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Children’s Beauty Pageants

Nothing Pretty About Them in Heaven’s Eyes

This is a follow-up to my last message regarding little JonBenét Ramsey. Patsy Ramsey gave me an important message that she wanted to share regarding ‘Child Beauty Pageants.’ She gave me the message because, unfortunately, she did tell me that her choice of putting her child in beauty pageants – Did contribute to the tragedy that, sadly, befell JonBenét

Patsy had to see it in her ‘Life Review.’ Our ‘Life Review’ is the long movie that we must see and review after we die and evaluate how well we did in our incarnation. We see the mistakes and the successes, and we are judged by God and Jesus accordingly for all of our choices – which then sets up our next set of karmic circumstances: the blessings we created for ourselves... and the consequences.

Patsy saw how it was a mistake to put her child in beauty contests that made her dress up in make-up, fancy hairdos, and alluring clothes and perform acts that were adult-ish and even somewhat seductive – giving viewers the impression that these small, innocent children are somehow adorable sexy miniature adults – when in fact they are not. They are children following the directions of their ‘Child Beauty Pageant’ coaches and mothers guiding them on how to perform, look, and act.

Patsy’s Message About Child Beauty Pageants – Ban Them

Patsy said she “regretted ever getting JonBenét into beauty pageants.” She said she thought entering JonBenét into these competitions was innocent and that she equated beauty pageants with modeling. But, now that she is on the Otherside, she has “come to learn that beauty pageants are not just modeling – but are actually exploiting children.”

Patsy then showed me a vision of red lipstick on JonBenét in full makeup and her hair done up. She said, “Beauty pageants make children look like seductive women, and that’s why the handyman ultimately made JonBenét his prey.”

Patsy never meant to bring any harm to JonBenét by putting her in beauty pageants and never thought that doing so would cause harm to come to her. Like most beauty pageant mothers, she thought it was an innocent activity to occupy their child’s time and perhaps have something to bond with them over.

However, the reality is that 'Child Beauty Pageants' are harmful – very harmful. They exploit children by sexualizing them and making them appear to be ‘little alluring adults,’ with how they require them to dress up in full make-up and pretty hairdos and perform attractive (even almost sexy) acts. This is a complete recipe for = Pedophiles!!!

This is perhaps the most significant reason Heaven has asked me to send this message. ‘Child Beauty Pageants’ put children, like JonBenét, in danger of becoming prey to sexual assaults by pedophiles. Unfortunately, our world has many of them. Another reason is that I was told, “It is ruining their idea of their self-worth. It is warping their idea of who they should be.”

Jesus and Kuan Yin told me that these child beauty pageant contestants “are dis-associating their self-worth from their virtues. They are not working on evolving their ethics. Instead, in their very impressionable minds, they are focusing their attention on their vanity and level of beauty as their marker in deciding how – and IF – they should feel good about themselves.”

The Untold Truth Of Childhood Beauty Pageants Toddlers, young children, and teens are exploited for beauty pageants. It's no secret that child beauty pageants are controversial. From ties to devastating tragedies like the murder of JonBenét Ramsey to quintessentially "trash television" shows like Toddlers and Tiaras and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, pageants have given rise to serious questions surrounding the exploitation and sexualization of children exposed to the pageant world. Girls as young as five years old are made to undergo adult ‘beauty’ treatments like waxing, teeth whitening/teeth flippers, spray tanning and tanning beds, toxic hair spray, padding their garments in the tops and bottoms... and even being subjected to botox injections. These little girls are told to ‘flirt’ with the judges and be sexy, and they are dressed provocatively in many of the shows and competitions. Some of Toddlers and Tiaras' most notable controversies included an instance when a 4-year-old tasked with impersonating singer Dolly Parton was padded with fake breasts and an ample rear end. Another little girl was dressed like Julia Roberts’ famous prostitute character in a Pretty Woman-themed performance. Pageant Mom June "Mama June" Shannon was criticized for giving her daughter what became known as "pageant crack" — a combination of Mountain Dew and Red Bull. And one little girl "smoked" on stage during a number in which she was supposed to be a leather-clad Sandy in Grease — even though the "cigarette" in question was actually candy. Some people feel that child beauty pageantry is nothing more than a form of playing dress-up and having a good time. Yet, there is a huge difference between the good old-fashioned fun of putting on mom's or grandma's pearls, lipstick, and a fancy dress vs. young children being forced to be made up and perform like a Las Vegas showgirl in a scantily clad costume. (The List)

Heaven’s Wish to Ban Child Beauty Pageants; Vision & Message Oracle Maureen Received in 2021

I received a message from God and Jesus regarding this issue a few years ago and have been asked to run it now. Here is the message They gave showing me the truth about ‘Child Beauty Pageants’ that They gave me back on November 8, 2021.

