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Bloodshed Manifests More Bloodshed

Killing Innocent Civilians in Gaza Has Cost the Middle East More Pain & Suffering 

The Ascended Masters, as well as the many other Spiritual Guides and Angels in Heaven, are shedding sorrowful tears for the pain and suffering happening because of the violence caused by the Israel-Hamas war. And it is with the anger of thundering lightning bolts that God has let Me know His wrath for their choice to engage in war and all of the violence, killing, and war crimes that they have perpetuated with their conflict. 

Creator has given Me two powerful messages that He has asked Me to deliver. He wants to help you understand that participating in war has only resulted in the act of manifesting more war that He will have to allow people to experience in the future. In addition to more violent wars in the Middle East, God has also shown Me that their acts of war crimes have created additional levels of violence where more horrific pain and suffering will, unfortunately, be felt in the Middle East—because of Israel and Hamas’s choice to create pain and misery now.

Vision #1: More Terrorists Will Commit More Crimes & Violence 

I received this message about six weeks ago. God awoke Me with a disturbing vision, letting Me know that the acts Hamas is committing have created more acts of terrorism that will be experienced in the near future. And that these acts will be experienced not only in the Middle East but also in other parts of the world—in those countries that have supported the war somehow.

I awoke to see a terrorist dressed identically to what Hamas wears, holding a large rifle in one arm, running in My direction. In his other hand, he was holding a black bag that God said was filled with “precious valuable goods.” God then said, “Burglar.” I felt immediately threatened. God told Me that there will be terrorists who will be stealing and threatening people outside of the Middle East. 

He said that not only has the Middle East created this problem for themselves, but that the other countries who are helping the war have also manifested the violence of terrorism to come into them—because of their actions of participating in the Israel-Hamas war. I was taken aback when I recognized the terrorist was running towards Me, and I was in America. God said that because of President Biden‘s decision to participate in the war (by providing military equipment and financial assistance) instead of insisting that they cease fire, we will, unfortunately, also experience levels of terrorist acts here in the United States. I was told to consider this a warning. The only answer to prevent the pain of suffering of violence erupting is to NOT support war—because if you do, you will put yourself in danger of experiencing that harm in the future. President Biden’s wise choice, and only safe move to protect us, was and is to say no to the war and insist on a ceasefire—or we here in the U.S. will feel the karmic effects of the violence that the U.S. has helped perpetuate. This is known as the Karmic Law of Manifestation, which we were created to live and learn under.


Vision #2: More Bloodshed Will Be Spilled in the Middle East

A few weeks later, I received another vision. Again, I was abruptly woken up in the middle of the night to a shocking movie-vision showing Me more violence that the Middle East will face. God awoke Me to the sounds of screaming people as He showed Me large white military trucks (like what Hamas drives) plowing through crowds of people in the desert. As the trucks drove right through crowds of people, I saw a young girl dressed in her Indian dress with her Indian veil screaming, “They’re dragging bodies.” God told Me that as they plow through the crowds on purpose, they’re going to end up dragging the bodies with their vehicles, and the people nearby are going to be forced to watch these horrific scenes. I then saw blood spilled all over the desert, a lot of it. It traveled in all directions, putting Me in a state of panic for what is to come in the Middle East. 

God asked Me to explain the karmic Law of Manifestation to you. What we create, we experience—all in order to learn and grow from. Those who are creating this war, helping put it into the Universe, and keeping it in motion are manifesting the violent experiences of war, brutality, killing, pain, and suffering to come back to them at some point in their future.

God also let Me know that the Middle East will never see peace as long as they continue their vicious cycle of choosing violence and war. He asked Me to enlighten people and help them understand that until they evolve to the level of understanding and accept that only peaceful resolutions are the path to choose when there is conflict, they will continue to bring suffering upon themselves. He said the same principle applies to us here in the United States. Our hands are dirty as long as the United States helps keep a war going. We are also bringing violence into our country and our future fate at whatever level we are guilty of.

God is asking for everyone to please reflect on this reality of Karma so that they gain a better understanding of the Law of Manifestation. He wants us to be wiser and choose only peaceful solutions whenever and wherever conflict exists in our world.

The unusually heinous nature of this war, where there have been horrific war crimes committed, including torture, many brutal rapes, sexual torture and mutilation, and the killing of babies, has created a much stronger negative karmic consequence that will be sent back to the Middle East in the future– and, also, a degree of it to every other Nation that has participated in keeping this violence going. God is sending this message to warn and enlighten His children that violence, killing, and torture will never resolve conflict. It will only create more of it– causing even more people to be brutalized, tortured, and killed in future generations- as a result - of their violent actions that they have manifested. God is hoping that by gaining this enlightenment, people will turn away from choosing war– and instead insist on only using peaceful means to resolve conflict… to stop any more bloodshed from happening. 

Blessings, Oracle Maureen

Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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