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A Prayer for Protection from Coronavirus

It’s hard to escape the topic of COVID-19 ; given the seriousness of the disease and that it continues to spread throughout our Globe. Today, it has even been announced as a National Emergency by the President. I know that this hardship is going to be put on us for awhile… and that it is Very important that we find ways to keep ourselves peaceful and grounded, while in a stressful time.

To help you create that peace and earn the “Protection’ that Jesus talked about in last week’s message; I have asked Him for a special prayer that you can say to help you cope with this hardship - and receive that Protection… that only He and God can Grant. “Dear God Almighty & Jesus, Please hear my pleas for Protection from the deadly and contagious Coronavirus. Please show me, and my loved ones, more Mercy. Please give me more Grace, and please Protect me from experiencing any of the harmful effects of the Coronavirus. Please Protect me now.

And, if I have committed any sins or mistakes that have put me in jeopardy of having to experience any of this disease; Please forgive me for those mistakes. Please forgive my trespasses.

Dear God. Dear Jesus. Please grant me more Grace. Please grant me Protection from this deadly disease. Please give me more Grace and please Protect me now. And so it is. Amen. Thank you for listening to my prayers.” Prayer From Jesus to help you find peace and protection, while battling a dangerous disease.

Repeat 3-5 times. Use “Prayer Hands” to show Them more respect, so They are more inclined to grant you what you have just wished/prayed for.

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher Maureen Allan Full Time Oracle for Jesus Christ Primary Full Time Oracle for Kuan Yin


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