I awoke to a movie-vision showing me a scene where ‘God was the main judge in a talent contest.’ He was sitting on stage, and by His side sat several other judges – the Ascended Masters.

I saw ‘Myself Sitting Right Next to Jesus’ Side, Off Stage.’ I sat ‘Close Enough to Him, Where He Could Lean into Me and Talk to Me, which He did.’ I was wearing a ‘Beautiful White, Full-Length, Royal-Looking Gown.’ I sat in a row dedicated to Jesus’ assistants. I sat in the front row, closest to Him. Others sat by me. Jesus said I and the others were ‘Guides and all His Oracles.’ They were also dressed up.

A line of people stood on the stage before Us, waiting to perform. Jesus picked a woman waiting in the line to perform first.

She said she “wants to teach (coach) little girls how to perform.”

She then put a small bouncy mat on a sloping hill in front of us. She grabbed a 3-year-old toddler and an 8-year-old girl. She had them kneel next to her on the bouncy mat. However, the woman made all of us on the ‘Otherside of the Rope’ very nervous because she looked like a clown, as in not someone sincere, genuine, and accountable. And secondly, an inappropriate clown. She had a mini skirt on that was so short it barely covered her bottom. She also showed inappropriate and ingenuine behavior by lifting her skirt and flashing us while deriving pleasure from ‘offending us’ before she began her performance. We (God, Jesus, the Judges, and Us Oracles) were all ‘Offended’ by the ‘Coach’s Inappropriate Actions.’

The ‘Woman-Clown Coach’ then taught the two little girls tricks. The girls were dressed inappropriately for these tricks. They were dressed in formal gowns with their hair in pretty updos.

We, the ‘Panel of Judges,’ watched, curious, to see what the ‘Clown-Coach’ would actually be qualified to teach the young girls that could possibly enhance their development. I saw that the ‘Judges’ were highly skeptical as They watched and were very concerned for the well-being of the young girls.

The ‘Clown Coach’ then told the girls to copy her and to bounce on their knees. They did, and the 3-year-old ended up bouncing off the back of the mat. As she did, I felt a wave of anxiety surge through me because I saw she was about to hit her head on a cement step behind her. I was told that it would result in a brain injury. Then, the 8-year-old girl bounced off the mat and rolled down a hill. She headed right into some stair railings, where she would hit her head, too. They said it would also cause her some kind of mental trauma, as well as bodily harm.

We all panicked and felt fear for their safety. We were distraught that the ‘Woman-Clown-Coach’ had done something to harm these children - and their minds.

Jesus then leaned into me and whispered in my ear:

“The karmic fate the coaches of beauty pageants will face for harming the thinking of little girls … all so that they can profit money and job opportunities off of them… will be great.”

Heaven’s Warning

Child Beauty Pageants’ and their coaches (the Clowns) are a danger to the well-being of developing children. These ‘pageants’ distort the thinking in the minds of children by making them believe they should act, look, and dress like sexy, alluring adult women.

Children are children are children are children. They are NOT adults and should never be treated as such – or painful consequences will be sent to those who make this mistake.

In addition to giving the girls a warped sense of themselves, beauty pageants also cause girls to attach their self-worth to vanity and materialism - by making them live over-concerned with how they look.

Don’t let these ‘Clowns’ rob the lives of your beautiful and impressionable children. Heaven wants us to stop these ridiculous ‘beauty pageants’ now so no more vulnerable girls become subjected to these opportunistic clowns and their greedy thinking – as well as the many dangers of the pedophiles lurking around for their next prey.

Ban ‘Child Beauty Pageants’ and help children be exactly what they are supposed to be – children… so they do their job and develop naturally and healthfully, and at no one’s monetary gain.

Blessings and Namaste to you,

Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher

Principal Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principal Oracle for Jesus

Principal Oracle for Mother Mary

Principal Oracle for Buddha

Principal Oracle for God


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