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Fox’s Robert Murdoch Broadcasted Lies

Abandoned Objective Journalism & Honesty – for Money

Fox News Founder and Executive Chairman Robert Murdoch may have had to save himself from his legal troubles by reaching into his very big piggy bank and pay out $787 Million in a defamation lawsuit recently; but His riches cannot save him from the karmic fate that his dishonesty and greed have created for him.

Dominion Voting Systems, the voting technology used during the 2020 Presidential election, sued Fox for $1.6 billion saying Fox Network damaged its reputation when they repeatedly aired false claims that the company helped orchestrate fraud that cost former President Donald Trump’s re-election (according to

I have received a message from God about what the truth is behind Fox’s intent and involvement is– in whether or not they were truly were deceitful, or not; when they televised, again and again, claims that former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election due to ‘voter fraud’ with ‘faulty voting machines.’

God wants you to know the truth about Fox and has asked me to tell you that Fox News is in fact guilty of lying to you about ‘voter fraud’ and being “highly dishonest, mis-leading the nation with lies– the entire time.” Because of the extreme dishonesty that transpired on Fox News and all of the harm that their lies caused our nation, primarily by causing division, conflict and dis-harmony among people, God wants you to know the truth and to learn from this experience.

God said Murdoch did know that these stories about Trump losing the election due to ‘voter fraud,’ were lies. God said Murdoch allowed the lies to be broadcast on his network, primarily for “money.” God also said, he did for it for “greed and power.”

Murdoch Isn’t Done Paying Yet: He Still Has to Sit in God’s Courtroom

God said:

“Murdoch’s desire of greed and power is what caused him to be dishonest and let the lies about voter tampering be allowed on his network. He saw the people were tuning into the ‘story,’ even though fictional, and he cared more about ratings and prestige than giving them the truth. He was opportunistic and his dishonesty warped the minds of many of my people and swayed them into believing the ‘lie.’”

Creator then said:

For his act of influencing people, a ‘mass of people,’ in a negative, harmful way through lies – all to satisfy his greedy appetite,” he will be facing a karmic consequence where “he will have to live in a state of dealing with the pain and misery of many people who will be lying to him and misleading him, frequently.” Because Murdoch let the lies go out to masses, this will not be quick karmic fate to clear up. Unfortunately, I was told “it will take his next series of incarnations” to clear up the level of dishonesty that he created for himself.

I was then told that before that, he will experience his fate immediately in his Afterlife. God said:

“He will be stripped of the luxuries and comforts that his wealth afforded him and be put in the most humble of humble conditions – all in an effort to re-train him to learn to value honesty.”

God said this was one of His the most important virtues to Him.

Those Who Spread the Lies on Fox Have Also Created Their Karmas

I was told that Creator has similar karmic consequences also lined up for all of the ‘inside’ people at Fox, who created the fake news– misleading and warping the minds of their viewers. This would be all the TV personalities, producers, executives, assistants, directors, etc. – who were involved in manufacturing the ‘Big Lie’ and putting it in people’s living rooms, homes, businesses, screens, etc. to watch… and manipulate people with. Instead of serving their viewers “justly,”they created a lie for their own self-serving agendas of trying to further their careers, salaries, fame, etc. God said their jobs were to “protect their viewers from dis-honesty, so that they do not make unwise choices” for themselves, or for our society.

Murdoch (Fox News) Paid BIG BUCKS for Their Lies

Back to that very big piggy bank payout… When it was proven in a court of law and a judge declared that he had seen enough proof that Fox News did lie with their false allegations of blaming voting technology being the reason that Trump lost, Murdoch finally agreed to pay an enormous settlement of $787.5 million, roughly two-thirds of Fox Corporation’s net annual income and one of the biggest defamation case payouts yet (according to the New York Times).

The defamation case against Fox News and Murdoch not only addressed whether Fox News was lying with all their stories about ‘voter fraud,’ but also if were they doing it with malice.

Honesty is one of God’s most valued virtues that He wishes, and requires, us to achieve; as well as learning to live peacefully– which means not causing harm to another soul.

Murdoch, the Australian-American news mogul, who is said to be worth roughly $17.4 billion and ranks as the 97th richest person in the world (according to Forbes).

Creator said He is has been “dis-pleased” to the “point of anger” the entire time that “lies have been allowed to be broadcast,” while all this has transpired.

God said that when Murdoch made this choice, he is also guilty of “mis-guiding many people by warping their minds and influencing them in a negative, harmful way with lies.” When the lies were told repeatedly through his large media platform, this influenced and manipulated its viewers more strongly– like a type of brainwash.

A Word to Those Who Align Themselves with The ‘Big Lie’

God has a message for you about the “very low ethics” that Murdoch allowed on Fox News Network, as well as a warning to those who chose to align themselves with the “dis-honest drama” and engage in “un-truths”ˆ on a very important matter that affects our society as a whole. God is asking His people to look at this as an example as to what happens when honesty failed to exist in news reporting. Self- and ulterior motives will most likely always be the reason why dishonesty happens in any news, business and political platform, as well as in peoples conduct.

Murdoch’s greed and desire for money and power, as well as the employees at Fox who created the dishonest content and their desire for opportunism and ratings, led to lies. These lower negative vibrations, created in deception, were allowed and encouraged by Murdoch, which then led to conspiracy theories being born and then taking over people’s minds, and twisting them. This then led to fighting and conflict among many in our nation – which further angered God and created another problem for us… because negative karma has now been manifested for us because of the arguing and fighting that has been going one – that God now must send to ‘Our Environment,’ because we created it. Uh Oh…

God said he wants to remind you that ethics is the most fundamental factor in journalism and news reporting. He wishes to bring to light that Murdoch, Fox News, and all the people at Fox who contributed to their deceptive reporting areall guilty of abandoning these principals. News is supposed to be reported to us, the general public, in a neutral and objective manner– using ethics, such as honesty, so that they do not mislead their viewers and influence them unjustly.

Listen to Your Intuition & Your Inner Wisdom

Another lesson that God is asking that you learn from this “unfortunate ordeal,” is the importance of always listening to your intuition and your inner wisdom, your higher self, as well as your level of psychic abilities – to help you discern whether something is true or not. The only way to really accomplish this successfully is to keep yourself committed to practicing using them on a regular basis. To do this, one must be devoted to meditation, guided meditations, learning though books and classes– so that you keep yourself in state of constant connection with Source… Source of Life… God Almighty… so you can hear His and Heaven’s wisdom guide you.


Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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