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Gaza—A Deathtrap

Protection Will Save Them—‘Destruction’ Will Be Their Demise

There is no doubt that the Israel-Gaza war is the worst war that most people will see in their lifetimes. I had a very difficult weekend. God and Jesus kept giving Me messages and visions throughout the day and waking Me up at night. I was overwhelmed with the pain of it and have been crying often. I really was not expecting to have to deliver another difficult message since I just did several days ago. However, here I am. God, Jesus, and Kuan Yin started with Their next one the night that I sent God’s last message. I had to clear My schedule, again, to serve Them. Please understand that They are intervening, giving you Their wisdom on what to do, how to handle this Humanitarian Crisis, to help stop any more destruction from happening. They want to save mankind now—and from future suffering through the creation of a negative karmic fate of having it happen all over again… in a future generation in the Middle East. As the clock continues to tick, the death toll has now increased to:

Total Number of People Killed: 4,200+ Total Number of People Injured: 11,200+ Total Number of Hostages Taken: 199 *Statistics courtesy of CNN & CBS These figures will rise as the violence continues.


This is what The Ascended Masters wish for you to know about Hamas’ attack on Israel (which has been at a depraved level from the very beginning) and Israel’s ‘reaction’ to their assault. Hamas is Using Children as “Weapons”—Holding Them Up as Human Shields I was beyond devastated when God, Jesus, and Kuan Yin woke Me the night after I sent the last message with the inhumane vision of Hamas stealing children and then ‘holding the children up in front of them as HUMAN SHIELDS when they would be under attack by Israel.’ I had to watch a terrorist flip a little boy, around age 6, upside down and use his entire backside as a shield so that if any gunfire was shot, it would hit the innocent boy instead. I was told that Hamas would be using diabolical means of using children in their warfare to commit terror as a strategy to deter Israel from killing them and increase their chances of winning. I also saw how Hamas had no regard for the little boy. The terrorist had no ‘feelings’ whatsoever in terms of remorse or even awareness of the kind of evil he was committing. It was a ghastly scene that caused tremendous anxiety, fear, and panic for me—even more than I was already feeling. Right after, God said, “Gaza needs protection,” and I saw ‘two armed military tanks, one from Hamas' side and one from Israel’s side, start driving toward each other in a massively crowded area where people were screaming. The Hamas truck had small children sitting in it and kept stopping and picking up more children.’ I was shown other war crimes Hamas is committing that are not being reported on the news or being given enough coverage. They want you to know these are also happening, and more of this harm will happen—if Israel goes forward with their strategy to enter and destroy Gaza. They told Me that there have been “many people who have been buried alive in the rubble and in the piles of dead bodies.” This will continue if Israel, along with any other countries such as Iran, commits destruction in the Gaza Strip. They will repeat what has already happened and take many lives when they destroy buildings, apartments, homes, and community areas where people are living and hiding. They have also told Me that Hamas has been “needlessly mutilating” the hostages. I was furious and horrified to find this out. They explained to Me that because the terrorists are not healthy-minded or ethical men, and most of them are in a highly-possessed state or disturbed with untreated mental illnesses, they actually derive pleasure from inflicting pain on people. This is why they have been able to commit the menacing acts that they have—stealing children, beheading and burning babies, and more. Israel’s Plan to Destroy is a Mistake—Because it Will Cause More Torture & Bloodshed God, Jesus, and Kuan Yin told Me that Israel’s plan to charge into Gaza and destroy Hamas would be one of the biggest mistakes they could make. Hamas will take even more children as a way to revenge on Israel, to win, and to save their own lives. It will also cause more deaths by killing the hostages that Hamas has abducted, as well as innocent civilians. They said given Gaza has no safe places for people to hide, that it is a death trap for civilians and hostages—including children. If Israel were to charge in with armed tanks, soldiers shooting and throwing grenades, They said it would be nothing less than “genocide—at a catastrophic level.” God is sending a warning: Israel‘s strategy is a mistake. It will not only cause many more lives to end, but to end in savage and brutal ways—ways that meet the criteria of crimes against humanity—and kill not only innocent civilians but also—children. More 'Destruction' Will Put Into Motion Another Cycle of Devastating War Retaliating back in this violent way will not only kill many innocent children, hostages, and civilians, but it will also create more violence in the form of a devastating war to have to be sent to the Middle East again in one of their future generations—all because their actions created it. They have asked Me to remind you that God does not create war. Humans do. They create war when they choose to engage in war. Every action we make is met with the same act—all to have to experience and live through in order to learn from. God calls it Karma. Humans create positive and negative Karma with every single thought, word, and deed. Wars are only created by the actions of humans who had previously created war. God’s goal with giving you the gift of Free Will, to make your choices, and Karma to learn from, is that eventually… you will learn that it is only when you are living in circumstances that have Loving vibrations that you will truly be happy. In order to achieve this, you must only choose positive, kind, loving acts—not destructive, harmful ones… like wars.

Israel Has Persecuted Palestinians for Decades—Causing Great Suffering

God told Me that the “Palestinians are waging a war against Israel to seek revenge because of how Israel has discriminated against them.” 

Israel has caused Palestinians harm for decades. God told Me that they have committed many acts of discrimination against them, which has negatively affected their quality of life, housing, health care, and income—their well-being. In order to maintain control over the area, Israeli authorities have “dispossessed, confined, forcibly separated, and subjugated Palestinians by virtue of their identity to varying degrees of intensity” to the severity of being considered crimes against humanity (Human Rights Watch). 

How Should Israel ‘React’ to Hamas’ Rampage of Murder & Terror?

God and the Ascended Masters said there is only one way to save the people trapped in the Gaza Strip under the imprisonment and dangers of Hamas control—and that is to “compromise and negotiate.” Israel can do more than commit murder. They can offer ways to correct their mistakes with the Palestinians and begin to right any wrongs that they have committed against them when they hurt them by knowingly depriving them of so much—to the point of persecution. They, Israel and Gaza, will have to negotiate and compromise—starting with hostages… beginning with the babies and children. Israel must be willing to give the Palestinians that which can improve their quality of life in order to win all the hostages back—and get them to agree to cease fire and withdraw their attack. Help them evolve. Help them end their long-standing conflict. They are not trying to resolve anything to heal—they are just destroying each other, with Hamas acting at a diabolical level… using children. I am holding a fundraiser to help bring them relief. Please help Me help them recover from loss, pain, and tragedy that is of a huge magnitude and needs so much support. Keep praying for all involved to receive relief—and enlightenment.

Blessings 🙏🏻 and Namaste to you, Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha


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