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Crisis Only ‘Averted'—Not Resolved; Government Shutdown Still a Threat

God Has Given Us Grace to Plan

The American people took a sigh of relief this past Saturday when Congress passed a last-minute bill that stopped the government from shutting down. But the sigh of relief should only be so big. This move only delayed the threat of a government shutdown. If lawmakers behaved differently, they could have truly saved you from the dangers of a shutdown.

Just three hours before the government was about to shut down, the House and Senate finally passed a short-term spending bill that provided $16 billion for disaster relief. The decision prevented millions of federal employees from losing their paychecks and numerous food assistance programs from being negatively impacted. This stopgap bill has allowed lawmakers 45 days before they may shut down the government—if they cannot compromise and reach negotiations again.

Heaven told Me that you are not saved from peril yet and that this is just a “band-aid” put on a problem where they were unsuccessful in getting their bills and appropriations signed and finished. God said He wants you to be aware of this and does not want you to think that the battles among lawmakers are over. Unfortunately, you are still under the threat of a potential government shutdown. Lawmakers have only accomplished buying themselves an extra 45 days, until November 17, to keep fighting out their disagreements and come to a place where they will either:

A. Prevent the Shutdown


B. Close the Government—and abandon nearly 4 million people who receive their income from the government, as well as negatively affecting government agencies and other aspects of your life, including banking and mortgage opportunities, college loans, travel, water, and the economy overall.

God’s Message to You:

This ‘stopgap bill’ did not accomplish what Congress needed to officially prevent the government from shutting down. God wants you to have a complete understanding of this so that you have the opportunity to make alternative plans to provide income for yourself that are not dependent on the government.

God told Me that He is enlightening you to this impending hardship—still looming ahead—so that you can protect your well-being from the politician's deficiencies, which are negatively affecting the quality of your life.

The Gift of God's Grace

God has asked Me to tell you the truth behind this ‘45-day extension’ for lawmakers. It is actually a blessing from God. Your Creator has given you grace—by giving the lawmakers more time to work together amicably and make wise choices with the bills that will benefit and serve you better.

This 45-day delay is a ’Grace period from God.’ God is giving you Grace to look for other means of income instead of relying on our faulty government. It is the gift of time so that those who would be affected by this true crisis have the opportunity to spend the next six weeks looking for other, or more, sources of income to replace what the government may not be able to provide them.

He is giving the politicians Grace, as well as lessons, to make wiser choices and to remember to act humbly and compassionately—so that they can negotiate in ways where their focus is on serving the greater good of the American people, whom they are supposed to serve over and above themselves.

45-Day Delay—Is a Miracle

God has asked Me to tell you to look at the sudden averting of the shutdown as a true miracle—a gift from God to help those who need it, including the lawmakers—so that they come back together into negotiations, making smart choices that will safeguard and protect us. This is also a warning to you—and a chance to look at the connection of who you put in office and your quality of life.

McCarthy’s Leadership Did Not Save You—It Only Bought Time

At the very last minute, White House Speaker Kevin McCarthy bought time when he turned to the opposing party (Democrats) to secure the necessary votes.

Heaven does not want you to be fooled. It did not protect you from an impending government shutdown. God wants you to understand that McCarthy’s choice of procrastinating for many weeks was “an act driven by his motive to secure his job—over securing the livelihood of the 4 million plus Americans that would have been (and still may be) directly affected by losing their income due to the crisis of a government shutdown.”

McCarthy spent weeks stalling to end up making the only move that could prevent our Nation from experiencing this hardship. He refused to save us by going against his party’s wishes and asking for votes from Democrats… that is, until the 11th hour. McCarthy finally pulled together a bill and went, against his party’s warnings, to Democrats and secured the needed votes to avert the shutdown and succeeded in suspending it for 45 days.

God said:

“McCarthy’s leadership is to be called into question. He failed to act when you were in danger, and it was clear to him that the government shutdown was imminent."

Instead, he waited until the very bitter end to finally decide to make the move that would give him the winning votes that would prevent this disaster to befall the American people that he serves."

God’s Other Message

God has also offered some insight as to why we are under the threat of a shutdown. Creator told Me that He wants and needs you to look at your lawmakers in a “much more discerning way because who you put into office is who you are putting in charge of you.” This means that the people you vote into office are the people you are putting in charge of your well-being, which means your quality of life. In this lesson of a potential government shutdown (that is still very likely), look at who saved you from catastrophe—and who sacrificed you.

God said:

“In God’s eyes, it was too little too late because McCarthy did not truly rescue you from the threat of hardship. He waited too long and has just delayed this threat from (potentially) coming upon you.”

“If McCarthy acted when he knew you were in jeopardy of experiencing a true crisis, then he would have been found to be pleasing in God’s eyes for executing bravery and heroic measures… to save you. This is what I look for in a leader.”

God also said it took Him and McCarthy’s Spiritual Guides and Angels many attempts to get through to him about the right choice to rescue us.

God said to consider McCartney‘s action of seeking help from the Democrats as an “act of complete Divine Intervention, where McCarthy finally surrendered to God’s Will by finally listening to Him and his Spirit Guides and Angels, who had been whispering and telling him and guiding him in this direction for a long time to make this move… so that he would finally take the step he took, which was seeking help from the Democrats, all to save the millions of people who would be negatively affected by a punishing catastrophic event—a government shutdown.”

God said that for McCarthy to have finally listened and obeyed Him, he would be rewarded. Although he did not receive the ‘Hero’s Award,’ he will receive a blessing from God (a blessing is something positive that makes one’s life happier and easier).

As lawmakers continue to battle out the bills and appropriations they need to sign over the next six weeks—over God‘s grace—God said to look at this step as a warning that a crisis is still in front of us. God said that He has not removed the threat of a government shutdown from us, and He wants people to plan accordingly to protect themselves.

In the meantime, Creator told Me that you can do something to help your circumstances and your Nation’s. God said to pray to Him for more help, relief, and divine intervention to protect us from a government shutdown, especially for those who would be directly harmed by it.

Please know that God gave our Nation a true miracle. God has blessed you by intervening and getting McCarthy to finally make a move that has suspended the shutdown for 45 days. Lawmakers can have a second chance to go back into negotiations, compromise, use more wisdom, and create bill signs that will keep us safe and protected from the hardships the government shutdown would cause millions of people and our economy.

Please give gratitude to God for gifting us His grace. Please ask Him to continue to intervene with all lawmakers and help them make the wisest choices possible so that they serve you and our Nation in ways that will allow you to experience life on Earth, not from a place of struggle and hardship, but from a place of abundance, prosperity, and joy.

Blessings and Namaste to you,

Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher

Principal Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principal Oracle for Jesus

Principal Oracle for Mother Mary

Principal Oracle for Buddha

Principal Oracle for God


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