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Drugs Are Destroying Us…

…In More Ways Than You Think We Have Reached an Opioid Epidemic

We have reached a true crisis due to a multitude of mistakes that our nation has committed in terms of opioid availability to the public. Heaven wants to enlighten you that recreational drug use and abuse is one of the “most dangerous behaviors that displeases God – the most.”

I have been given a strong and important message from the Ascended Masters, who wish to advise you, as well as warn and protect you about how serious the abuse and consumption of narcotics, such as Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Oxymorphone, Methadone (to name a few) actually is for all of us.

The Ascended Masters said, the ‘business’ of illegally selling drugs in inappropriate places to people looking to feed their drug addiction or to get high is creating “horrific karmic consequences,” not just for them – but also for us.

Their act of selling drugs by falsifying diagnoses and prescribing narcotics in a “fake manner, to make money,” to drug addicts and those looking to get high has “sky-rocked the number of drug addicts” and created a “drug epidemic” in our nation. They are also contributing to the number of deaths that have been occurring from drug overdoses.

Drugs are Killing People and Rapidly:

Between 1999 and 2021, over 106,000 people in the United States died from a drug-related overdose (NIDA). These deaths were all due to the use of illicit drugs and prescription opioids. In addition, between January 2020 and January 2021, there was a suspected 37% increase in overdoses due to opioids (CDC). While this epidemic truly impacts our entire country, there are a few states that experience particularly high death rates including West Virginia, Kentucky, Delaware, Ohio and Tennessee (CDC). These drugs are readily available to people and opioids are a clearly defined gateway to heroin – nearly 75% of people who use heroin, started by using prescription painkillers (Arlington VA).

The impact of this rampant addiction impacts all people, including a number of famous and well-known figures. In the last couple of years, some notable deaths include Taylor Hawkins, the Foo Fighters drummer, singer songwriter Tom Petty and musical artist Prince ( These are truly just a few examples of the countless lives that have been lost to the overdose of prescription drugs.

Sadly, drugs have been taking lives and are continuing to kill people:

  • Drug overdose deaths are up 30% year-after-year.

  • Over 96k people die from drug overdoses in a year.

  • Opioids are a factor in 7 out of every 10 overdose deaths.

  • Drug overdoses have killed around a million people since 1999.

  • Preliminary reports indicate the number of drug overdose deaths in America increased 29.6% starting in 2020.

  • In January 2021, drug overdose deaths exceeded homicides by 306.7%. (According to the National Center for Drug Abuse)

Message from the Ascended Masters:

The Ascended Masters said that “God is furious,” whenever drugs are being used recreationally. One of the reasons for this is because “drugs open the doors for people to get possessed by demons.” This is because God, as a consequence for His anger for this act, which He finds dangerous, toxic and un-pure to the mind, body and soul, “suspends His Gift of Protection.” God’s ‘Gift of Protection’ is His Light that He surrounds us with to ‘Shield and Protect’ us from the negative and evil entities (the demons and other harmful spirits that lurk around us). It is only through receiving God’s 'Gift of Protection’ that we, and our planet, are ever protected from the harassment of the dark forces that prowl about our dimension, looking for prey to take advantage of. Their motive is to use those who they can infiltrate to commit their evil deeds of destruction to destroy us and - to offend and anger God.

A Plea From Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary & Buddha:

The Ascended Masters said:

“God suspends His Gift of Protection when He sees His children violating their bodies, minds and souls, which He so generously gave to them to have life and experience joy.

Drugs deteriorate the mind’s ability to think clearly and honestly. Drugs dim the soul’s ability to think, feel and radiate from a place of love and compassion. This is why drugs disconnect ‘users’ from their Source of Life (God) - because God exists, and only upholds, the vibrations relative to Love.

Doing drugs destroys your life on many levels, because your Creator speaks His disdain for your choice to disconnect from Him. Your Heavenly Father wishes for a loving bond between you and Him – forever; so He can bring to you what you dream of. Drugs will cause you to lose God’s support – His Gifts, including His Gift of Protection…. your Psychic Shield and Protection.

Left without your Maker’s protection makes you vulnerable to succumbing to many negative experiences. This sadly leaves you without protection to such hazards as losing your ability to function (thus losing your job and relationships); losing your health to the many physical issues it exposes you to; losing your mind; losing your life from your over-consumption, due to taking in more toxins than your sensitive body was ever created to tolerate – and losing your chance to finish your incarnation in a graceful manner. For this… We weep many tears for you; and your Heavenly Father is left in a state of both sadness and disappointment.

Please Hear Our Plea to you that you are making us shed these tears for you.”

God is also “furious” when He sees the drug rackets operating, promoting and selling drugs illegally to empower someone’s existing drug addiction or potentially develop a new addiction in someone.

His anger is further ignited by the choice of so many people who have allowed themselves to get addicted to opioids in the first place – and live in a state of addiction.

Warning! Drugs are Manifesting Severe Karmic Consequences for Us:

The Masters want me to warn you that our Nation is facing a “double jeopardy” type of karmic consequence that we have to face due to this highly impure and destructive behavior.

An undesirable door has been opened up and allowed more demons into our dimension who are cording into the drug addicts; then also anyone else that they are able to disturb. Another undesirable door has also been opened because this impure act has resulted in the deaths of so many people in challenged states. God sees the drug peddlers as “opportunistic, greedy, vultures preying on vulnerable people, who lack the morals to help them and instead use their issues to profit off of them.”

More negative karma has also been manifested because they have enticed another set of people, those just looking for an occasional high. They fully know these new users can end up as drug addicts themselves, battling this vicious and dangerous cycle of addiction. However, they care only to profit off these addicts, rather than trying to help them. This leads to angering God more and creating more painful karmic punishments for them, which they will feel for as long as they need to – until they never prey on a vulnerable person again.

Painful karmic fate also awaits the drugs addicts for their choices to dis-honor the gifts of their soul, mind, and body.

The Ascended Masters, and God, are all pleading to you to never make this choice to use drugs recreationally or sell them. They state that they are only for a "true medical necessity." They are asking that “stricter penalties apply to those selling and supplying the drugs, illegally.” They are asking we give more resources to help those suffering from drug addiction, as well as more compassion and care to help them on their journey to sobriety – so they can be forgiven by God someday and earn His blessings again and all the joys that come with receiving their Creator’s Gifts.

Heaven is asking for you to use your strength and wisdom to step in, share your voice and use your power to create new laws that would make these drug rackets impossible to exist and help bring an end to our drug epidemic.


Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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