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Billionaire Elon Musk’s Desire to Acquire, Instead of Sharing

Will Sadly Leave Him Bankrupt in His Afterlife

“Elon Musk. Greed. Tell them. It will be his downfall.”~ God

Elon Musk’s riches may be allowing him to purchase many businesses and live a luxurious lifestyle, but his thirst for materialism and money will cost him his Afterlife.

I was given a message by your Creator who asked me to deliver it to you about billionaire Elon Musk and to enlighten you about greed. God wants you to know that greed is met with a heavy price tag on the Otherside. When you enter your Afterlife, privileges will be withheld from you. Instead of experiencing the comforts of luxury, sadly, you will be experiencing degrees of suffering, similar to the experiences of those that you could have saved from their misery of hunger, illness, homelessness and tragedy.

God wants to open your eyes to Musk’s choices and how his greed will cost him because of how he has chosen to use his ‘gifts of financial abundance’ that he was blessed with. He has not been generous with his big bank account. He has not shown a compassionate heart and given help to those in need at a level that has pleased God. Instead of using his fortune to rescue those who have so little and suffer because of their disadvantages, Musk has chosen to not have a big heart with his bank account and it has made God angry.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and now Twitter is one of the richest people in the world with a net worth of over $200 billion (Forbes).

In October 2021, UN World Food Program Executive Director David Beasley tweeted at Elon Musk saying that if Musk donated just 2% ($6 billion) of his wealth, it could save 42 million people from starvation. Musk responded to the tweet ultimately saying, if you show me exactly where this money is going, he would “sell Tesla stock right now and do it.” When Beasley got him this information two weeks later, he was met with silence from Musk (Fortune).

At the end of 2021, a $5.7 billion gift was given to his own foundation, the Musk Foundation, which quickly made it one of the largest foundations in the United States. There were about $160 million of donations that were made that year, including $55 million to St. Jude Children’s Research and $54 million to the XPrize Foundation (Philanthropy News Digest). Throughout most of 2022, Musk had not filed or reported any major philanthropic gifts, which was a real deviation from the prior year. However, right after a surprise SEC filing, it was reported that he gave $2 billion worth of Tesla stock to charity (Vox). It’s hard to imagine that this wasn’t motivated by his own personal tax needs, rather than a true and lasting commitment to service and charity.

God is Sending Us the Message that He is Watching

Exactly How We Spend the Money that He Blesses Us With

God wants you to learn the lesson that the choices you make here with how you spend your money does affect the kind of Afterlife you will enter into when your soul leaves your body after your incarnation is complete. This is what the Universal Laws of Karma teaches us– our actions and behaviors determine the future experience that we create for ourselves. We create our karmic fate.

As I was finishing my daily meditation, God surprised me by giving me this message.

God said:

“Elon Musk. Greed. Tell them. It will be his downfall.”

Your Heavenly Father then asked me to give you this message.

God said:

“With all the money, power, prestige and opportunities that I blessed my child Elon with, it saddens Me to My core that a billionaire is not doing more for the under-privileged and suffering on your planet, especially those living in the miserable conditions of painful illness and hunger.

Money is a tool to open doors. It is what brings the material comforts to you, so that life on Earth can be joyful, pleasant, or at least bearable. Money was created to be shared amongst you, as a means to help one another survive, as well as thrive.

Elon has kept the door to helping humanity closed far too much with the gifts he has been blessed with.

I want it known that I do not condone or support his choice to be selfish. My wish is that you care for one another, and that those who are fortunate enough to care for more because they have more to give - should share their gifts and care for so many more.

My heart is saddened to the point of anger when I see those who could intervene and help ease the pain of someone in need, choose instead to keep and spend their riches on themselves or frivolous adventures.

If you want my blessing, and if you want to call Heaven your home someday, then do not do as Elon has done. Give. Use your gifts of abundance, your money, and help your fellow brothers and sisters so that you can create more gifts for yourself, now, and in your Afterlife.”

~ God, June 23, 2023

Well, you heard it. How we spend our money matters. God is definitely sending us the message that He is watching exactly how we spend the money that He blesses us with, and that His wish is that we make a point of giving some of it to those in need. So, if you want to exist in comfortable conditions in your Afterlife, you know one thing that is very important to God, that we share what He has given us with those who are suffering and not keep it all to ourselves. If we do not share our wealth, then we will end up existing in conditions where we will not be comfortable in our Afterlife. God wants us to think and act like one shared collective group who is capable of stepping up and helping each other, when in need. This is how He teaches us the virtues of: sharing, caring, empathy, compassion, humility, generosity and kindness. This is how He teaches us how to Love.

Blessings and Namaste to you,

Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher

Principal Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principal Oracle for Jesus

Principal Oracle for Mother Mary

Principal Oracle for Buddha

Principal Oracle for God


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