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Follow His Ways, His Light, and Be Rewarded

After I sent my message from Jesus on Christmas day, it occurred to me that as one of Jesus’s primary Oracles, who is in regular communications with Him, I know information that would help you……. ‘Follow His Ways.” Obviously, the Ten Commandments are disciplines and practices that you can do – that ‘Follow His Ways.” But there are many other acts, choices, and virtues – that He also Hopes that we ‘Follow.’ Choose Kindness and Be Rewarded I am giving you one today. He told me once that “Kindness” is a virtue that reaps many, many rewards is acknowledged highly by Him and God. We are faced with many negative situations that challenge our level and ability of Kindness. When we are being challenged to be nice to someone who is treating us horribly - we Are being ‘tested.’ Do your best to always choose ‘Kindness’ – over revenge, mean-ness, cruelty, etc.…. and work towards earning a karmic blessing for yourself .:) Birthday Gift Donation; Feed Africa In a conversation I was having with Jesus, I told Him that I wanted to give Him a present for his birthday that was Friday, December 25th. I asked Him what He would like most from me. He told me to: “feed the starving.” I asked if He wanted a specific area focused on. He answered me: “Africa.”

I am making a Birthday Gift Donation to help the starving in Africa and honoring the wishes of my Principal Spirit Guide and our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

I am opening it up to you as well. If you would also like to give Him a birthday present - and please Him - join me in making a donation to His wish. I Know He would appreciate this gift immensely! If you feel you cannot give much because of holiday expenses and our economic hardship, then just give a little – even $5 or $10 matters to Him and someone starving.

Gift Donation is being made to:

Blessings, Maureen Allan Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher Primary Full Time Oracle for Jesus Christ


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