote NO on guns and NOT OWN any guns for personal use. The more we work together as a collective whole, the quicker and better we can succeed in saving, protecting, and preserving mankind– for us and for Him.

Blessings and Namaste to you,

Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher

Principal Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principal Oracle for Jesus

Principal Oracle for Mother Mary

Principal Oracle for Buddha

Principal Oracle for God

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