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Abolish Abortion

And Save Lives

Abortion. Is it killing? When does life begin? The conflict... These have been some of our longest debated questions for generations. It is a topic that being so personal has stirred up strong emotions in people leading to protests and disharmony in our society. When does life really begin? Is there a time a life can be terminated? Is abortion killing?

The prospect of changing the abortion laws has been a very heated and controversial topic over the last many weeks with Roe V Wade being revisited. While the case debating abortion rights is still pending, and it may be weeks until it is officially published, the Supreme Court is deciding to strike down the 1973 landmark Roe v. Wade decision and is overturning abortion rights. After nearly 50 years, the leaked initial draft majority opinion shows that the Supreme Court intends to revoke federally protected abortion rights and is going to allow states to decide whether or not to restrict or ban abortion. Many states have trigger laws in place that if and when this decision goes through, will ban abortion or drastically restrict it.

The Supreme Court has acknowledged that the leaked draft is authentic. However, Justices can and may change their minds up until the decision is officially published.

We are not the only ones feeling the weight of this heavy battle. Heaven has intervened in this fight, but with a much bigger concern. They have come forward with a message that has a broader outlook for you to consider. The Ascended Masters have visited me with a strong and urgent message that They are hoping will reach you. Making the wrong decision on this matter will cause a very negative fate for you, and They are trying to protect you from it (and so am I).

Out of complete concern for the karmic consequence that will create for yourself on this topic, here is the message that The Four are gifting you to help you make the wise choice- so you pick the path that leads to blessings and not punishment for the choices you make.

Jesus and the other Masters said:

“We would like to give you insight into the truth about the creation of life.

Your Life begins at conception when your living cells merge and create a viable life (viable referring to living cells that will grow).

A soul’s life begins at the moment of conception, when the cells join - a life exists.

Human life begins at the very beginning – upon creation. When the two cells merge they ‘hold’ a heartbeat. They ‘hold’ the energy, the vibration, of the soul’s heartbeat…. That is to say there is life.

To think otherwise is to think in a misguided way. In Heaven Eye’s and by Your Creator’s Hand, life begins upon the first beat the soul’s heart makes; which is when the two cells collide and form a human being.

To say a life is not a life until it has developed a certain measurement or characteristic is again misguided thinking, as well as a way to reason why one could disregard one of God’s children.

Each life created is a gift and a miracle from Divine and should be treated and respected as such. If one chooses not to accept their gift, the wise choice is to give it to someone they feel they could entrust to care for their gift and help it flourish.

When someone chooses to dispose of one of God’s creations, His beings, they are, sadly, committing the act of murder. Your Heavenly Father sees abortion as the act of killing an innocent child and is heartbroken each and every time one of His creations is harmed or killed.

In the eyes of God, abortion is an illegal act against His laws of “Do Not Murder” and “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them do Unto You.”

He takes this kind of harm committed against His children, and permitted on Earth, very seriously.

We wish to warn that painful consequences await those who choose to harm and disregard His ‘gift of life’ that He may choose to bestow upon you.

We weep for those who will face the karmic consequences that await them for their crime on mankind for displeasing Him by committing the act of disregarding His creation of life.

We also pray for those who support and encourage aborting God’s children from their incarnations, because they will also face unfortunate fates in their life paths.

Please change your misguided thinking and protect yourself from the pain and suffering of negative karma here (on Earth) and from purgatory (your Afterlife). Stop the abortion practice. Respect God’s miracles. Cherish His creations. Honor God’s Will and do not abort His children. Welcome them.

Please say prayers for yourself or someone you know who has had an abortion, so mercy and forgiveness can be given.”

~ Ascended Masters Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary & Buddha intervening to protect you from making an unwise choice that will result in a painful karmic fate – if you choose to support abortion.

What You Can Do to Lessen Your Karma If You Had an Abortion:

Abortions are quite common here in the US. I had several friends in college who had them. I know they did not think they were committing any harm. God and the Ascended Masters are aware of the dynamics that so many young women are up against when they make this choice and know that many, many do not mean any ill will when they have chosen this act. However, like all of our mistakes, it is still one that will create a karmic consequence. So… The Masters are offering help for those who desire it.

For anyone who has had an abortion, or if you know someone who has, They wish for you to repent and seek God’s forgiveness. Being in the human state, it is near impossible to make it through an entire incarnation and not make a sin or a mistake. So, look at it like you may not have known any better than what you chose at the time and that you did not intend to cause any harm. However, humbly recognize that you have “displeased” God. Pray to your Heavenly Father for His forgiveness on this act (repent). Jesus taught me that people need to pray to God for as long as it takes until God finally forgives them for their mistake. How will you know when you are forgiven? My advice is to keep saying your forgiveness prayers until you receive some kind of sign. It could be given to you through meditation or a dream. Jesus also taught me that God listens to prayers said “humbly” and “sincerely” much more seriously.

So, if you have had an abortion or know someone who has… pray to God for forgiveness for that sin. Here is a prayer gifted by Kuan Yin to help you:

Prayer for Forgiveness for Act of Abortion:

“Dear God,

Please forgive my choice of taking a life. I promise I meant no harm. I‘m sorry I failed to see the value in the life that you gifted me, God. I wish I had made another choice. I’m so sorry I took one of your precious creations from their lifetimes here. Please forgive me. I promise I have learned my lesson – to always value life. Please forgive me.”

~ Channeled to me from Ascended Master Kuan Yin on helping you earn God’s grace and forgiveness.


Oracle Maureen


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