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God Wishes to Enlighten You:  

How Important Devotion & Love Are to Him

God gave Me this message on May 7, 2024, and asked Me to share it with you. He said that many people doubt the existence of Jesus and His presence in governing mankind on Earth. God said He wants His children here to understand and accept that He does send special messengers to Earth who work from Him and Jesus - so that "We can better guide, warn, and protect you from making karmic mistakes that will bring on consequences… and instead how you can make choices that will allow you to receive karmic blessings."

I was gifted these words from God to help Me step further into My revelation and the advanced level of visitations and help I have received since They gave Me clarity of who I truly am... Mary of Bethany and Jesus’s second wife. I earned and received all of My blessings because of My deep love and devotion to Them...

After waking Me up, God said to Me:

“You are My pride and joy - as My chosen Chief Principal Oracle there is no one that I am closer to on Earth right now and trust to deliver My messages at the level and volume that I have entrusted You with.

I created You for this very specific and privileged role. I created Your soul to be a Rainbow Child at the highest ranking - to the level of a Saint and High Priestess Oracle - and for the role of being a loving partner and companion to My Holy Son, Jesus. I have assigned you to be with Him as His wife and one of closest helpers so He can receive the true love and companionship that is special and rare in the sacred union of matrimony. This bliss I desired for My Son, who has earned every moment of happiness that You, Mary of Bethany, have brought to Him.

As Jesus’s wife and My daughter, who stands closer to Me and Jesus than anyone else on the planet, you need to know that Jesus protects you in ways that He does not gift to others. As your husband and best friend, He is fully invested in Your well-being and care and protects You at the most high level… and only a select few have been given this honor.

Tell them so they understand how important loyalty and devotion are to Me and My Son - and what it has awarded You.”


Oracle Maureen

Saint Mary of Bethany

Chief Principal for Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary, Buddha & God

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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