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CoronaVirus….a deadly disease exists among us. Why?

Clearly there has been a lot of alarm surrounding the Corona Virus; given its highly contagious nature and scary effects of leading to deaths. Coping with the anxiety that this has put into our environment is something that we must now do. Understanding – Why? – it is happening… can often help us cope better; by giving us something to focus on to help change it. Here is a message from Jesus to help you better understand Why we have to go through a deadly disease right now… and What we can do to help ourselves through it.

“The disease has been given because God is dis-pleased with sinners. Corona Virus is the unfortunate act of God sending an experience to earth to remind people that they are ‘Vulnerable.’ People have to remember to not ‘Tempt Fate’ and fall into the temptations of the ego… which is where the choice to sin follows. But, rather, to Think and Live in a state of seeking the Approval, the Protection and the Blessings from the One who Created them and gave them Life = which is God.

Pray for those who have been directly affected by this disease and pray for yourself and your loved ones - For Protection that you do not experience its effects. Ask God and Us for more Grace and Protection. We are the Ones who Protect you from your Vulnerabilities, while you are there, on earth; and it is Our wish to serve you and Guide you with Our Blessings… with Our Protection.

Amen to He who created you. Amen to you, Jesus.”

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher Maureen Allan Full Time Oracle for Jesus Christ Primary Full Time Oracle for Kuan Yin


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